Written by Rachel

25 Aug 2019

I met my husband at university. He was just one of a group of friends that I socialised with. We only got together in our second year. We were both at a party, I had had a glass too many, we were flirting, and I let him take me into a bedroom for sex. To be honest he was not the only one to fuck me that night. Over the next few weeks we met up occasionally, and I thought we have already done it once so why not do it again. We became a couple, although there was never any talk of marriage.

Our relationship continued after university , we were both too busy trying to advance in our careers to pay much attention to our private lives. We were, in fact, two high flyers who had sex with each other when time allowed. It was convenient, a sort of stability . I was worried about using condoms, always a lingering doubt, so I took the pill.

We had been together twenty-five years, no children, each of us with a successful career, him in banking, me in marketing. I made sure I paid attention to my weight and kept fit. My husband had too many business lunches , and always said he was too busy to do exercise.

One day as he was doing his travel bag before going off on another of his business trips , he asked me to pack a couple of clean shirts for him . I noticed he had four condoms under a shirt. I could have made a scene, I was very angry, but I said nothing. The fact is , seeing those condoms made me realise that the only reason I had been faithful to him was because I thought he was being faithful to me . If he could play away, then so could I. The thought of it got me tingling , so much that I made my husband fuck me there and then. But I was not thinking about him as my orgasm hit.

The day after he went away I was scheduled to attend a marketing conference in a hotel near Bristol. I have attended a lot of these events and have vague acquaintances with many of the regular delegates. As I packed my bag I put in a pack of condoms. I intended to get laid , and more than once.

It is quite common for flirting to occur at these conferences. Self confident successful men being macho with any willing female . I had never been one of the willing women, but this time I was not only willing, I was looking. The bar, in the evening, is the usual place for the chatting up to happen , business as well as pleasure. More or less as soon as I entered the bar, wearing a slightly revealing little black dress, two delegates approached me and started discussing sales strategy. The were both smartly dressed, nicely groomed, looked to be in good shape , and at least ten years younger than me. I could not help it, my pussy started to tingle , and when I tingle I feel myself getting wet. My clitoris was ruling my head, and I steered the conversation away from marketing strategy to whether they thought the man and lady at the next table were talking business or sex. When that couple walked out of the bar together, we had the answer.

Our chatting got more direct. I told them about finding condoms in my husbands case, and having condoms in mine. Then I invited them to go up to my room. They smiled like two cats who got the cream, and I was looking forward to getting theirs.

In my room, we did not mess about. It was clothes off at high speed. I wrapped my legs around the head of one, and took the other one's cock in my mouth. He was pinching and pulling my nipples as I made him groan with pleasure as I sucked him. The one licking my pussy was doing a brilliant job, so much so that I got to orgasm much quicker than usual. I told the one I was sucking to use one of the condoms in my bag, and I knelt on the bed so he could do me doggy style. I already had the other one's cock in my mouth . It was bliss feeling a rock hard cock push into my pussy , so arousing that I was on my way to another orgasm. I stopped sucking and let the climax hit me. I could feel him pumping into the condom.

I told number two to get himself a rubber, rolled onto my back for him to fuck me face to face. It was not that he had a giant cock, nor that he was a superb lover, it was the dirty thrill of being fucked by two younger men. I wanted more , I was sucking number one back to hardness so he could take over once number two was done.

I was having orgasm after orgasm, and still I wanted more. When the guys were too exhausted to get hard I made them lick me and suck my nipples, then finger me .

They were good sports, each managed to cum three times . Me, I had lost count.

Then I sent them off to their rooms as I wanted to sleep. I suppose I should have asked their names ?

When my husband got home I secretly checked his bag. Four unused condoms still there. Never mind, it is the thought that counts.