Written by Lloyd

22 Jan 2018

I'll keep the background brief. I was another wannabe wife watcher however after 20 years of trying, I had given up. My missus K looks great. A standard size 14, c cups, 5 ft 7, and mostly blond. Always shaven and well presented.

She's had a few jobs as it was always a struggle to fit childcare around work, and visa versa.

I'd always suspected the odd indiscretion, she worked for an estate agent for a while doing Saturday viewings and I was pretty sure she had been fucking one of her colleagues. Likewise when she worked at a beauty salon, she came home reeking of sex a few times.

Anyway, aside from that she was never really that interested in sex.

Things changed last year. Her best mate came round, in floods of tears. I was banished upstairs so they could talk in private. K is hopeless with secrets and sure enough, two days later she spills the beans. Her friends husband asked her to fuck other men.

Long and short of it, I said, "most guys want that."

Shocked, she asked, "even you?"

"Of course even me." I clarified things and explained that its just a fantasy, and that I couldn't ask her because I knew its not her thing.

The conversation continued, she pressed me about if I meant it. During the next couple of hours I voiced my suspicions about her past, and said I thought she had been unfaithful, and admitted it turned me on.

That night we had the best sex ever, she even woke me up the following morning by planting her Cunt on my face while sucking my cock.

She asked me about different guys, and spilled the beans about her past. She had fucked a guy at the estate agent, and two regular clients at the beauty salon, the latter in return for money.

She also asked me a lot about me being sure I wanted to watch.

OK, she said. But in our bed and I choose the guy. No condom and I fuck her straight after.

My head screamed safe sex only but my mouth said yes.

Not much was said about it until I came home from work later that week.

K was dressed for sex. Tiny tight black dress, stockings, heels, hair up, a bit too much make up, and as I later discovered, no panties.

She explained she had set it all up. I was to watch in silence and fuck her afterwards. She also explained it was a one off and she's only doing it for me.

It didn't take long for the doorbell to ring. I was surprised to see N standing there. He was the guy who decorated our house and fitted our bathroom. I let him in assuming k had called him to give us a quote. The penny suddenly dropped. He was here to fuck my beautiful wife!

As he walked in the lounge, k greeted him with a snog. I was like a spare part. One of his hands was up her skirt exploring her cunt. She was behaving like a slut. Something I always wanted but suddenly I wasn't so sure.

They broke off, and whispered to each other. I really didn't like this.

"We're going upstairs, you can follow in 10 minutes. Wank but don't cum as I want you afterwards" k instructed.

They went upstairs. I wanted to stop it but couldn't.

Ten minutes flew by,I was upstairs in a flash and was greeted by her on her back, her feet linked behind him, and her hands on his arse pulling him deep into her. It was horny but I honestly didn't really like it. He was being a little rough with her, calling her a slut, and a whore I didn't like that either but it was too far in to stop. I mean this was all my idea

Her dress was around her waist, she was soon on all fours and he slammed into her, slapping her are with one hand whilst the thumb of his other hand was up her arse. I didn't like that either.

Although there was lots I didn't like, my brain was in my cock and I let it flow.

Soon he came, after fucking her for around half an hour.

He pulled out, and she beckoned me to take his place. Within 10 seconds I was in her, and didn't last long before blowing my load as she cleaned N's cock.

He left, and we fucked three more times that night.

I was able to voice my concerns but as it was a one off, it didn't seem an issue

Today, four months on, my neighbour asked me about decorating. It seems n's blue car has been parked in our drive a fair bit lately. He's not been decorating but I suspect fucking my wife.

I'm turned on at the thought but am unsure what to do next....