Written by keith and moira

5 May 2011

We have related many of our sexual exploits over time and they are all fact and true including the escapade in Cornwall when Doug took my place on Moira and once she realised it was not me relaxed and enjoyed herself. Women can change as suddenly as that. We had talked for some long time about introducing another man into our sex life and it always had the desired effect and Moira would flip her lid and so I took the gamble and it paid off. That was the very first time Doug had taken her. It was not all that I had hoped that it would be, the light was dim and I wanted to see her in the arms of another man and watch the expressions on her face as he made love to her. It was after that first time that Moira realised that I was not upset or jealous seeing her enjoying sex with someone else that we made contact with Alan in London and arranged a meeting with him at a hotel near Earls Court. That was the first real experience when she took a really big thick cock for the very first time and I watched as she held it and place it between her legs as she knelt over him andslowly sank herself down onto it until his whole length was deep inside her and only his big balls could be seen. She fucked herself on it for some time before Alan took charge got her onto her back and really gave her a long hard fucking in all sorts of positions. The sight of his cock sliding in and out of her stretched fannyI took poleroid pictures at the time of course and we often look at these and think back. They were at it for well over three hours and after Alan left I mounted her and had sloppy seconds and it was great.

We have played with others including Hal who has the biggest cock that I have ever seen or that Moira has ever fully taken he fucked her several times including in the garden and she could not get enough of him, The contrast of his black skin against her white body and to see his monster sliding in and out of Moira's bold cunt was electric he was good to watch but the best is aways the first time with Alan. We have not played around for some time now but we plan to go dogging soon at our favourite car park overlooking the Sound. They say that change is as good as a rest and we both want an exciting change.