Written by Steve

20 Jun 2007

Reading Joe’s article on here today (20 June 2007) called Photo Shop reminded me of an occasion that helped my wife open herself to flashing and flirting.

We have both been married before, we were in our mid 30s and been living together for only a short while. I had started taking some armature glamour type photo’s with a film camera which always culminated in fantastic sex. I got as daring as possible with the type of photo’s I could take baring in mind I had to have them developed.

I always took the film into a camera shop that developed on site. I knew that they also took portrait photos as well and for Jane’s birthday I paid for her to have an album professionally done by them. This is something the shop only did on Wednesday afternoon when it was closed for half day as the owner was too busy serving customers at other times.

Although nervous she was also very exited about the forthcoming event. One of the things that got Jane even more nervous was a letter of instruction that I had been given by the shop for planning of the actual day. It laid out the usual cost of album and numbers of prints he would take and the time allocated etc but also recommended that for several hours prior to the shoot models should only wear loose fitting clothes and no underwear. This was to guarantee that the skin was not marked by straps or elastic.

I had never known Jane go out without wearing any knickers, so that in itself was a big thing for us. It was June and the only clothing she wore was a little sun dress. Her boobs are firm and her nipples poked right out through the thin cotton and looked fantastic. As I was driving, I couldn’t stop fingering her pussy which she had only just given a really close bikini wax. She was wet.

At the studio the photographer asked me to stay in the small dressing area while he did his stuff, saying my presence may distract Jane or even put her on edge. She would relax more without me watching, and anyway I could help her choose and change into her various outfits she had taken along.

It all started fairly tame, switching from some sexy lace tops with a skirt, then a very low cut evening dress with stockings and stiletto shoes. I could not see anything but I could hear them talking, with him encouraging her to reveal more and I sensed that she had removed her dress and he was taking lingerie shots. My cock had been stiff all morning and now my balls were aching. Giving her cunt a feel every time she returned to me didn’t help.

Jane came to change into something different and the photographer followed her in. That was a very memorable and yet a very strange feeling. Seeing her strut past me in high heals and stockings and a see through bra and panties with this other guy close behind her was fantastic.

He asked me if I had any particular request for her to have any shots wearing anything specific. I just said with a cheeky laugh “well nothing at all or as little as possible really” he said “that’s fine if Jane is happy” But Jane made some don’t be rude comment back to me.

The photographer handed her a silk shawl and suggested she should take that back out with her, and if she felt bold enough to pose topless she could use it to cover herself discreetly so she would not be totally naked and it would still make for some very sensual poses.

As a compromise she went back out wearing a see through lace top, unbuttoned and tied across the front. It covered nothing really and her breasts were clearly visible and I thought it didn’t matter that she was not prepared to pose nude after all. She also wore a tiny mini skirt with no tights or stockings.

Again I listened for clues as to how things were going. “That’s great, a little to the left, yes great, etc etc is all I could make out. And then I heard, “Do you want to take it off?” The camera shutter kept clicking away and I heard makeup mentioned and then I got my first look of her in the studio room. As I said the area where photos were taken was out of view but I could see the desk and a mirror where she first did her makeup. I was shocked to see her walk into my view wearing just her thong. She had removed to top and skirt and wrapped the shawl around her hips. She lent over to the mirror and I watched her tits hang and swing as she put on some lipstick and mascara.

Moments later she was gone and he commented on her makeup and the shutter clicked away again.

I heard him compliment her on her posing and her thank him and as I knew we must have gone well over the limit for number of photographs he was supposed to have taken and the time slot allocated had well run over too.

Jane wandered back to change carrying her top and skirt with a gin from ear to ear as if to say , wasn’t I the daring one!

The photographer popped his head around just as Jane was standing naked, neither of them apologised and she made no attempt to cover up as he spoke. “I have no other clients this afternoon, if you have time and would like to stay and do some more, your welcome, I will only charge for prints you want to put in the album” We looked at each other and he said think about it, he will just be in the shop.

Jane was not sure. What more can he photograph, was one thing she said? I let her know I was all for it. She still had a few things she hadn’t worn as yet so we agread to stay longer. We had a kiss and I got another feel of her cunt and it was really wet. I made a comment and she said, “What do you expect it to be like with all this?” While she was feeling my cock through my trousers I assured her that he was a nice guy and we should trust him to be discreet with any photo’s he took, so why not go for it and let him have free rain on how she should pose? She must have been really turned on because she agread but only up to her limits and not his. She also said she would prefer me to be there.

I went into the shop and told him we would like to stay and that I was happy to let him photo Jane anyway he wanted, even pornographically as long as they were not for anyone else, but he may have to encourage and persuade Jane to do it, but she also wanted me to be there as well though. He smiled and I went back to Jane.

I never imagined what would happen in the next hour but it blew my mind,

More to follow as soon as I can