15 Dec 2016

This story happened about 4 years ago while my hubby was working night shifts

We were friends with Chris and his wife since they moved in next door about 24 years ago

They split up about 14 years ago but he couldn’t get over it never moved on and never got another partner he still text her every night she told me

I think from what he told me he only had 2 one night stands in the time since she left

He still used to come round for coffee when i came in from work and was always coming round through the hot summer days when id be sunbathing in the garden but nothing ever happened

And we used to talk about anything and everything and i would always catch him looking at my arse or legs whenever i wore a dress

Me and hubby went through a bad time about 4 years ago and Chris along with a few other friends and family supported me through it

Anyway he came round one day and i was feeling pretty down and we were talking and he said if you ever need to talk more you can call me or come along to mine

So this one Friday i was having a bad day and hubby went off to work not speaking to me

So i text Chris to see if he was in and i would come along for a drink and a chat he said he was so i said id see him shortly after i had a bath

What was i doing what was i thinking of my mind was racing

Out the bath and getting dressed i put on my bra and knickers my pussy was wet then for a second i thought of putting stockings and suspenders on (hubbys favs but i hardly ever wore them for him) then i thought what am i thinking i not going to fuck him (am i)

At the time i was 48 years old and only fucked 2 men in my life, the first took my virginity and i married the second lol, i choose a tunic dress above the knee and tights

No coat he only lived 3 doors along the street

When he opened the door he greeted me with a big smile and a hello dressed in shorts and tshirt,

as i walked past him i could smell fresh aftershave and he looked clean and different

I sat on the sofa and he sat on the chair to my right we talked and had a few drinks he was keeping my glass filled with cider all the time looking at my nylon clad legs when i was sitting cross legged my dress right up showing my thighs quite a bit while we chatted

After about an hour and a half when he filled my drink he sat next to me i could now smell wine and his aftershave

He looked at me and leaned in to kiss me i responded and started to kiss him back

What was i doing was it the alcohol or maybe right at that moment i just want to feel loved

His hand moved on to my right tit as we were kissing and i sort of froze a little but carried on kissing how far was this going what was i going to do his hand kept massaging my tits then it was gone and I felt it on my leg just above the knee my mind was racing as i felt it move slowly up my nylon clad leg reaching the top he rubbed my pussy through my tights and knickers

Here i was with my neibour rubbing my pussy this was the first man in 23 years of marriage to touch me there my mind was racing then he/we moved to lie down on the settee still kissing him rubbing me

His hand left my pussy and his other hand went up my dress to pull my tights off i raised my arse up to help him take them down my tights and knickers coming off in one go

Our lips never left each others as this happened

Now i was worried was i going to let him fuck me it looked like it

Did i want it

Could i do it

Then he was above me

i felt his cock rest on my thigh it was out of the shorts he was wearing it felt big, bigger than i was used to from hubby and it felt hard, very fucking hard

I still wasn’t sure whether i wanted this but i was turned on

We stopped kissing he looked at me and i felt his cockend touch my clit it was wet soaking wet

He looked at me and said you sure you want this as he rubbed his end down between my lips towards my pussy i was really wet he stopped at the entrance to my soaking wet cunt and i just smiled and said yes please as he gently started to fill me with his cock

Oh my god it was heaven 48 years old only the third cock id had in me in my life and i was going to cum on it soon, very soon

Then he was all way in and i was filled right up bigger and thicker than hubbys cock

Then he started to fuck me, slowly at first bringing his full length almost out then filling me up with it,

It was wonderfull as i had my first orgasm then he started to speed up fucking me with long hard strokes i felt another orgasm coming and i hadn’t recoverd from the first one yet this was amazing

I don’t no how long we,d been fucking for but i must have cumm 5 times before he sald im gonna cummm

i shouted “ keeping fucking me you bastard fill me with your cummmm i want your spunk in me”

Then i felt him go tense on top of me and felt his big hard cock twitching shooting his hot spunk in me and it sent me over the edge and i was cummin again i felt my eyes roll into my head and i was gone,



and filled with spunk

I opened my eyes and looked at him and said wow, thank you, we kissed, his cock still in me i could feel it getting softer and slipping out

It was now a river down there

his cock came out and i could feel both our juices running out of me

it was lovely i love that feeling of the juices running down my arse crack amazing

I tried to stand up and my legs felt like jelly i had been well and truly fucked PROPERLY

We dressed in silence my pussy gushing our juices and tingling mmmmmmmmmm

I said i better go and went to leave

Chris grabbed me and kissed me and said thank you Ann you were amazing

I got in the house and flopped onto the settee smilling and thought of what id just done

i still couldn’t believe id done it id got my revenge on my bastard of a hubby

Id always said to hubby if i ever fucked anyone else i would text him 3 simple words and he would no what id done

I grabbed my phone and type out


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