Written by Don and Jill

17 Aug 2008

We\'re a normal couple in our early fifties and have been married for thirty years. The kids are grown up and we enjoy keeping fit and young minded. We have always had a good sex life and over the past 5 or 6 years have expanded on this. My wife Jill used to give phone wanks to a guy she used to work with while I fucked her from behind. He never knew I was listening and this led to me wanting to be cuckolded and humiliated while she sucks a young guy\'s cock and fucks him. For the past couple of years we\'ve been using two young studs, one is in his late twenties the other is thirty two. Last Friday, 15 Aug was a typical session with Craig, our thirty two year old stud. He\'s about 6ft tall and a keen footballer. It would be untrue to say he\'s a super modal, but he\'s quite good looking and bigger than me, which helps in the humiliation. Craig arrived at our house about 9pm and we had a few drinks and a chat before he and Jill started kissing and cuddling on the sofa. We all stripped off and I was told to wank craig\'s cock slowly. I did as I was told and he pushed my head down several times to suck his plumb-like knob. After about five minutes Jill said, \" Fuck the wimp off Craig, I want you cock up me\". Craig slapped my face and pushed me to one side as Jill straddled him and told me to put his cock in. I did so and watched as she eased herself down untill his balls were touching her arse. She rode him while he sucked on her tits. She was telling me to watch her take a real man\'s cock and I was a limp dick wimp. This is what we enjoy in these sessions and my cock was bursting. After five minutes or so Craig said he needed a piss. Jill said she wanted to do something and dragged me to the loo with Craig. I was made to kneel in the bath as Jill told Craig to piss all over me. He started to blast a powerfull stream of hot piss on my arse then my back. Jill said, \"piss in the wimp\'s face\" and he was soon pissing over my head and shoulders before aiming the last couple of squirts at my dick calling me pathetic. We returned to the lounge and Jill got on all fours as Craig eased his cock up her from behind. Jill told me to kneel in front of her, which I did. \"Look at Craig and beg him to fuck me and fill me with his spunk because you\'re a useless wimp\". I did as I was instructed and Craig laughed and said he was going to split her. He pumped her for a good half hour in several positions before she got back on all fours and told me to guide his cock in again. Craig then told me to bend over and slapped my arse hard untill it was red. They were both calling me a useless wimp and a maggot dick. Jill then told me to put my hand under Craig\'s arse when he was ready to shoot his load so I could feel a real young stud fill her with spunk. After a couple more minutes of hard pounding Craig said he was cumming so I slid my hand down his muscular arse to feel his scrotum pulsate as he emtied his balls up into Jill\'s belly. Jill roared and told me to shoot my load on his arse which I did within seconds. We all collapsed in sweat and lay recovering for a few minutes. Craig stayed the night, which he sometimes did, in our bed and I watched as they fucked slowly. I lay and felt the bed rock gently while they pumped. In the morning Jill and I stayed in bed while Craig dressed and left. We fucked slowly for a couple of hours with Jill sticky with spunk all over her, mostly Craig\'s. I had always considered myself rather kinky indulging in cuckold sessions, but when we found this site we were surprised to find just how common it is for older guys to want to watch their wives being fucked by younger studs. Jill and I enjoy our sessions and we are always in control and do things that turn us both on. It may sound a little mercenary, but we use our studs to give us pleasure, although they enjoy shooting their load over an attractive older woman in front of her husband. This story is absolutely true and we are thinking about trying a session with a coupls, I\'m sure there must be a couple in the Manchester area who are into this, it\'s good horny fun and it\'s not unusual.