Written by The Scribbler

11 Jan 2019

I went to evening classes to get out of my house. Living alone after divorce can be boring. However as the ten week course drew to a close I found myself chosen to edit an anthology of the work created by the dozen or so women and me as the lone male. I was to be aided by two ladies who would collate and illustrate the book.

We had a couple of meetings and went to the pub after each one, socialising and becoming quite friendly. Georgia, the younger one was a lovely graduate with a fabulous sense of humour while Kerry was a little more staid but still a nice character despite being a little keen to spread the word of vegetarianism and world politics. We were almost done with the editing and the illustrations were ready to go to the printers in the university a couple of miles from me when Kerry went down with a bug. Georgia and I decided we needed to meet to finalise a couple of things and as time was tight she offered to come to my house on a Sunday night which was the only time we could get together due to work commitments.

She arrived with a bottle of wine and we set to work and got it all sorted for me to take in the next day as our presentation at a local library was later that week and I said the ink would hopefully be dry enough by then. We then opened the wine bottle and drank to the success of the anthology. Half an hour later we opened a second bottle and relaxed in a haze of wine fumes. As I live alone the place is often a bit untidy but Georgia said how neat I kept things as she scanned a shelf of books, picking up my notebook and reading a few pages. I sort of froze as I feared she might come across my vice which is writing sex stories. I remained quiet but on edge and as she flicked through the pages she stopped and began to read. A silence had descended and a slight grin spread across her face. She looked up at me then back down at the handwritten story. I was fearing her going ballistic but then I thought, why worry, she has picked it up uninvited and if she is offended I can defend myself.

Georgia looked at me and said 'I like this story, do you have others' I said I had loads as I had plenty of time to devote to it. She asked if she could possibly borrow a few to read that evening. I said she could as long as she honoured the privacy as she was the first to read them and I would like a second opinion, making out i was a serious writer and not a lecherous man with too many dirty ideas, which is probably a more accurate description of why I do it.

She read a couple of stories and I removed a few of the ones I thought she might like and put them in a loose leaf file. I said I hoped the choice did not offend but she had a broad outline of my thoughts. We finished the wine and she left on slightly wobbly legs, catching a bus at the end of my road. I escorted her there although it was still light. She had my stories secure in her large bag and she gave me a peck on the cheek and a wide smile as her bus arrived. She promised the stories back as soon as she had read them.

Three days later the printing was done and collected. I phoned Georgia and left a message to that effect and she returned the call later that afternoon. I was pleased she was cheery and said she was returning my file if that was ok. She arrived with a bottle of wine again and we sat in my garden in the evening sun. She wore a summery dress and looked beautiful and I told her so. She got out the file and smiled warmly at me saying 'Fact or fantasy?' I told her a bit of both really but mostly fact. She said she enjoyed the raw eroticism and said I should have done one for the anthology then said how the majority of older women may have had kittens faced with such pornographic details. I explained that I would have loved to produce something like that but feared being chucked off the course. She reminded me that Lawrence had to go through that sort of thing and only being brave would uncover the beauty of that writing and those offended need not read it. I had to agree. Then she came to the nitty gritty. 'I love the story of the girl being dared to pose for a photographer and getting more than she bargained for. I barely recalled it and she opened it at the page and read aloud the first few paragraphs and it came tumbling back to me. 'Do you know any photographers?' she asked 'Because I would love to fulfil that fantasy right down the last full stop.

I said I could probably find one easily enough and suggested the internet would allow an avenue to explore. Her mind was working overtime and she came closer to me, kissing me and saying she would love for us to share some of my stories and enact them, she had no boyfriend as such and liked me a lot. We were colliding with my stories as a nucleus for our desires and though we really scarcely knew each other, we felt right together. We had that sexual chemistry that is hard to define and may never come across again. We went into the house and shut the patio doors, and had our first proper snogging session along with a bit of fumbling and rummaging through clothes finding sensitive parts, stiff cock, pert nipples, wet pussy, and a strong aroma of sexual desire. We fucked on the floor and afterwards talked dirty to each other, my come smearing her dress as well as her cunt. We were exhausted but spent the night together before I took her home next morning in my car. I promised to find a suitable photographer for her and took some pictures on my phone to show if asked.

I spent a dreamy morning adjusting to this amazing turn of events. We did not know each other eleven weeks ago and if it were not for the anthology and Kerry going sick, all of this might well have not happened. After an hour or so of searching I found a photographer who seemed suitable and contacted him. He rang back an hour or so later and I explained the situation. He said his studio was at his house and was available for an hour or two the next week, gave me a time and asked a few questions which he seemed happy about. I paid a deposit there and then and left a message for Georgia. She is twenty two and a slim and elegant looking young woman, size ten, five foot five, dark hair, eyes like Katie Melluah, large and very clear, smallish breasts with pale nipples, soft complexion and a very pert bum. Lovely legs and dainty ankles, a smile to disarm you and a very cheeky laugh. I felt very honoured to have her company and made a point of being as near a gentleman as I knew how.

She rang me back all excited and I told her the plan. She said she hoped my story would play out. I was to accompany her and leave her at his studio, go to a pub and await her call. The day could not arrive soon enough. In the meantime we did the library anthology thing and got a great reception and we all had a good time, Georgia and I remained close all evening but nobody rumbled our secret that we were becoming lovers. After everyone departed we went back to her flat and stripped each other naked and stayed like that till morning moving gingerly around after an excessively active night, my cock slightly sore and her pussy looking battered. Two days later was the day. I picked her up and drove over to the studio in the next town, around fifteen miles away, where nobody knew us. Both nervous but highly on edge, we cuddled and kissed. She had a bag of clothes and she looked ravishing. There was a make up artist waiting to enhance her if necessary and I gave her a good luck kiss and left for a local pub in the evening sunlight.

The arrangement was that she would slowly strip and allow her body to be seen by the camera and that the photographer had got a male model to enter the session when she was suitably undressed. My story ran that she was unaware of this until he confronted her with his hard cock ready to service her, but as she had already read the story, it was not such a surprise. She was deliriously happy with the idea of a stranger fucking her and loved the thought that I would be happy with it. A lot of my storylines run along that theme so our discussions fed her fantasies as well as mine. It was almost two hours before I got the message to pick her up. I was there within five minutes, keen to hear her rendition of events.

Getting into the studio, she was given some touches of make up and shown a changing room. She dressed in sexy undies and went into the studio and a bed and a mass of lights and cameras, including a video camera on tripod. Wearing all white bra, suspenders, stockings and thong, Georgia must have looked the picture of innocence with her eyes made even more alluring with the make up. When I saw the finished pictures I almost died, she was completely stunning. But better still she slowly revealed her body for the camera and then was joined when naked by a naked man with a great cock which she sucked and licked and generally devoured while her cunt received his total dedication. The shots of cock near cunt were fantastic and definitely worth the hundred quid it cost. The penetration shots were beautifully posed and I saw her natural loveliness as she accepted his cock and got fucked by it. The creampie shots were a bonus and I had no regrets despite being second shot that night.

Georgia loved the album and agreed that she would love to allow other men to have her as well. She said that she was a bit of a slut in fact and I told I loved her for it. We spent four years together before marrying and we still allow other men to enjoy her still gorgeous body as much as we like, usually once every month or two. Having kids called a temporary halt but our love has not dimmed one iota