3 Nov 2016

J and her Nipples.

I often think that early sexual experiences influence our tastes and fantasies.I am turned on by nipples and here is why.

I was seeing J and she would only let me feel her on the outside of her clothes. We would kiss and get passionate but only let me squeeze her blouse .In our town a cinema, the Ritz, installed couples seating on the back row. These were much sought after since everyone knew what went on. One Saturday J and I managed to get the middle one of three. In the corner a couple with the man on the far side with their coats on their laps. So J went first to sit next to the woman. Before the lights went down J and the woman made small talk mainly in whispers. As the first film started I put my arm around J and we snuggled together. Soon we were kissing and I noticed the woman’s head was in the man’s lap. I told j who looked over and then she grabbed my left hand and put it inside her blouse. What joy as I began to explore the outside of her bra. J began to respond, kissing harder and moaning quietly.

Then the film ended and we made ourselves decent. J then whispered to the woman and the both left “going to the toilet” J said. On return we settled down and the main feature started. J Turned to me and undid her blouse revealing her naked breasts with huge nipples(one inch teats) “lick and suck” she said “lick upwards and suck hard” so I did. I was in heaven was able to cup and feel her lovely tits, licking upwards seemed to really get her going. ”bite me” she commanded and I gave a little nip “harder “ so I did. As I looked up I saw the other woman was getting the same treatment. I told J and she looked over then for the first time her hand went to my zip. I moved to help her and soon she was playing with my erect dick. This did not last long since she sensed I was about to come so she stopped and pulled me down to her tits again.

After some time she cooled down. I got dressed and the film finished. WE left and J went to the toilet to put her bra back on.

From that day on I was able to lick,suck and bite but no further. But it didn’t matter since I was happy. Eventually J met someone else and we split but I will always remember my lesson in licking and have always had a thing for long nipples.