Written by James

15 Nov 2014

We are married been together a long time now outwardly we are a very respectable couple but we have a secret no one knows, most of our married life Carol my wife has had affairs always very discreetly and always with my knowledge and I have to admit with my encouragement, I would say its not been an every day occurrence and its been from time to time if she had meet someone she likes fantasy and as she has to feel right, she has always told me if there is some one she likes, they have never came from ore circle of friends it been someone she has worked with or meet from that side of her life so its been quite safe and not much chance of being found out, the only rule has been it must be discreet

It be long winded to going into how it all started so I will skip that but she was in her mid twenties at the time and we been married about three years at the time, I will tell you I am fifteen years older than Carol

The first time well in away it was my fault, we went to a social function held by the place she worked at the time, at this function it was obvious that her bosses fancied her and afterwards she told me he was always coming on to her, I have to say at this point I have always harbored this thing about Carol being fucked by another man that is partly why I think I said, if you fancy him why not play along not wanting to tell her my fantasy

We had this bit about you don't mean that and things like if I did you be jealous at the time it was on the lines of a joke, then out of the blue she came home and said Paul the guy in question had made a move on her and she told him no sod off, once more I may of said why did you do that maybe you like it or something like that, we got talking and she said she did fancy him but it was that she was married to me, in the end it to got to where he asked Carol out she told me again my reply was why not, to shorten this, she did go out with him, then it was what about me somehow I convinced her there was no harm in it and I was fine, so a dating thing started all time Carol was saying its only a date a meal and so on, I was all the time thinking maybe she will let her guard down and he get in her knickers, I wasn't that far out she told me they had a kiss and cuddle

They where having regular dates after work and Carol would get a later train home which got her home a little after ten, then one night she must of got the late train which gets in at midnight, that nigh she came in looking as guilty as hell I knew Paul had done the deed right away, he had in some car park in his car, Carol was a little upset but I think that was for my benefit, I had instead hard on we didn't get upstairs I had her in our front room she protested to start with but we did it again in bed then in the morning, she said after that, if you get that horny I do it again. in a joking way

I was after her again the next night, she could then see I wasn't jealous or angry or upset, that was the start of her first affair Paul shagged her once week for five months after he had I gave her a right seeing to, there was another side to this Paul gave her a leg up the ladder at work, I don't quite know why it finished

There was quite some time past then a similar thing her new boss start to come on to her

There was this thing with Carol where she need the encouragement from me first

I knew his name Graham that is all I really knew about oh he was quite a bit older than Carol, Graham differ from Paul some what apart from age his endowment was quite a bit larger than the average not so much in length it was his girth,some thing she started to like and enjoy, I notice the first time Carol went with him and came home he had only fucked her an hour or so before then I did and he had stretched her tight pussy and after a time he book a cheep hotel by this time I wanted to know what they did and he was very much into oral apart going down on her he loved being sucked off some thing till then she had sighed away from that is taken it to it concussion Graham soon had her swallowing and she enjoying doing it, my wife was on what could be called learning curve, with in weeks she lost her anal virginity to him some thing I thought would never happen

What Graham got her doing was all to my advantage and would become my enjoyment he also changed her attitude towards sex, he was the first man she spent the night with that took a little getting used to for me so did the first weekend away with him

There was one other significant thing happened with him I don't quite know how it came about but it may of been suggested but it worked she also went with one of his friend that was the start of the end in away she always maintained she went with each one separately but I did wonder towards the end if they where both shearing her together no one at a time

It was after it was over with Graham the friend offered her a job in his firm which Carol took in management which was quite a step up, Roger the friend took over from Graham she spent the nigh with him plus weekends also a couple of holidays no business trips must get that right, it was on one of them another man was involved and I know that did involve threesomes, Carol was a changed woman when it came to sex

To start with she didn't tell me all the truth Roger was on the fringes of swapping not in the same way it happens on this site he knew lets call them like minded people so at lets say a weekend there maybe another man involved also at times other couples with him Carol had her first bisexual experience with a couples it was some thing she has taken to like duck to water, all this went on with Roger for about two years

At the end a mistake was made Carol became pregnant she would not get rid of it always saying it was mine but who knows anyway he is mine now the younger one s for sure

There then followed a long brake when we had the family and they grew up, it was after they where at school I could see it in my wife she missed the excitement of the extra sex

It was then I told her to do something about, and that came as a shock when she did it was on a family holiday in Spain what we did was some time I go for a drink in the evening then she would so one of us had to stay with the kids

It was after her evening out she asked if I meant what I had said I told her I did, then she said where do we get condoms from out here Carol had come off the pill, I think I asked why being thick, and was told a very dishy young man had chatted her up, I got some the next night she got back late all I said did the condoms came in useful did they she said very. in that last week she used that packet a and another, or way him I should say used them, after we got home she went back on the pill had couple of sort flings with different men over a long period

It wasn't till the kids got into there teens and she got back into work place the affair started, this time it was a younger man unlike her other lovers

It was in one of out chats about the guy she was seeing then her past discretion's came up she finally admitted to what her Roger did get up to it was grope sessions and it had involved her and the other woman together with both Roger and the husband watching she also admitted to seeing the woman alone and admitting she did like and enjoy sex with another woman say how different it was, Carol has also visited gay lesbian bars and clubs in London sinse alone and stayed over night in a hotel and I do know on each occasion she has pick up or been picked up by a woman and she has sleep with them, we are almost back today and what is happening now and me gettin my long standing wish