Written by Nancy2

15 Feb 2010


This is a true record that happened to me in early February at 9PM this year (2010) , I drove into the carpark in the Woods; I got out my car and went for an evening stroll.

Suddenly I found myself in a clearing enclosed by bushes, it was pleasant there and it had just started to snow a few flakes, which is nice to feel on my face.

I was feeling happy although I was alone there, when a man came into the same clearing and walked up to me and said “Hello Darling”, I did not recognise him but he went ahead and kissed me on the lips tightly so I could not say anything as he pushed his tongue into my mouth and then said “I know what you are going to say, but let me tell you how beautiful and gorgeous you are” he continued with the complements and was feeling me all over making me very excited.

He took a black piece of plastic sheeting out of his pocket and laid it on the ground and sat on it and placed a lantern on it and asked me to sit beside him and as I felt safe I laid down beside him on the sheet he then said “You look so beautiful in the moonlight” and this got me thinking of how I got there and about the moonlight.

I must have walked into the woods along the rough path and turned off of the path and onto a rough track and into the trees and through some bushes, Then I realised that to be able to have seen where I was going, there had to have been some light so that’s how he saw me.

I must have been in a dream as I suddenly felt something hard being pushed hard in my hole and had got stuck as I felt very stretched then a bit of pain which made me push, and suddenly I stretched wider as it slid fully in, and I was itchy and realised that he had lifted my Bra and had moved my Thongs to my ankles and my legs were raised to his shoulders and he was Fucking me and I could not stop from responding and pushing for more, which I got, then he was filling me with his cum deep inside me and I shook with the thrills of the act.

Afterwards he had cum in me he still pushed in and out of me till he had gone down while sill sucking my nipples, when had finally had finished he got off of me and got dressed then said “You were great and I would love to have you again, you are the best woman I have ever had” put his finger to my mouth and said “It is always best to have a tranny like you, as you are the best, Don’t stay like that too long, as you will get cold! And I don’t want lovers ill”

He then bent down and kissed me, and then left, leaving me to get my clothes sorted and dressed. Anyone who wants to do this to me can arrange to meet me and have some fun.

Love Nancy2