Written by hotscotch

12 Aug 2013

A few weeks ago I gave a short real life story of how it started with a kiss in the office. I can still remember it vividly.

We used to meet up during the day for a quick discrete snog and touching.

One afternoon around Christmas there was a little celebration in the office and there was a little party going on drinks and nibbles( not that kind, that came later).

We were both there and she was looking very hot as usual and some of the other guys in the office obviously appreciated how she looked too. Anyway after a glass or two and she flirted a little, too try and make me envious we decided to take our leave of the party. I was giving her a lift to near her home which was about 20 miles from work. nearing her home we looked for a quiet secluded spot where we could start to enjoy each other. by this time in our relationship we had become very intimate, she had taken my cock many times in her mouth she loved cock, and I wasn't adverse to this as I am sure you guys would appreciate, I had kissed and finger fucked her many time as well.

A nice quiet road was found but it was on a bend in the road so that any cars approaching from either direction the headlights would shine on my car for a few seconds, or in some cases longer as they slowed down to have a look.

I was giving her lovely pussy a good few fingers and she was getting wet and so horny she was gagging for it. I was about bursting out of my trousers. As I said it was just before Christmas and we were dressed for winter heavy coats etc. She was also wearing lovely short skirt showing her lovely legs, which was one of the reasons the other guys back at the party were flirting with her.

The car windows were steaming up and some of the passing car drivers were tooting their horns and flashing there lights. She was getting real randy as was I and she said you can have me if you wish but not here its too busy. she invited me back to her house and I asked if she was sure, she gasped yes I want you.

We drove for a few minutes until we reached her house, her husband wasn't expected back as he was out with the boys. She apologised that it would have to be a quickie as she had to collect her child from the child minder who lived nearby.

On arriving at her house she led me into her bedroom, lights were dimmed and we quickly undressed. There was no thought of using condoms. She lay back on her bed as I stood there naked with my cock standing to attention. This was the first time we had seen each other completely naked. She looked very very sexy lovely slim body, gorgeous sexy legs and firm medium sized tits, nipples just ripe for a good sucking, but this wasn't the time for that. I went over to the bed she took hold of my cock and put it in her mouth, wanking me and slipping her tongue all over my cock. Then opened her legs wide and invited me to fuck her, this she said was what she wanted for a long time to have me give her a good fucking in her bed, not that I knew it at the time this was to be the first of numerous times I would be in her bed. I lay on the bed she opened her legs wider and moved between her legs, slowly entering her at first before increasing to a much faster tempo. She was yelling at me to give it to her encouraging me by shouting give it to me, give it to me, which I duly did with pleasure, until we cum together.

This lady was so so sexy and here I was fucking her in the bed she shared with her hubby.

I knew he was still fucking her, but she wasn't getting enough.

We had to then quickly get dressed as she was late for collecting her child. As I dropped her off at the child minder she gave me the loveliest smile and kiss and promised we would do this again sometime soon.

There is much more for me to tell.