Written by George

19 Aug 2014

This is some thing witch has created up on us over a number of years, Angie my wife has always been a bit of a flirt there has never been any harm in it she like to tease a bit and I have never worried about it that is Angie the way she is, she always been a good looking woman and she still is

I think the older she gets the more a kick she gets out of being chatted up, she makes her feel attractive I have notice if it happens now a days I usually get a leg over when we get home so why knock it,I have to admit I have some time thought Angie had dressed a little more revealing so it would happen some times but that's only happen in the last year or so she never used to, it not been a sudden thing this a slow progression

It brings us to a wedding we went to about seven moths ago a old friend of ours got married

It was a bit to far away to use taxis I had to drive so I said sod it we have a nigh in a hotel, so we booked the hotel where the reception was being held

On the day we got there and the normal thing they got hitched, then the reception we had a meal and after that a lot more people came, there was music and so on the party bit

Before this got going Angie got changed and I can say she looked wonderful she give the young ones a run for there money and she didn't go unnoticed by a number of of the blokes that where there,after having a few drinks in the day and after a couple of hours that evening we where all in the party mood, it didn't take long before a few blokes asked Angie to have a dance, she was lapping it up and enjoying it, she said when she was getting her breath back after a dance it was one of best nights we had in a long time

Angie was really enjoying herself, when she was up again on the dance floor I witnessed a couple have a row about some thing and the young woman stormed off, the bloke stayed

It was him about an hour later was dancing with my wife, when she came back she said now he is dishy I think I could do him a favor and laughed

It was later they danced again Angie was teasing she was a bit tipsy by then, when the dance was over they stood and chatted when she came back she said he is horny a piety his to young and giggled, I replied he seem taken with you look out here he comes again and he did ask her up again, this was repeated a few times, I didn't worry I have seen it a lot of times, with this happening I was left alone and soon ended up with a couple we knew talking on there table

I didn't notice the time but it must of been some time later and my wife was nowhere to be seen I thought I better going and see where she is, it took a few minuets to find her by the toiles and she was snogging the bloke, this was a step she never taken before a flirt and a tease yes but never a kiss, as far as I know

I was a bit surprised but she had a drink, any way I thought I wait and see so I moved back down the corridor which was darker, I expected the kiss and they walk away but no

They where talking he had his arm round her then another kiss I am not talking of pecks on the cheek, this was a snog and I am sure he had a feel of her tits after that there was a chat and they walked out

I watched as they got in the function room she said some to him and he stopped where he was she went over to the friends I been with and said some thing to the woman they both looked round I guess looking for me,Angie went back to the guy they went to the bar they catted and once or twice he had a hand on her bum, Angie is a look don't touch sort or always was but it looked like she didn't mind at all

After some time I watch my wife look round the room, then said some to the bloke and then went off a few minuets later she came back and she had a key card in her hand I guess she been to our room to see if I was there, at first I thought she say her goodbyes and go

She spoke to the guy then went off he fallowed after her

By the time I got into the reception they where nowhere to be seen,I looked outside in the car park and around, then some one I knew came and chat to me, so it was over twenty minuets before I went to the desk and asked for a key, the girl said I have given one out I told her it was my wife and she be asleep so I got another one

I got to our room and swiped the key, a click the door unlocked, I was thinking she was asleep, and went very quietly in, the room has a bathroom as you come in on the left you go past that and into what is the bedroom, once in the door I could hear muffled noises I stopped and listened then a rhythmic creaking that had to be the bed, I took a couple of steeps and it was getting louder, then a woman's voice saying OH OH YES HO YES YES YES

then a huge gasp and long moan, the cracking was much louder and a lot faster, I crept to the corner jest as a a man said I am cumming and what had to Angie say YES YES CUM he was gasping and grunting as I looked round the corner and there on the bed was a pair of legs waving in the air a white ares between then, my wife had jest been fucked, her legs feel to the bed he was still right up her they both where panting

They had no idea I was there, as he rolled off her I could see what she had up her and it was bloody massive. I had seconds to think, what I did I quickly let myself out the room

In the outside corridor I was dumbstruck I was lost, what should I do, at a lose I made my way back to the party, it was almost two hours later Angie reappeared I have to say she seemed quite sober and looked sheepish if not guilty, she said I have been looking every where for you, I told her I wasn't to well and went outside for a time

We stayed there for about an hour not saying much she was quiet no more dancing, the bloke had came back after her there was a couple of glances between them

Going back to the room she was quiet but when I swiped the key in the door my wife looked she got the other one out to do that, once in the room she tentatively asked have you been back here, I said yes she said when, I replied in time to see you getting fucked

Angie broke down sobbing saying I am sorry I was drunk, I put my arms round her and said you enjoyed it his got some cock on him, she didn't know what to say

She went into that bit about am I upset and she didn't mean to do it, well apart from that I don't think I had been that horny in years, I pushed her onto the bed almost ripped her knickers off and pushed my cock into a very open and stretched puss, she felt hot and sticky really wet, I don't think I have ever cum that quick in a long time

Angie was more shocked than I had been with me doing that it took all her doute away about me being upset, it was the start of some thing very new to us, and some home truths came out, when I said it was about time you did it, she was shocked and asked what I meant, I said after all the years of flirting and teasing blokes you have never wanted to do that I can tell you I wanted you to do it years ago, she admitted it had crossed her mind loads of time but never had the nerve and worried about me, we talked about a lot of things after that to much to go into

