Written by Slut wife

20 Jul 2018

I’m married and have a great family and a great life. I have never bene unfaithful or anything like but I want to tell you about something that happened after a summer BBQ at a friends house. In all there must have been about 20 of us there and we were having a laugh. The kids were having fun and it was just a great day. We may have had a little too much to drink but not so much that I wasn’t in central or my kids were unsafe.

It was just a fun day round at friends until I went inside to wash my face in cold water because I was a little too hot. By now the kids were sat around being silly, my husband was talking to his friends. My friend who I wont name followed me in and we just giggled most of the time. I washed my face and so did she when she leant forward and kissed me. We were at the back of my friends quite large house and it was quiet so I could have heard someone coming down the hall and for some reason I kissed her back. It was passionate, our tongues explored each other’s mouths, then she pulls my dress down and starts to suck my breasts. Instead of being horrified I liked it and I pulled her blouse open and touched her. We just stayed there, with my breast in her mouth and my hands squeezing hers. Then I could hear footsteps and pulled my dress up, but my friend looked through a crack in the door and pulled by dress back down ‘its Ok, its only Andrew’ her husband. I panicked and told her that we had to stop in case he saw us but she told me that she had asked him to cum in and pulled my dress to the floor.

I was confused, one because I was more or less naked letting a woman touch me and play with my breasts and two because her husband was now standing next to her but what happened next went way and above everything I thought I was capable of.

Her husband picked me up and sat me in a cabinet whilst she stepped out of the rest of her clothes, Andrew locked the door behind him saying something about not being disturbed. I didn’t feel in danger or anything, in fact I just had an urge for her to carry on, as odd as it may sound for a straight married mother of 2 to say, I was more concerned that her husband was watching. He leant over and pulled my knickers off allowing his wife, my friend access to between my legs where she placed herself and started to rub herself against me. Our legs were entwined and I was having lesbian sex with on of my friends and I was heading very quickly towards an orgasm. The two of them kissing me on the mouth and breasts.

I was so in enthralled with it all I honestly didn’t see him get undressed. I was in a smallish lavatory of a friends house having sex with a woman with her husband pressing himself against her, kissing me but inside her. Then she moved to one side, she said something to him and he stepped forward.

I heard one thing, his wife saying to him ‘now fuck her’. I was too far gone to say anything, all I wanted to do at that point was continue and cum. He took himself in his hand and fed his cock into me and we had sex. Even though I was naked with another man inside me and just a few yards away was my family I didn’t care. It was so hit in there that I was soaking, sweat was poring from his face and my breasts, his wife was cleaning my chest with her hands and tongue whilst her husband basically had me. She asked me if it was ok for him to cum inside me but as she asked the question I had the deepest orgasm of my life and I couldn’t talk. I was about to tell her that he shouldn’t and that I wasn’t on the pill but as I started my body seized and nothing came out and I felt his dick explode inside me and I could fee cum spraying inside. I remember being a little scared at one point because I couldn’t stop shaking and I climaxed again.

Then it was over, he slid himself out of me and only then did I see his long cock. We dried ourselves with the one towel that was there. My friend said how amazing it was and she kissed me on the lips and thanked me, and then when we were dressed we left as though nothing had happened.

I went into the garden and sat next to my husband racked with guilt but still trembling from the best and most powerful orgasm of my life. He asked where I had been and before I could think of an answer my friends said ‘its ok, she’s been with us’ . She pulled me to one side and whispered in my ear ‘yep, we’ve fucked her and she’s full of my husband’s cum’. She then told me that they were going to do it to me again and I swear I climaxed again, this time quietly.

So am I a slag, a lesbian or what the fuck am I. And not all I dream about is the two of them dragging me into a room, ripping my clothes of and fucking me any way they want to and its driving me crazy.