Written by Jane\'s Hubby

7 Nov 2009

For this to make any sense, you\'ll need to read the three previous posts, all called Jane Gets It In Turkey Again one posted 2 Nov 09, the other Wed 3 Nov 09 and Thurs 5 Nov 09.

So here we were in a nice restaurant because it was our last night on hols and like most people I\'d guess, we were out having a nice meal on our last night.

Jane was wearing her black leather skirt, quite short, black hold up stockings, black sandals and a cream silk blouse. No bra (she never wears a bra) and no panties. Her nipples were visible sometimes through her blouse when the fabric was tight against them, and her lack stocking tops were visible when she was sat down so the waiters were getting very excited most of the evening. And when she walked, the the back of her skirt showed most of her stocking tops, so she was a walking sexbomb, but in a erotic sort of way.

So a few minutes to ten, and after a couple of bottles of really rough wine, I paid the bill and we walked slowly around to the carpet shop.

As soon as we walked in, the owner (I think he was called Hassan?) came over and greeted us like we were old friends. He was serving other customers so he called to one of the guys who\'d groped Jane in the back of the shop earlier that day to take us to the office.

When we were inside, he shut the door and stood behind Jane and cupped her boobs in his hand and squeezed them through her blouse.

Then he rubbed her bum through her leather skirt and murmured approvingly and slipped his hand up the back between the slit in the skirt.

She moved her feet apart a little more so he could get a finger in her. He laughed, You already been fucked tonight? he asked. She shook her head. Very wet. Very wet.

So I offered him a condom and he shook his head. No, he nodded his head in the direction of the door meaning his boss. No, he tell us he fuck you wife first. After he have her, then we can. So he\'d already claimed her as his! He tell me to get her ready for him!

So this guy just continued to finger her. Jane shuffled across to the desk and leaned slightly forward on her hands while he continued to finger fuck her. He looked at me and grinned happily. Now I have two fingers in her! She looked like she was in heaven, he head was moving in time to his fingers. Now I put my thumb in her cunt he laughed. You like? he asked me. I just nodded. Then Jane inhaled sharply. I thought she\'d cum but but it didn\'t seem the same as other times. She was so turned on by this guy\'s fingers it was unreal (the wine probably helped too) and she just continued to breath quickly.

I have thumb in her ass he said to me. She like very much! Well I knew this but she hardly ever lets anyone else in her arse. She told me later that he had his thumb in her bum, the first two fingers in her pussy and his fourth finger tickling her clit while his other hand was squeezing her left nipple. She was definitely high on pleasure! Her pussy was so wet, it had lubed his thumb so it slipped up her so easily that it wasn\'t a problem. Plus, I\'d fucked her bum a few time that holiday and she always put a bit of K-Y up herself before she goes out at night on hols so she\'s ready to take advantage of any unplanned opportunities!

Ten minutes later and the other customers had left and the bossman came into the office to claim his prize. Good, now we start he said to me.

The guy fingering her (his warmup act) took his hand out from under Jane\'s skirt and said something to Hassan in Turkish. It may have been She\'s ready for you or She\'s wetter than Sunday but I think it was more likely I had my thumb up her arse cos he laughed and said You good girl Jane I like you.

He pushed her down onto her knees and took his cock out and pushed it into her mouth.

She started sucking and wanking him and he closed his eyes. Seconds later and she was swallowing and gagging as he unloaded, cum pouring out of her mouth onto her blouse. Very good, Jane. Now I fuck you.

He stood her up, turned her round and hiked up her skirt around her waist and bent her over the desk she she still standing, folded at the hips her legs apart and he face flat against the desktop.

I went to give him a condom but he waved me away and in one swift motion, just went balls deep into her.

That was when she gasped and I think she came within two or three pumps from him cos she was so turned on. Now we don\'t usually allow anyone to fuck her without a condom, but this was too late, he was already up her, so what could I do!

He smiled at me Sit down, enjoy I fuck you wife very good. The warmup act grinned then I do same. Then the door opened and one of the other guys came in with a bunch of keys. I guess he\'d been locking up the shop. Then he do same laughed the warmup act nodding to the new arrival. Then I start again grinned Hassan fucking her so hard she was bumping her head on his desk lamp.

