Written by Mikejones2013

29 Mar 2014

If you have read the other posts I have made you will have some idea what life is like.

My wife loves sex, she loves everything about it and as often as possible. She also has my permission to do anything at all she wants to as long as she tells me in advance or after. Most of the time it includes me which is great fun. I'll tell you about the last time we had a good night.

Helen loves cock and she loves it everywhere, she has after the last session got a taste for big cocks.

She likes to pick up guys at the gym she goes to and invite them to the house or out for drinks. A couple of evenings ago she sent me a text to say she was having drinks with two guys from the gym, I was out in town with a couple of mates having a couple of beers and we arranged to meet at home in a couple of hours. I knew what was on her mind so I asked the guys if they wanted to come back to the house.

I got back first and got the lads a couple of beers and Helen arrived about 25 minutes after. She knows Chris and Matt and kissed them both hello.

The two guys with her introduced themselves, Paul and Steve, both guys were black and I knew she had set this up.

I got the guys a beer and Helen went to get changed, she likes to dress for sex. After ten minutes or so she called from upstairs asking if we wanted to go up. She was laid on the bed with rubber stockings on a black tiny G string and a black vest top. We have a large sofa in the bedroom at the side of the room and we all sat down on the sofa and the floor. Helen sat on the edge of the bed facing us and started to rub her clit and pussy while playing with her nipples at the same time. She gets very turned on by attention she was very wet very quickly.

She said she wanted to have one at a time first in her mouth, the guys were busy getting hard cocks out of trousers for her to see, she took Matt first in her mouth right to his balls, she loves to gag and she well, very wet, lots of spit and deep throating, he was now holding her head and slowly fucking her mouth and throat, she took him out of her mouth and told him to sit back down, she knelt in front of Paul and played with his semi hard cock, it was already about 8 inch and I could see her smile as she opened her mouth to him, she moaned as his black cock forced her mouth open and kept going and going he must have been about 10 or 11 ince, it was fucking huge. She was gagging on half of it but kept going down his cock trying to get more and more in her throat. She repeated this on the other two guys but I just sat and watched enjoying the show.

She stood up and took Paul's cock in her hand, she straddled him and rubbed his big cock up and down her cunt lips wetting the tip before sliding her cunt down him in one go. He held her by the waist and pushed into Hershey took all of his cock up her and started to fuck him really hard, she came very quickly no doubt due to the size of his cock and how hornynshe was.

She told Matt to work on her arse and get fucking her he didn't need telling twice, he eased his cock up her arse and her shouting and screaming told me she was comming again. She was fucking both of them really hard and the guys were hammering her cunt and arse and it didn't take them long to get ready, she said she wanted to taste their come, Matt pulled out of her arse and she wanked him into her mouth and over her chin and tits, swallowing as much as she could. Paul followed quickly after fucking her throat again till he shot his spunk into her mouth, she was gagging on him as he came and it was running out of her mouth down her chin.

She laid on the bed and told Chris to fuck her, he got between her legs and rammed his cockmup her, she had her legs clamped round his waist pulling him into her. Steve was busy fucking her throat, they moved her so she was 69 with Steve him on his back licking her soaking cunt, Chris pushed into her arse and she went wild coming two or three times. She told Chris to fuck her arse as hard as he could and to fill her with spunk, he fucked her deep in the arse and came up her pumping loads of come up her. She took his cock from her arse and replaced it with Steve's he was still on his back and she rode him so slowly from his balls to the tip and down again, slowly getting faster and harder till she was getting hammered in the arse by his rock hard cock, he came up he and we could see all the spunk running out of her arse. She did the guys once more each comming up her cunt, they DP'd her twice all while I watched and just wanked slowly. She was full of spunk and was dripping it all over. The guys left and she showered came back to bed and took me in her hand and played with my cock telling me how she had been fucked in the afternoon by a friend from the gym she had fucked before, this was while I was at work. I asked her to show me what she did with him, she took me in her mouth and licked the tip of my cock making me rock hard, she said he licked her cunt for aged making her come several times then fucked her doggy in the pussy and arse, swapping between the two till he spunked over her arse. I fucked her arse deep and hard comming up it we lay together till my cock went soft and we fell asleep