Written by S2

4 May 2018


If you have read Pedro’s account of our time in Jamacia then this is the parts he sort of missed.

We met Ben our private transfer driver who although looked mid twenties might have been older he explained about the white women who visited the Island mostly married alone looking for some big bamboo as he put it & explained about the guys looking for the next influx of milk bottles and explained that was what they called the women wanting the cream from the black cocks that would fuck them Bens words not mine. We drove off towards our hotel about a 2 hour drive , we passed Hedonism 2 and Ben explained that it was for adult on swingers , we stopped a while late at a viewing spot Ben stood between Pedro & I Me to his right Pedro to his left he pointed to his left at a cruise liner heading towards Montego Bay with his left arm I then felt him lightly touch my pussy area with his right hand . The cheeky sod. I wanted the loo so went & decided to take my thong off Ben said I could sit in the front if I wanted to do I declined & sat next to Pedro the conversations turned more sexual as we drove I opened my skirt buttons giving Ben a better view in his mirror of my pussy . Ben then said that if we needed anything he was more than willing to help , during the talking it came up about the does & don’ts at the hotel beach etc. He said that if you were going out be carful as it’s easy to go to the wrong places where black guys take it that whites are just looking to fuck the big bamboo we laughed then, he said if your serious about trying the bamboo most black guys only enjoy bald white pussy meat, he had been looking at my pussy when he said that & I had been waxed to bikini line “& just trimmed my pussy hair ,we said we were only here to visit Bob Marley’s home. & not interested in black guys as happily married although Pedro’s long term fantasy is to watch me being fucked by a black guy with a large thick cock. We booked in showered then went to the pool area . Next morning meet our rep & booked to go to on Marly’s place @ 9mile ,. We were collected the following morning our guide introduced himself as Tiny although about 6’6” tall and very muscular black guy we sat at rhe back of the coach & off went Tiny said as we passed some tourist shops to look at the last one one the right & we’d see the biggest black cock in Jamacia, it was a huge carcpved wooden statue of a black guy with a cock sticking up in the air about 3foot long & very thick the Canadian women started saying good we’d like to have that too ride, they then asked Tiny and the driver how big their cocks we and get them out to prove it and bantering as to who could take the biggest cock etc. A bit later the coach pulled up outside a shack Tiny & the driver both got out & dispeared, they came back with spliffs for everyone Pedro& I declined the offer . We arrived @ 9 Mile Tiny took us to the entrance we went inside a cousin of Bob Marley was strumming a Guitar & singing he sounded just like Bob himself. We finnised the tour got back on the couch & headed back stopping @ a cafe for lunch I queued for the toilet & 2 of the Canadian women said they had stayed on the coach & had been fucked by Tiny & the driver the others said they didn’t believe them 1 put her hand down her shorts pulled out her fingers with thick cum on them to prove she had a pussy full of cum the other the asked about the size of the cocks they said Tiny was very thick & very long that he couldn’t get it all in her cunt he called her all dirty names pulled her hair & when he was ready to cum he really rammed extra hard forcing her to yell as he shot wad after wad of his hot seed into her, this made me so so wet hearing about them fucking, we had lunch I couldn’t stop looking at Tiny’s crutch imagining what his cock looked like I could see the outline in his trousers, They dropped everyone else off before us , we got talking to Tiny about the best bars or clubs to go in the evenings , offered to take us when we wanted to go we made the arrangements for the next evening & he would pick us up at 8 pm , we went in the hotel I asked at the reception for a list of services that the beauty salon done as having been so turned on by what had happened during the trip out I had a feeling I might like to sample some Bamboom& fulfill Pedro’s fantasy, I went the next morning telling Pedro I was getting my nails done he went off to rhe pool, I went to the salon & asked if they could wax my pussy as I wanted it smooth the led me into a room told me to lay on my stomach open my legs they applied the wax strips between my bum cheeks & my pussy lips, then turned over & they applied wax to my pubic bone , the 2 women were talking in local language that I didn’t understand then they looked at my open tight pussy & chukled I think they knew I was wanting a smooth pussy as I looking to take some black cock, the day passed We got ready to meet Tiny I had a dress on that buttoned up the side a tight white thong no bra, off we went had a couple of drinks in a bar then Tinys said we’d move on to another bar that played