I could tell that Jane was getting close to another of her noisy orgasm then I saw why. He had his thumb up her bum and was thumb fucking it in time to his cock in her pussy.

He pulled his thumb from her arse, spat a dollop of spit straight onto her bum hole, whipped his cock from her pussy and lined up his thick mushroom helmet slick and shiny with her fanny fat against her bum hole and pushed gently.

She didn\'t scream but there was a yelp as it went up her and he kept pushing then out then back in a bit deeper then back out then all the way in. Buy now she was breathing really heavily I think a mix of pain and pleasure but within a few thrusts she was relaxed and getting into the groove. Little whimpers and moans of pleasure told us all how much she was enjoying this. Here she was, a respectable 42 year old English lady, senior executive in a well known company getting fucked in the arse bareback in a carpet shop in a Turkish holiday resort by a stranger whose name she didn\'t even know, with two other guys waiting their turn!

Then Hassan said something to one of the other guys who dropped his trousers and lay on his back on the floor, his hard cock pointing up.

Then Hassan withdrew his cock from Jane\'s arse. You get on. You get on he said to her pointing has his guys cock. So Jane knelt over him and slid him up her. No condom. Cos she was so wet and so used, he just went right up her. The Hassan kneeled behind her and slipped his cock back up her arse and there she was with two thick Turkish cocks right up her. She was in heaven!

The new arrival then decided that he was entitled to a share of the fun too, so he pushed his cock into her mouth. Now she was airtight.

You like? Hassan asked her. She nodded and grunted. He laughed and slapped her arse.

Them the warmup act groaned and came, that triggered Hassan and he filled her arse and the guy in her mouth unloaded at the same time. But the warmup act was still playing with her cunt and clit and she came in one of the loudest orgasms I\'ve ever heard her have.

She had spunk leaking from every orifice, mouth, cunt and arse. There was so much of it we were all laughing at how difficult it was to clean up!

Hassan looked at me and said You fuck you wife now? Later I said and grinned. He nodded then said something in Turkish to his two guys who took some money out of their pockets and gave it to Hassan. I thought they were going to pay Jane for letting them fuck her, put he put in in his pocket. Is that for Jane? I asked him. He looked at me in total surprise and shook his head. No, for me. I let them fuck you wife in my shop. They pay me for rent. Cheeky bugger! He\'d charged them to have sex with Jane!

You ever want to come back on holiday you tell me said Hassan to her. I find place for you to stay no charge. Free holiday, free food and free clothes. Yeah, I thought, he\'ll be whoring her out around town for two weeks! You have many friends I asked him. Your friends pay you to fuck her? He laughed. Oh yes! Oh yes, they pay much money to fuck beautiful lady like Jane. She would be very special. Many Russians like to fuck English women and many Turkish mens like to fuck English women in the arse.

We laughed and said we\'d think about it.

The, Hassan still sitting on the floor cross legged beckoned her over to him, got her to sit on his lap face to face and slipped up her face to face. She was still dressed in her skirt, blouse stockings etc.

Do that thing with you cunt he said. Apparently Jane\'s special trick of squeezing her cunt muscles was the talk of the town. She laughed and did it. Oh! Very good. I sell you for lots of money every day! You want free holiday!

He said something in Turkish to the other two guys and they got on the floor an Janw was passed between the three of them for the few minutes as she squeezed their cocks with her fanny muscles. Hassan came that way one more time, The guy with the keys bent her over the desk and fucked her up the arse and the warmup act had her the same way as soon as he\'d finished, though he did cum up her fanny.

And that was how the holiday\'s fucking finished! Great but all good things must cum to and end.

We all cleaned her up as best as possible. Hassan gave her a small miniature carpet the size of a table mat. Very nice, we have a lamp on it at home but only we know its true significance!

Walking home was fun. She had cum trickling down her legs (no panties don\'t forget) from both her fanny and her bum! And she had splash cum down the front of her blouse. But we got back to the apartment fine no nosy woman to from upstairs this time.

So a good time was had by all. And before you ask, no, she won\'t be taking advantage of Hassan\'s offer of the free holiday.

BTW, we were totally carried away by the events or else we wouldn\'t have let them fuck Jane bareback so it\'ll never happen again.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our exploits while on holiday, Totally true.