23 Sep 2015

What i am about to relate is 100% factual and totally true.

I was a very jealous man when i was in the first few years of my relationship with my girlfriend (later to become my wife).

If she looked at another guy i would give her a verbal lashing on the way home.

We eventually got married in 1980 after 4 years of courtship and engagement.

I became more relaxed and trusting as time moved on and realised how stupid i had been to dispute my wifes loyalty.

My wife has only ever been with me sexually as i was her first and only lover.

I started to feel guilty as i had had many a sexual encounter having been a stand up comedian / impressionist and D J, girls where is to pick up as they would approach me.

I began to think that it would be good for my wife to experience what sex is like with another man.

I broached the subject with her but she wasn't interested in the slightest.

I asked why she wouldn't want to, as other wives would jump at the chance to play away from home.

She replied "we have been married for 26 years, why rock the boat"?

I told her that i love her very much and as long as she came back to me i didn't care.

Every now and again she would go out with her few friends that she had, and i always told her to "make sure that you come back filled".

But it never happened.

she worked in a shop, when a new girl started.

I knew this new girl and she is a right slag as i knew her, and her husband (he's a very good friend of mine).

I will call the new girl B, and my wife H. one year the staff christmas party was coming up where they would go for a meal and then onto a club.

I thought this was the chance to get my wife fucked by a guy. I spoke to B, telling her to take my wife under her wing and find her a guy with a big cock. B replied "i'll try but i can't promise anything".

Nothing happened at the party other than talk about which members of staff had strayed behind their husbands back.

Of course B was quite blunt with her confession telling the company that she had fucked over 200 guys.

Move forward 2 years and it was my wifes 49th birthday.

I told her "why not arrange a celebratory night out with B, you never know you may get laid if your with her.

I went to pick her up from work one day and B approach me and told me that herself and H had arranged to go for a night out to celebrate H's birthday. I told B to make sure that H got a fella for the night. she promised she would try her best.

To say i was excited was an understatement, and couldn't wait for the night to arrive. They had arranged it for a thursday night as neither of them were working on the friday.

The thursday arrived and i took my wife up to B's home to pick her up and take them into to town and drop them off.

she told me they went into a couple of bars and eventually settled down in a chicago rock cafe with a kind of disco going on .

The rest of this story is what she told me in her own words what occurred.

To be continued (if your interested that is).