It was the Sunday at home we where still talking and and she had said when he went into her she wondered what it was going up her, and didn't think she be able to take him, I got it out of her she really enjoyed him fucking her with a bigger cock, I asked did you get his phone number Angie looked at me and said he did give it to me, I said well best you call him and get arranging a meet tell the truth you would like another go, she looked away and then back and nodded, I said well you got my permission this time and I want to watch she said oh no I couldn't do that I pointed out I had already seen it once

Angie when on about she couldn't do any thing like that in front of me nor would the other guy, by bedtime she changed her mind and was going to talk to him, I told her to lay on the line and tell him if he wants you I be there and then its up to him

I got home on Monday and guess what Angie told me she spoken to him and and he was happy with that, me being there, he even wanted to know when she said she would call him back on that, all I said you tell him when as long as I am here,and bugger me she called him that evening, and arranged it Martin was keen he had to drive thirty miles to get to ours

The truth is I didn't know how it would work out I don't think any of us did, we both as nervous as hell before he arrived and when he did it started off okay but got quite awkward as things got going Angie had a couple of fouls starts where they got kissing and she stop, in the end it was Martin that took the lead and she seemed to go along with him

There was a lot of touching feeling and snogging in the front room before they did go upstairs, when they started getting undressed I could see this time he was a fit muscular young man of twenty two fifteen years Angie's junior, it was when his boxes came down

Jesus Christ he was in the right place when dicks where given out, I know he may had a bit of a lob on but the dam thing was still bigger than mine like that, by then Angie wasn't taken much noise of me nor was Martin, she was down to her panties I could see how aroused she was by her nipples they are large and dark and get quite long they stood out like bullets, she sat on the bed and opened and closed her legs with out knowing it I got a glimpse of a damp crotch she wanted to fuck, I would say badly

Then she did some thing that did surprise me and it rear for us to do, she got hold of that dick and lifted it to her mouth looked up at him and licked the end, then pulled the foreskin right back and kissed it then licked round the helmet his dick reacted it started to grow and swell, I watched as she took the end on her mouth as she sucked it got bigger and bigger, when it was erect it had to be getting on for nine inches long and that fat she could only get the end in her mouth the lad had a monster on him

The thing was as now rock hard and it was obvious he wanted to use it, my wife was pushed back on the bed, she wriggled up pulling her knickers off on the way,Martin climbed on after her going between her legs she wan't getting any foreplay, I move right up beside the bed

Angie's legs one where either side of him thighs well apart I looked down at what was my pussy,the one I had used so meany times over the years the one both are kids had come out of

He had the monster lined up in one hand she looked quite moste that's god, the end touched the lips my wife tensed a little she knew what was coming, he moved it in a bit the lips bulged round his bell end, it wasn't quite in the right place he held it down a little my wife ground there was a pushe she gasped,the knob end disappeared he keep the presser on inch by inch disappeared quite slowly, the shaft looked wider half way down her lips rapped round it, she was now struggling he was deeper than I can go and there was still a lot more to go, she start to cry out and gasp at the same time

Martin seemed to come to a stand still, he paused for a moment, then lifted Angie's legs up it pushed her back and lifted her bum, he pushed her legs down to her then with out warning he gave a thrust my wife screamed out that was fallowed by two more in very quick session which made her gasp he was home right in, I could see he done that before

Then he started to move slowly at first my wife grounded as she felt him inside her once he had penetrated her and started moving it seemed to me she was had taken him quite easily each time she got the full length she gasped and the more he fucked the more noise she started to make, as he did that he pressed her legs down on her body trapping her, there was a slapping sound as he bottomed out each time, he got faster and faster Angie's head was rolling from side to side her fingers gripped the bottom sheet I watched as her body tensed the trembled, the fucked sound was wet now she was have a huge climax it seemed to go for a long time, I had missed this in the hotel all I seen was jest before he cum

Martin looked like he was some stud the way he was fucking, it was sending Angie wild

He let her legs go then sat up Angie was like a mad woman she bucked and fucked herself on his cock scouting out please pleas, then he started again and my god did he fuck her, she tried to get her legs round his back he was jest going to hard and fast her tits wobbled on her chest she was making noises like I had never heard before

Then a massive climax ripped through her it was huge as it happened he ares was almost a bluer he was going like train then with a router he let his load go I would say it must of shot into her womb he was that deep in her

I have never seen my wife like this, she was exhausted both covered in sweat they both lay joined together by his cock panting, it took a minuet or two before he got off

Hell what did I look like I stood there with my cock out with cum on floor by my feet

They didn't seem to notice, Angie was all over him kissing him I did hear her say the love word, things had changed my wife lay there naked not given a dam, legs open spunk running out of her, she is normally the sort to come out the shower in a dressing gown or a towel round her not naked, Martin had fucked for getting for half an hour almost none stop I thought Angie may be embarrassed after that but not at all she asked was I alright and did I enjoy that. I told her very much but not as much as you did, she said yes thank you darling it was wonderful,after about two hours they where at it again

That was the start of a long running situation we found ourselves in Martin became more like a boyfriend he liked the situation he had a married bit on the side to fuck about any time he wanted to plus he had a girlfriend