Written by Jason

15 Jun 2015

Last summer was a landmark; having got together with an old flame after my divorce, we travelled out to France to spend a few days with Joe and his partner in their rented house near Toulouse. Kate, my lovely long-lost love knew Joe was a confirmed naturist and just a bit of a womaniser, and had made it clear that she was not up for any swapping or even 'same room fun'.

Most afternoons were spent on sun loungers by the pool, and after some initial reticence Kate joined the rest of us and relaxed nude. Mira, Joe's lady, had few inhibitions and would often play with Joe's cock while we were lounging, quite a tease, but this particular afternoon she had gone into town for a hairdressing appointment, leaving the three of us .

I had noticed that Joe had moved over to occupy the lounger vacated by Mira, putting him beside Kate. I became aware that she was from time to time gently pushing his hand away from her thigh. Clearly my presence was inhibiting her to a certain extent, so I slid into the pool for a long dip, and on coming out said I would go back into the house to make some cold drinks.

Our bedroom window overlooked the pool. and I soon saw an encouraging sight.....Joe's hand was gently massaging the inside of her lower right thigh, seemingly meeting no resistance, Kate still pretending to read. I made my arrival with the drinks noisily to give them time to disengage discretely. Drink in hand I started caressing Kate's left thigh getting a "thats' nice" response in return. After a while I said I needed a break from the sun and would go inside to read, leaving them alone.

Back to the vantage point of the bedroom: Sure enough, Joe's hand was back on her inner thigh only this time working up to her vagina. He turned on his side almost inviting Kate to touch his cock; it took a while but she tentatively stroked it as it started to harden, then threw caution to the wind and started wanking it with her right hand. Joe moved over and offered it to her mouth: Now, Kate does like to suck cock, and soon had all of it in, her head moving resolutely. Joe must have said he was cumming as she pulled her head away just as two or three globs of spunk shot over her chin, followed by more love juice spurting over her neck and breasts. To Joe's credit he continued to manually excite her clitoris after he had spent his cum, giving her what appeared to be a mild but pleasant orgasm soon after.

I reappeared on the poolside a while later pretending to be completely unaware of their fun; the next step is to make Kate feel good about it so we can advance the fun to the next stage. Mira, I know, is up for some foursome fun. Bedtime that night was fun, too, Kate relishing the fuck she could have had earlier. We really must change the sheets.....!