Written by Peter57

28 Aug 2016

Having had 21 years of a previous marriage where her selfish ex only gave her two proper orgasms my lovely wife, who at 47 when I met her had the body of a teenager, was not too difficult to impress in the bedroom and soon became a real enthusiast !

I cannot recall exactly when she started showing off in hotel windows but this is probably a good place to apologise to the two guys who crashed into each other at the traffic lights by the Posthouse hotel in Preston a few years ago !

Last year we were in Tuscany and the room we had that night looked into a quiet little courtyard by a church. Initially a bit disappointed from the exhibitionist perspective, things soon turned out well. Our first floor room had doors that opened inwards from a tiny false balcony protected by cast iron railings. We had left the windows open after starting our love making with me fingering Katie to her first orgasm at the open window before lying her on the edge of the bed so I could lick her pussy to make her cumin again before sticking my cock in for orgasm no 3. We had just moved into position for our usual next position of more licking and rimming, knowing that sliding my finger into her anus at just the right point would get a her cumming hard again, when we heard a soft giggle outside.

Leaving Katie to recover a had a quick look out of the window, staying back in the shadows. There was a little moonlight and enough ambient light to see a young couple snogging on the bench about 20 metres away , he quickly managed to slide one lovely small pert blob out of her sundress. I called Katie over to watch just as his lips went to her erect little nipple. Katie held my cock and sighed - the young lass eased his cock out and dropped her head into his lap to suck him off. We eased forward and he must have seen something as he sat up quickly almost throwing her off the bench ! Katie stepped forward into the light and he could see she was naked, just then the girl turned and gasped, I stepped forward and bent to kiss Katie's nipple and they sat frozen. Moving Katie forward as far as possible I gave them a thumbs up as I guided Katie's mouth to my cock. He whispered something and they stepped behind the bench, he slipped her undress off her shoulders so we could see both gorgeous Titus and bent her over the bench so he could lift her dress around her waist

And slide his clock in her no doubt soaking fussy.

Then Katie did something which still blows me away now - I had not noticed she had picked up the KY jelly, which she held up so they could see it and turning sideways bent at 45 degrees pointing at her bum. The girl's hands flew to her mouth as she realised what Katie meant. Turning to me she said "Bugger me in public please " - I stood sideways on to our little audience knowing Katie liked to back on to my stationary clock to be in charge of the anal penetration. The young couple resumed their side of the show with vigour as I stroked in and out of Katie's bum, whilst watching the perfect cones of the young girls tits rock back and forth. Katie always likes her last orgasm to be an anal one and this was to be a massive one, draining me of a weeks supply of spunk as we all came more or less together. The last thing I saw having had urgent need to sit down was Katie leaning over the balcony blowing kisses with both hands !