Written by Anonymous

15 May 2019

Where we are today started with my wife getting involved with someone else a long time ago, when it all came out my reaction was not at all like I expected after the shock of being told which by the way it was Sue that told me before someone else did which after all it wouldn't of happened so she made a mistake if she had keep quiet I most likely wouldn't of never known

It was out my reaction was not anger, we ended up talking about it, first question was why was she unhappy with me us

No not at all a bit bored maybe flattered by being fancied yes

Did she want to leave me no, so what was it, the excitement was the reply, and the sex, that was a bit unexpected the sparkle in our bedroom had faded some time ago She was not showing very little interested with us

Then how long has it been going on, over six months, who is it a bloke she works with, Sue was really sorry but she didn't want to say too mutch about him he was also married

The last question was what happens now, next day I asked if anyone knew about them, no she said but I thought we had been seen that is why I told you, I said you jumped the gun

I then said well no one knows that is fine you need to be careful, she looked puzzle, I carried on in the futche, now she asked what do I mean, I told her from now on be careful where where you when you thought you had been seen

She went red saying on the heath someone was watching us and there a car like the one down the road in the car park

I said so it was a bloke watching you shag then, she said yes

I could go on like this for ever, Sue wanted to find out why I was saying things like this and did I mean she could carry on seeing him, I said yes as long as no one finds out

So in short she did carry on with the affair for another nine or ten months with me making it easy for her once she trust me

It may seem strange I did get a lot out of it the idea excited me anyway plus our sex like picked up Christ her pussy really got used sometimes other benefits I got was blow jobs something that lad slipped into the past came back, I did get to taste my first creanpie and enjoy sloppy seconds, when that started I found out my wife had been sneaky she had gone back on the pill to have bareback or as she said to be safe condoms can split but I think it was to feel the flesh I know she has never really like condoms

We moved into what could be said to be a strange routine

where I share my wife on a routine basis, I will say it worked well Sue didn't have to lie or sneak about she could just tell me what she was doing knowing I didn't mind

It wa what came after that we both felt something was missing she did manage to get laid by going out a couple of time it was very random. we both know a regular bloke was needed after a time we trend to the internet and this site and others, it was a different ball game but it could be an easier one as if we found someone it would happen here in our bed

That really excited me, we talked about it and she agreed I could be more involved

I said I wanted to watch she didn't really mind that it would of never happen before it be the other bloke says no

When we joined we put that on the profile and the replies seemed to except that, Sue thought it could be a bit strand meeting a stranger I pointed out she had a couple of random cocks since her affair she just let them bang her at least this way you going to chat to them they are on there for the same thing as us asked anything you like if they don't like it tell to sod off look there are loads of replies

It was down to her who she shagged, the first was a middle aged guy who had lots of experience with couple

When he come here it did feel a tad awkward but he was good he put us as eas and thing went well, I sat there watching him kissing my wife then having a feel

Sue didn't seem to mind me being there, she told me later she liked it, I found it bloody horny just watching then get round to it I didn't think I would kissing and so on

He seemed to want to play on the sofa but it looked to me as if Sue thought it was time to move upstairs, there is no hard and fast ways I don't think about this sort of thing and we where real beginners it got left to him

There was hug and he tried to get her top off, in the end Sue did it then undid her skirt, the guy was undressing as fast as he could

Sue was undoing her bra as he pushed his boxes down he was anything but shy, his hard cock sprang out not a bad size I thought well over six inches I guess and quite fat with a feir set of balls he also had trimmed his pubes

Sue looked as if she approved and got hold of it and stroked it slowly , there a moment before Sue sat on the bed he stepped towards her, her head went down taking his cock in her mouth sucking on his helmet before taken most of it

He was impressed but so was I, she gave him head for what I thought was a long time he look very excited

Sue must of known he was getting there, she stopped shuffled her bottom up the bed her large tits swinging and swaying both her nipple look extended, she lay back lifted her bum and pulled her knicker down and got rid of them

