Written by Roger x

19 Apr 2013

This is a true story we been married a long time my wife is her early forties she no a bad looking for her age Lorna always been a bit of a flirt but that about as far as it ever gone she tease and play blokes along she can be life and soul of a party more so when a little tipsy I have always trusted her

The flirting has been a joke with us we may of got a buzz out it some times I am not a jealous guy and I know Lora can handle guys that really come on to strongly to her

Well things changed a few month ago she been out with her mates some thing that happens quite regularly she got home quite late normally she is full of it laughing about blokes that may of chatted her up and what the other girls did

This particular night she was a little subdued not quite her normal self she put a front on when I asked if she had a good time and was told she did any way that in its self didn't make me suspicious in any way you go out and some times its better than others

It was after that and I didn't pick up on it right away I can see now with hinge sight the signs where there if I had of looked harder the next day I asked about her night out she seemed a little hesitant to say to much and all that week she seemed a bit tense

It was that weekend we where chatting and out of blue she asked did I love her of course I do she then went on to tell she loved me on Sunday evening when she wanted to talk and she seemed a bit serious after beating about the bush and not saying what she wanted to talk about She started to tell about one of her friends having affair which didn't ring true as I know her

Lorna asked what do I think would happen if her husband finds out and I said well he go made I would think she then said would you if it was me I replied I don't know we have to talk about to which she added it wouldn't upset you I said well I jest don't know I think I would want to find out the reason it happened why do you ask she changed the subject

In bed that night she asked about fantasists we used to have and talked about there a few things but the one I never brought up was her shagging some one else I remember the last time I did she gave me an ear full saying I didn't love her

It seemed that was the one she want me to bring up I didn't know that at the time it wasn't till we where about to have sex I was jest getting into her she whispered so you wouldn't want some one else to do that as I slipped in her I said only if I watched I then bagged away not thinking about it

When it was over Lorna said so you still like it to happen the truth is I would but didn't say that and asked what she meant oh nothing she said

No more was said till mid week we where having it a little unusual it was her that wanted it once more she asked about the fantasy only this time she wanted to talk about in a round about way it was more joking saying lots of men husband say they like there wife's to sleep with some one else would it upset you if it happened I said I don't know depends who it was and how it happened and asked have got some one in mind she laughed saying Christ no

Some days later it was her girls night out and have to say she really was dressed up when she went out I commented on it

When she arrive home a bit tipsy and happy she slumped her self into a chair saying I had a brilliant time I was bit surprised when her skirt rode up a bit to see she had stockings on I joked and said did you pull meaning did she get chatted up with a smile she said OH yes I could see she had one a bit more to drink than nor I said so you fancied him she went he is dishy a hulk I don't think she realized what she said with the booze I added you seeing him again she giggled only if you let me before I could say any more she was sitting with me rubbing my crotch saying would you let me then I dint know what to say it surprised me no shocked me but things where starting to add up

She was more drunk than I first thought feeling safe I said so you want to mmmmm yes maybe I had a hard on she giggled saying it seems you want me to as she unzipped me I was really stiff and she could see that as she started to wanked me slowly

Taken a chance I asked so do you want to shag him she giggled so I said you only seen him once with out thinking she said no three times I now know what the other chats hints had been about I pushed it a bit more and said you going out with him again there was no reply her mouth was full she was given me a blow job I stopped her before I cum twisted her over on her knees pulled her panties to one side and rammed up her I fucked her like mad it don't last long

We went to bed in the morning it was a bit awkward and tense to start with Lorna must of remembered much of the night before I said we really need to talk about this first I want to know if you have shagged him she denied she had but wanted to saying thing like only if I agreed or let I thought about then told okay but I want to know about him do we know him I also said I want to meet him that shocked her

I found out about him a bit at time he was quite a bit younger but she don't know his age for sure I want to know how far they had go what they done and was told nothing but the big but he groped her fingered her played with her tits and she given him a want no more that's the truth my next question was how big is he all she say was bigger than me

With out going to it on the Wednesday Lorna had a date with him his name is James and she was going to tell him her husband want to meet she thought he run a mile any was she came home abort ten with a pleased look he agreed which surprised both of us

So on the Friday I was to see them at the Crown Lorna want to meet him first so on the night I dropped her off and then waited an half an hour and went in there they where at a table he had his back to me I walked up to them he looked up I said hi I am Lorna husband he looked very uneasy we shock hand I was surprised at his age I guess mid twenties after an awkward start we got talking and he seemed a nice guy after a hour or so I said okay then I give you two a life home Lorna in a shocked voice what I said home and stood up they followed as we where going to get in the car I said you may as well sit together so with them in back and me driving off we go there was not much said on the way

Once home I was in the kitchen getting drinks she came in and asked what are you doing I jest said well you want to shag him where ease would you go but but you are here I said so and took the drinks into the lounge I put there two drinks on a table together and I sat in a chair Lorna came in I told her to sit with James she mouthed to me you sure I smiled at first I think they where embarrassed I keep there glasses topped up the booze started to work with Lorna and Jame became more relaxed they had a little snog at the pint I left them to it popping back from time to time to see what was happening

It didn't take long they where snogging he had a hand up her skirt I left them a bit longer the next time I looked I was in for a shock my wife had his dick in her hand and my god what a weapon he had bloody huge

I went in this time they never noticed me as they kissed they brook off and I said its time you two when upstairs its more comfortable than down her I think I surprised the both of them but they went

I let them get in our bedroom then went up this is the part we nor agreed to or talked about so I stopped in the doorway he soon stripped her she lay on the bed as he undressed

his cock was matched by his balls they where a large set of plums hanging there

He Joined my wife on the bed it was a snogging season it was like Lorna couldn't keep her hands off his tool it was that fat her finger wouldn't meet round it she tried to get it in her mouth and only got the end in the helmet was that wide

James was soon going down on her she was turned on before that I think she had a little climax with in seconds after a while he came up between her legs it was then I moved in near the bed

He had that thing in his hand pointing at her pussy I held my breath he got it so it parted her lips as he pushed Lorna took a very deep breath it seemed to stay there then slowly bit by bit disappear as it did she let out the breath with a groan the a gasp as it sunk into her she cried out OH MY GOD FUCK OH MY GOD as he entered her she parted her thighs given him access before it was all in she screamed then it was if she stopped breathing there was HOOOOO OH GOD they joined at there hips he didn't move she jest panted as given breath slowly at first he started moving not much at time he then pulled back then pushed with a bit more force coursing a loud gasp he repeated that a number of times taken more out to ram it back he pick up speed it was still quite a slow fuck

It made my wife moan and gasp she was getting used to his size she been stretched I thought ruined for ever he built his pace and rhythm up her legs came up in the air and waved around with each thrust she started to moan and cried out

James was fucking her for real now that guy could go Lorna noises got louder the faster he went the bed banged on the wall her feet dropped down to the bed her thighs apart her body almost making a tee she started to make a loud murmuring noise her body seemed to shake and tremble she later told me she had a multiple climax her going from side to side

no could understand the noise she was making if they where words it almost scared me watching her it subsided but James was on the home run and that coursed my wife to start again this time she heaved up off the bed gasping he buried him self in her trembling then jerked maybe five times as he sent his seeds deep inside my wife before he flopped on top of her he fucked her once more before he left