Written by HornyCpl

22 Oct 2017

It was Thursday late afternoon when hubby called to say he wouldn't be home until almost 8 and asked what I wanted to do about dinner. I was feeling horny, a tad unusual since it was only two nights since we had Brad over for a threesome, and I wasn't very hungry for food, so I said to meet me at a pub about 20 miles away where we go sometimes for me to pull a lad for a quickie in the car park.

I arrived early, got a table, and was almost finished with my meal when hubby arrived. He joined me, ordered a pint and said he had eaten a sandwich at his desk. We chatted until I was finished eating. We both had been eying the clientele and saw two prospects sharing pints and a chat at the bar, obviously friends. Looked to be early 30s, about 10 years younger, just the way I like them.

Hubby went over and asked them to join us. Introductions and began chatting. We quickly steered the conversation toward sex and asked them what they thought about wives pulling men for a one nighter or a quickie. They were both married and basically said they wouldn't like for theirs to do it, but they were open to indulging themselves.

They had obviously picked up on our drift, so hubby asked if they thought I was attractive. when they both agreed I was, he asked which one wanted to go first. I handled the bit of surprise on their faces by saying I just wanted quickies since we hadn't much time that night. When they fumbled the choice, I just grabbed the hand of one of them and said, "Let's all go," and pulled him up. Hubby motioned for the other to follow and we all headed out the back way.

Hubby had parked his car in a dark area and we headed to it. I bent over the boot so we could watch anyone who might be walking in the car park and hubby said to one of them, "You can go first." He then turned to the other and told him he could go next and then they both needed to go back inside and leave us.

The first one got behind me and I told him I had been ready for a while so just flip my dress up over my bum, push my panties aside, and go for it. He did and then quickly pushed his clothing down to his knees and slide it up me. I was sopping wet so he had no trouble getting his average sized cock in all the way in one thrust. I moaned my pleasure and told him to pound me hard and deep.

He didn't have to be told twice and hammered me for a couple of minutes. As I got closer I rewarded him with moans that turned into gasps just before I came. As I got to the edge, I started, "Yes ... yes ... that's it ... don't stop ... yeah ... yeah .. yeah!," and I came. My bum shaking and thrusting back against his hips did for him and he let out a couple of growls and I felt his hard thrusts as he spunked my pussy. His hot cum enhanced my orgasm and I loudly moaned a few more times before sagging my chest against the boot lid.

I lay there breathing hard as he pulled out. When I felt some of his cum drip out, I pulled the gusset back into place to catch the rest of it. He pulled up his clothing and his mate took his place. He must have hesitated for I then heard hubby say to him, "Yeah, that's right, you get to have 'sloppy seconds'. You'll love it. Just pull those panties aside and plunge in."

He did and he started out slow, but quickly got the idea and speeded up until he was pounding me. When my pussy is full of cum I need to be pounded. He had a tad thicker cock so he felt good in my swollen pussy and I quickly headed toward another climax, moaning and giving him a series of encouragements. He lasted about three or four minutes before his urgency of thrusting told me he was close.

I concentrated on my come and gasped out I was close and needed him to pound me deeper and harder. He immediately gave me what I needed and we came almost together. I wailed out my second come as he made some animal noises of completion. When My upper body sagged onto the boot lid he was still fucking me, which felt really good. He pulled out and they quickly left.

Hubby made sure they were gone before he took me the same way. His cock was thicker than either of them so he gave me a very nice ride and I came a third time as he emptied his bollocks into me. As soon as he was finished, he pulled out and moved the gusset of my panties back into place to catch as much of the cum as they could. He then wiped up the bit that was running down the inside of my upper thighs with his handkerchief, and pulled down my dress.

He walked me to my car and watched as I drove away. He followed me to ours. We got into bed as quick as we could and continued where we had left off. We had lazy sex for a while before going to sleep. We had some more lazy sex during the early morning and just before the alarm went off. An altogether satisfactory mid-week 'adventure' to add to our memory bank.