Written by M

25 Dec 2011

It was ages before we spoke about what had happened that night But I had spoke about it a lot with my new pal on line, I couldn't wait to speak to him after that night and to ask if he enjoyed it, He told me that he could not find the place we had arranged to meet I nearly died thinking that it was a complete coincidence that someone had been where I had decided to show my wife to a stranger who i had arranged to meet and let him see her for real instead of just her pictures.

We both found it so erotic that I had gone through with going dogging for the first time and now a other stranger had seen my wife naked he asked how close had he been and how did I not realise it was someone different I told him i was so horny and was shaking and scared Ann would realise I had set it all up But when she got all horned up and was all for it letting me take pics off her showing her tits I wanted to see how far she would go.

It was all going great and she seemed to be up for anything and I thought I am going to ask her if she will let you join us I new she was so sexed up then the other car came and broke the spell.

We spoke about what happened after we left I told him we fucked al night when we got home but we never spoke about it for over a week, I eventualy brought it up while in bed and she admitted how erotic it was and said i was a pervert getting her to do these things I asked what things she said taking photo's of her I told her that i found it so sexy looking at her posing and that time she was standing naked and a stranger looking at her made me so horny and that she must have been the same because look how wet you are now.

Ann was breathing hard and shaking wile I had been playing with her while speaking about that night He asked me to show him the pics i took that night so he could see what he had missed, he could not believe how sexy she had looked and that she had posed outside in a carpark and said I had to do it again so he could be there this time, I told him she had said no more pics.

We chatted off and on for about a month and how we had both found it horny talking about my wife and looking at her pics and him asking if i didnt want more fun, I told him i would keep at her, Every chance I got i brought up what happened that night telling her that she must have made the stranger cum in his pants while I played with her she got so horny just talking about it I new she found it as horny as i did and kept asking when are we going to do it again.

Then one night I was at her again saying you want to dont you while rubbing her clit and knew she was near to organism you want to do it outside again and let a stranger see you naked she said yes yes I asked when whenever you want to do it and she came like mad.

I couldn't wait to tell my internet pal what she had said and to start to arrange a meeting, We arranged to meet at a bar this time so he would not get lost and not to let on we knew each other incase she got suspicious, I wanted her to have a few drinks to loosen her up a bit and relax so she would not chicken out.

We arranged it for that Saturday night and that he would recognise us as i would be wearing a polo shirt with corcica written on it and she hopefuly will have a denim dress that fastened down the front, and to follow us when we left.

more to follow