4 Mar 2016

When I met them it was a pleasant surprise. They were both much more attractive than the photo's gave them credit for. I was just happy that they'd shown up. Until recently I'd had my fair share of fantasists and time wasters.

Their email had been honest yet concise. I knew what was asked of me and they knew I was only there to enhance their sexual life and they would enhance my experiences. We had talked and discussed boundaries and limits. I found them to be very frank in their requirements and I had been only too willing to help them out.

She enthralled me from the start. The way she confidently sashayed up to me. That confidence showing another level of sexiness. I don't mean to sound demeaning but ladies confidence is damn sexy. She sent R up to get the drinks as she sat opposite me at the table. Nerves were soon lost as we started getting on, the drinks flowed steadily and I got the distinct impression that I had at least made a couple of friends. S became quite liberated with her words after a couple of drinks. She moved to sit down next to me, Her hand resting on my thigh as her eyes looked directly into mine. "let's do this" she said as her hand grabbed the bulge in the front of my trousers. I was already at half mast. her thighs squeezing my leg as I looked at her. Her unmistakable needing in her eyes as her hand rested on my growing cock.

It was what only seemed like moments that we were in the cab but I honestly lost track of time as she lowered her tongue onto my throbbing hard shaft in the cab. She had managed to take me deep into her throat which is no mean feat. I'm only a little above average with my 8" cock but she took it superbly. her eyes looked directly at me as we pulled up. "Pay the driver" she said to her hubby who was by now looking at me as I rested my nuts on her chin. Her left hand squeezed my shaft as she winked at me and said "Lets go party"

R had duly paid the cab and hurried up to open the doors for us. I knew my place and I knew my part, As soon as we were behind the closed doors I took control. S had her fingers wrapped around my hard shaft, Her fingers gently pulling back and forth. S told R to make the drinks as we got more comfortable. I undone the buttons on her blouse and watched in amazement as she pulled her top and bra off. She caressed her nipples as I watched. My hand had snaked it's way to above her stockings, The heat and the moistness begging for some attention from me. She stopped just as R brought the drinks in. She winked at me just as her hubby was told to undress and prepare me. His lips where everywhere. I felt him kiss up the inside of my thigh as he then gently lowered my trousers. His gentle kisses sending shivers up my body. Her passion took over as she held the back of my head.

They shared a hugely intimate moment as they never lost eye contact and he slowly took my hard throbbing cock into his mouth.