Written by Tod

1 Feb 2018

This started over a year ago we are both in our forties a bit long in the tooth for this to start, Sue my wife who is forty two is quite attractive mature woman I am a bit older , if we go back fifteen or more years, she had a fling and what I did was more or less turned a blind eye and let her get away with in fact I did what I could to make it easier for her I didn't ask awkward questions or say anything if she was late or wanted to go our

I knew she was getting laid and hell it terned me on just the thought of someone else shagging her gave me a hard on I had loads of wanks thinking about it

Then about five years after that the same thing she was at it again I took the same approach letting it happen it went on for a time a few months

It came to light it was thrust in front of me the bloke she was seeing had a car accident with her in the car I got called and went to pick her up it was awkward for everyone when I arrived her boyfriend was there waiting fot recovery

My wife gave me a story with him there about him given her a lift to pick her car up, I had thought about this before I got there, so when I got the tail I made it look as if I believed it and never questioned it

Once in the car I asked how did that happen she said the road was icy which was true, I listened to all this by then we had almost got to where her car was, I then said had he manage to shag you before that happened Sue was lost for words we had arrived by then, so I said we have a chat when you get home and drove off and left her

That was my chance to get this in the open and hopefully in some way get myself involved knowing my wife then she would never agree to things like threesomes or even letting me watch them even if the other guy agreed she say no but it be lovely to know what was going on

My very sheepish wife arrived, I started off saying he seem a nice bloke when I said that she looked relieved, till I said he been shagging you two months now, her face dropped, she started denying every thing

Then I filled her in on more details and also told her about five years before she was flabbergasted

She stopped denying it she wanted to know how did I know, there was loads of thing, going out using silly excuses I then asked her, to lift her dress up , she said no why I gave it a tugg and there was the start of stocking tops, I said run out of tights or are they for him

There was nowhere for Sue to tern she admitted every thing, I shocked her again by saying you can carry on seeing him if you want, she said what do you mean I told her again she didn't understand why or what was behind me saying that

So I told her I wanted to know when where and what happened she looked at me in disbelief and said you are saying I can sleep with someone else and you let me but I have to tell you about it, I replied yes you think about it and I went to bed

Sue was almost an hour before coming to bed, I don't know if she phoned the guy, his name was Roger I have a feeling she did

In bed she asked did I really mean that, I explained I did, with out going into all that, my wife carried on seeing Roger for a further ten months and she did tell me I guess everything also most of the time I would have sex with her when she got home that became a normal thing also sometimes she tell me what they did and give me a wank or somethings it was a blow job I think to start with she thought it was the price she had to pay but in the end she was enjoying it as much as me, she could see how much easier it was for her to be honest she even had a couple of weekends away with Roger, I also had the thrill of watching her get ready to go and see him

I used to get very excited thinking how her pussy was on the way out it would be clen with the lips tight together and when she came back the lips would be stuck together with Roger sperm the opening to her vagima canal would still be part open and inside it would hold quite a bit of his sperm that had not leaked out and been wiped away,it really was a massive tern on for me , I even started to go down on that used pussy I have cum just doing it the smell of sex and another mans cun yes I have tasted another mans cum it is anything but unpleasant

Like most things in life it came to an end I have to say I almost missed Roger as much as my wife and I encouraged her to find someone else but that didn't happen she knew she had my permission Sue over this time did had a few dates with different men but they where no more just dinner dates they just weren't the right guys

Time pasted years in fact till about a year ago Sue was forty one still not a bad looker I would say, all this time she not shown much interested in having any different cock appart from what I told you which where none starters, till we went to a wedding we sayed in a nearby hotel

It was in the evening the reception having a nice time in a group of people a young man joined us he may had a drink but he was very funny and he started to chat up the middle aged ladies that was part of our party I think they lapped it up he had a dance with a couple of them

It was getting on in the evening and I guess he paid some attention to Sue I was not taken much notice he got her on the dance floor she been say no all night, it all came to a end we said our goodbyes and outside waiting for our taxi, the young man came out we chatted and he asked to jump in our taxi saying he could wark from the hotel

When the taxi arrived for some reason I got in the front I was chatting to the driver I never thought about them in the back

We got to the hotel I paid the cab and we chatted to the lad, then Sue said to me we got some wine in the room, I think I said yes we have, she then asked the lad if he like a glass of wine he said yes

So the three of us are in our room the lad Tony was his name was just as funny telling jokes, the room are not that large the bathroom took a lot of space

I had gone to the bathroom when I came back I found Tony and Sue snogging I took a step back I was quite shocked, there I was in the bathroom door a little out the way and watched Sue terned the quick snog in a real french kiss Tony's hands where all over her on top of her closes feeling her breasts as they sat on the bed , moment later he go her laying on the bed still kissing now his hand went up her leg as it did she parted her thighs a little

He had to be rubbing her crotch over her tights and pants her skirt rucked up higher she widened her thighs I could see his hand right on her pussy I heard a low moan, then he was pulling on her thighs they ripped his finger went under her pants and in her pussy she moaned a lot louder then as he fingered her, I was flabbergasted neither could of been think of me or even cared I know they both been drinking but not that mutch

As I stood in the doorway I wondered why my wife was letting this happen, also was this what I had waited for all this time was I at long last going to witness what I had imagined for years, now Tony had her knickers to one side I could see his finger working in my wife's wet pussy she was now moaning much louder

Tony started to try to undo the buttons on her blouse with his other hand, Sue stopped him and undid them herself