good reggae music we ordered some drinks & Tiny said would I like to dance with him we started dancing then a slower song came on & we danced close together then he pulled me to him & was pu.lling me tight to him with his hands on my bum I could feel the hardness of that cock rubbing into my pussy it felt massive the song finnised & I knew then that I was going the fucked by Tiny & was wet in anticipation , Tiny said he’d take us to his friends bar which only locals go to so off we go I’m in the front with Tiny he started to slowly run his hand along my thigh I opened my legs to give him better access to my pussy he pushed a finger in my cunt & I came straight away He the finger fucked me till we arrived then he told Pedro to taste my juices on his fingers , we went inside the bar to be greeted by about ten local gus & a couple of women Tiny said something to the bar owner & then he smelt Tinys fingers that had been in my cunt fingering me , then he lifted my dress & showed everyone my smooth pussy & arse cheeks we then went through a door into another room that had a couple of chairs & and a low bed on the floor , Tiny took my dress off & told Pedro to strip naked which he did Tiny then laughed at Pedro’s cock , he then told Pedro to lay on the bed & I was to kneel over him in a 69 type position then he told Pedro to lick & finger my cunt to open me for his black cock Tiny then stripped off. & I gasped at the enormous size of his cock Tiny told me to lick & suck it & then asked me to beg for him to fuck my white married pussy which I did he then started slapping my arse & calling me a black cock whore & slut & tell him what I was & what I wanted him to do to me to stretch my white cunt & fuck me deeper than Pedro’s cock could ever do When he was ready he came behind me put his cock between my thighs & told Pedro to put in my fuck hole thankfully Pedro rubbed this massive cock head up & down between my pussy lips lubricating it before holding at my very wet fuck hole then Tiny started to push into me slowly as he stretched me like never before after a few inches he’d pull back then push back in a bit deeper each time the stop allowing me to adjust to it this went on for what seemed ages filling me deeper & wider than anything I had ever experienced Pedro lay under me watching this monster black cock stretching my cunt with every push , when Tiny was happy that I was ready but still hadn’t got all his cock in me he started to slowly fuck me telling me what a tight cunt I had & how he liked ruining white married pussy & how I would be begging him to fuck me harder as we built a rytham me pushing back as he pushed that cock in me then he started gyrating as he fucked me then he told Pedro to massage his balls as he was near to Cumming as The neare to cumming he rammed harder into me and started to shake & I could feel his cock throbbing & then he erupted like a volcano his hot seed hitting my cervix giving me the biggest orgasum i’d Ever had squirting over his balls when we stopped we collapsed on the bed I was laying there feeling his cock subside I Me , after awhile he pulled out realeasing a river of black seed running between my bum cheeks, when we recovered he said he wanted to fuck me again I said I was to sore & couldn’t do it again tonight, Tiny then said we would be punished foot refusing he refused to let us get dressed & said we had to follow him into the bar naked as he had to show them he had fucked my married white pussy We followed him naked into the bar & he told them that his black baby seed was in my pussy & to prove it they could finger my white cunt , I was then passed from table to table to be fingered by everyone even the 2 women to prove I had a belly full of his black baby seed , they also laughed at Pedro with his little white cock I was told to suck the bar owner off as a thank you for letting me be fucked in his bar,after the owner filled my mouth with his cum , Tiny drove us back to the hotel with his cum still leaking out of my pussy Ashe dropped us off he said I would do anything he asked to be his black cock slut & he would fuck Me anytime he wanted and would whore me out if I became disobedient & refused his orders , he would own my married white cunt while we stayed in Jamacia we had much of the same every night on our last night he fucked me in the bar in front of everyone then after filling me with his hot back seed he told the bar owner to fuck me & I had to either suck or wank any of the others that were in the bar when we got back to the hotel he had ripped the top of my dress so my tits were on total display I had cum in my hair & cum dripping out of my pussy he actually walked us in so the staff could see who had fucked me as we said our goodbyes he grab a titan his mouth & lifted my dress a stuck a finger in my very sore cunt in front of the staff in the reception area , We have booked to go back later this year to another hotel & if Ben is our driver I want him to fuck me in his car , this has changed me into a black cock loving slut &/Pedro got his wish to watch a big black cock stretch my pussy. S