As he got on the bed she parted her legs for him to get between them, he was on his knees one hand holding his cock the other playing with her pussy, I was right beside the bed watching his finger between her fleshy folds of her pussy lips and they parted a little she looked really wet she was ready, what was going to follow looked a bit odd how it happened and how they went about, I wondered if I looked like that or did the same sort of thing when we shagged

As he fingered her he opened her up as if he wanted a look at he pussy

His fingers where soaked so he know she was ready

He shuffled himself close holding his cock it was really siff he held it down it brushed her pussy lips, Sue open her thighs a little more for him she even moved her bum as if lining herself up with him, he pressed his end into the lips he seemed to move it about a little getting the right place

He pushed Sue took a breath, he leant over her she let the breath out and ground loudly, he got his cock in her, he was right over the top of her now he thrust with his ares, Sue gasped her thighs went wide open and he started to ride her

At first she just lay under him quietly she looked like she was concentrating eyes closed I would say she was enjoying him

He had no fast pace but a steady one, when held himself up on his arms I watched Sue' tits they both hung one to one side the other to the other side but with his thrusting thay where swing back and forth her nipples are dark so is the ring on her breasts they cover a lot of tit both nipples stood out very stiff her body was moving with him on the bed

Things you don't notice if it is you doing the fucking our bed squeaked a bit with movement on top of it

It was not long before I could see something was happening to Sue her breathing got ragged she started lift a tad with him her head went back eyes closed mouth open both hand on his back, a few second later I heard AAAAA Oh Fuck Yes

She twisted and rolled under him gasping really loudly

I was watching my wife orgaum on another man's cuck

They changed round so she was on her knees he must of liked that hell he hammered her that was exciting her tits swing like mad under her, I went behind them to see if I could see him in her pussy I could make out how her pussy lips where being pulled and pushed and I could see his nuts swing

The rolled over so he was back on top this time Sue had her legs in the air and he was going for his home run Jesus he slammed into her she climaxed,I quickly got behind them again almost laying on the bed , now his balls where tight under hime, he started to grunt Sue squealed out and there was white round his cock he was letting his load go

I was beside then when he rolled off as he lay beside her he said she is all yours, with out thinking I divide between her thighs suking and licking, this was fresh I had watched it going in, there was spunk everywhere even some in her pubes I cleaned up as mutch as I could

Then I mounted, she was really lose it felt sticky and slimy and really warm, there was no way I could do mutch good I cum very quickly

He didn't hang about long afterwards, I am sorry I don;t remember the ones name

I know after he left I got a feeling he had come just to use my wife and when we talked about it Sue said the same and we agreed on we liked that , she enjoyed it saying it was a lot better than doing it in a car or outside and him being an almost strange turned her on and knowing he only came her for sex and there was no strings and having me there made her feel safe

I will not go into ll of them but there had been a number

of different ones at first it was almost one a week something new I guess, I got more involved apart from doing my husbands job afterwards, like holding her legs open in the air a she is being fucked I put one in her and I did give him a quick suck I did like doing it but that was to come mutch later

There a lot of difference in ages from nineteen to sixty seven he had the biggest cock of them all

The next change came when Sue tried the dark side it was amazing the first time she got blacked he was a real stud they are different they do fuck differently and seem to really like using a white woman which I like to see and Sue enjoy she had to succumb to her back door being opened an uncomfortable and painful experience for her first time but it was one of them things that got better over time

Sue started looking at blacks more and more and from them came regulars which has terned out mutch better she done quite a few solos now with them the two regulars are both very well hung we are talking of both around nine inches and both are really fat ones,one is a lot fatter than the other but neither can she get her finger to meet around them you know when she got a mouth full and there is room for both hands that is a big cock

We have been successful in hiding what we do get up to running a double life, it's like today at a family barbeque Sue is helping out playing with kids she is dressed very modestly but underneath her pussy been waxed ready for tonight we must be away by six at the lasted we have both regular Suds coming over together for the first time Sue going entertain both together , if the others here knew they would have fit

It will be one hell of a night can tell you next time