25 Apr 2016

I've recently returned for a holiday in Jamaica. During my stay there, there was some great hotel employees. One in particular was named Johnson. His job was to check the mini bars in hotel rooms and top up when necessary. Johnson was a friendly guy and, I had the impression that he was either a bit 'camp' or gay. The way he spoke, and his mannerism's had me wondering. I'm married but in my past, have had 'basic' experiences with other guys.

One day, when my wife was down by the pool, I went up to our room to have a shower. While in there, I didn't realise that Johnson had knocked on the door, and, getting no answer, let himself in, as was the norm. I came out of the bathroom, bollock naked, to see Johnson checking the mini bar. He turned round, shocked to see me, and apologised for entering the room. I could see that he was trying not to glance at my cock, which was semi hard. I told him not to worry, there wasn't a problem.

Again, he glanced at my, now hard cock, and I took the bull by the horns and asked him if he liked what he saw. He sort of mumbled, and I asked again, to which he said 'yes'. I went over to him and said, 'feel free to touch it', which he did. By now, I was throbbing, and he slowly slid my foreskin back and fore. I went over to the bed, and lay on my back, and said, 'now you've started, you need to finish and make me cum'. He came over and started to wank me slowly. He was wearing black trousers, and I could see a bulge in the front of them. I said to him,' why don't you get your cock out and let me see it. He dropped his trousers and pants, to reveal a very large, thick black cock. Still on the bed, with him standing over me, I grabbed his cock and squeezed it hard. I started to wank him, and he was thrusting his cock into my hand. He got down on the bed with me, and we spent a short time holding each other's cocks and wanking them. Then, he moved his head down to my groin area and started to lick my cock. He put it in his mouth and sucked slowly then faster. I could feel my sap rising and said that I wanted to see him cum first. He stopped sucking me and ly on the bed. I wanked him hard and fast. He was getting really hot, until suddenly, he shot his cum. It went into the air a few inches, landing back on his stomach. He came really thick and fast, and there was loads on him. I straddled across his body and started to wank myself. Finally, I shot my load over his stomach, and our cum mixed in with his. He got up and touched my cock, then put it in his mouth and cleaned it. We wiped the cum off him and got dressed. Johnson said that he enjoyed that, and hoped that I would not tell anyone. I said the same, because my wife knows nothing about my 'other side' Sadly, I did not get chance to do it again with him

, because he either came to our room when my wife was there, or the mini bar was filled when we were out.