Written by jan_n_alan

20 Jun 2014

Well looks like I am going to be a fanny licker mmmm. My guy and I start looking for pussy so I can please my bi curious side. Not difficult and soon have a couple of ladies to chose from. I go for a bigger lady with big tits and who has already been with lady. We meet at hers. We have a crew drinks as need a few to get used to idea. My guy makes sure I drink plenty and then takes me and lady to bedroom. I'm so up for it now and start to undress her and get her tits out. I suck on her nipples hard and she loves it I'm loving it and quickly take my clothes off and writhe on top of her. Nice to feel another woman's body and start to explore with my fingers. I feel her cunt and finger her good and she responds arching her back and breathing hard. Feels good to make her feel like that. She us so wet and my fingers skip in and out. She turns me over and sucks my tits I love it. My guy is wanking hard and so big and moaning. I want to suck and lick her cunt and go down on her. God she tastes good and push my tongue up her hard again she loves it.

As I'm licking her out my guy tells me to put my arse in the air and he fucks my arse while I lick her out. I wonder why I didn't do this before. I come very quickly and so does she and I feel her hot cum wet my mouth and I suck it In. My guy says he wants to fuck her so she starts to kick me out while he fucks her. I come so hard and screaming out for more of her tongue . She licks me hard and I feel her tongue high up in me. We are all coming and cum from us all everywhere.

We go on for ages til we exhausted and fucked. She tells me I am so good for first time with a woman. I watch him fuck her again while I play with myself and she plays with my tits rolling my nipples in her fingers. I come hard again.

That was some night and we gave met another woman since and will a few more I expect.

We fuck others about three or four times a week mostly in the day and we fuck each other turned on so much by whom we have been with. I am his slut and would do anything for him.

Watch this space!!!

We like variety and talk about what we going to do and how I am going to please him. It's a sluts life ha ha!!!