A moment later still being fingered she sat up pushed the blouse off and undid her bra and let that slip off before laying back and as she did she gasped Oh God, it is not like watching a film Tony then tried to get undressed every thing stopped it seemed quite clumsy him getting his shirt and trousers off my wife unzipping her skirt once that was out the way her tights and panties then she wanted his pants off they did that between them

Tony had a hard on he got quite a substantial cock on him I would guess it had to be getting on for about seven inches ferly meaty fatter than mine the shaft was wide, Sue had got hold of it as she sat up, I must of move in the room more I heard Tony in a whisper say what about him Sue replied much louder don't worry as her mouth went over his knob end she sucked and then licked it then sucked it again this time it looked like a blow job

After some minutes she stopped I heard her say fuck me and it sound like she meant it, she moved to middle of the bed parted her legs as he moved in, on his knees holding his cock a shuffal and his end was close to her wet pussy, he fumbled for a second getting in his body went over her as he thrusted with his hips, Sue gasped the second thrust she cried out but he got his cock home I guess with his cock being long and a lot wider than mine that made her cry out taken it that fast

Tony was there he started to pump in and out making my wife gasp and moan she knew she had him in her, Tony's pace quickened Sue grounded veey loudly her legs went up in the air in a wide ve she was letting him in alright she wanted his cock, some seconds later he got both legs pulled over her then my Christ he went off like a machine gun Sue squealed his very energetic berst didn't last that long, as he slowed I heard Sue panting under him he was more steady for a few minutes as Sue moans with pleasher

Almost without warning his away again hammering her she screams out this time YES YES I watched my wife have a massive orgaum on another mans cock I had never seen or known her to cum like that she was still cumming after he slowed down

In fact she was still coming down as the onslaught started again this time it was even faster and harder I think my wife climaxed in the exstream she went crazy under him but Tony was on the home run he wasn't going to hold back he gasped out really loudly as his balls unloaded

There was small thrusts as each jet of spunk shot inside Sue, he lay on top of her gasping out of breath, it had taken hardly twenty minutes at very most and it was over and he had filled my wife;s vagina with his young fertile sperm thank god for the pill if we had thought about it or planed it I think condoms would of been used but to late now she had him bareback and his seed where well and truly inside her pussy

As they parted it was a really strange moment my wife and Tony naked after having sex and me the husband had watched, they both stared at me it was a long moment making me uneasy

The strange thing was was Sue she broke the spell by saying to Tony Christ you are good that did it we laughed, I then said there is some wine left Sue said please I found myself serving then wine

We talked for almost an hour Tony wanted to know if we did this all the time and we told him no this was the first time it was really strange with then both naked Sue surprised me she was very relaxed she even said oh I am leaking I pasted a box of tissue, she was saying to Tony are you always like that you really know how to do it

As we chatted I am sure his dick was getting bigger my wife noticed as well and her hand went round it in a moment he was sporting an erection that was it she was soon sucking on it as he lay on his back, every thing went quiet, seconds later she was straddling him then lifted up and put him in herself she sank down on it with a ground she moved her hips as if settling herself she lifted hen came down before rocking hips she got faster her rits swong her eyes closed I heard oh god as she rode him

I was sitting on the bed I was very close and I could feel all the movement of then on the bed , her tits whee now swinging, she then started to bounce up and down gasping and almost squealing she couldn't keep it going she leant over him Tony bucked under her she started to climax I moved to the foot of the bed to see his cock going into her, her pussy was really wet it looked as if the lips where clinging onto his shaft

I had to move they changed round Sue on her hands and knees Tony took her from behind, he gripped her hips raming himself right up her she cried out, then he was away the room filled with slapping sound but he keep going a lot longer this time Sue climaxed as he slowed down but her keep her cummingwith short sharp thrusts it was not over when he took off again this went on for what must of been half an hour it seemed as if Sue had a constant orgaum Tony exploaded inside her filling her up when he pulled out I could see her pussy gaping spunk ran out

That was it Sue may wanted more but she couldn't take much more if it was going to be a slow gentle shag I think she would of had him stay

Sue got his number before he left after he had gone she asked was I okay then said you wanted to see that for year, I said yes, she then sat on the side f the bed undoing my trousers pulling them and pants down

Then took my cock in her mouth with in seconds I was cumming she had to swallow hard to take my cun down I had loads of it

When in bed I asked what made you do that, she said I didn't know he just said things come to me in the right way and it looked like you wanted something like that when you got in the front of the taxi, she then asked was I till alright, I told her yes and said we should do it again her reply was I will think about it

Almost a month later we where in the same hotel with Tony on his way to fuck me wife, he was keen to see her again despite the age difference Tony was twenty one years younger than Sue, it was better this time we knew what was going happen Sue was as horny as hell we not had sex for over two weeks, she wanted to stay in the room I went down to the lounge to get Tony and when we got in the room Sue was naked on the bed there was not a lot foreplay before he was riding her he managed three times that night, there was no hiding how mutch she loved have a young stud it was good he was only there for the sex it made it easy

It was a milestone in our lives Tony started something which is going on today we never met Tony again but by using the internet we have found other young studs for my wife the last one being only eighteen Sue has got very interested in the size of their manhood she has to find out how well hung they are before we arrange any thing it is a case of the bigger the better but using the internet the sites are like shopping sites you get to see what you are getting, I think coming soon will be a black lad she has looked at a few there is more to tell but I will wait and see is you are interested