Written by Jane & Peter

21 Dec 2012

Well, thanks for all the comments to our post on 17th December. We were pleasantly surprised by the large number who took the time to comment and how positive the messages were. We read them with interest, which is partly why it's taken longer to post Part 2. Someone suggested that I should write the next part of the story, which we thought was a brilliant idea and hope you agree. As Pete had already started, it has involved rewriting, hence the delay. Hopefully you'll enjoy me telling it from my perspective and still enjoy.

At the end of the first part Pete mentioned that I'd been masturbating on our balcony where I could be seen from the apartments opposite. Two men had been watching me from their balcony for about 10 minutes, disappearing when Pete came out. I'm surprised he didn't notice them, but then again he was distracted by me, laid on the lounger, with my legs spread displaying my very wet gaping pussy. Having them watch so avidly and the events the previous evening was intensely exciting and had reinforced the decision I'd made before we'd come away. I knew how eager he was to see me being watched playing with myself, or maybe him fucking me. I suppose I'd partly fulfilled that the first night. Though Pete had tried to hide it and hadn't tried to pressure me I knew that he wanted me to go further and have sex with other men. I was jealous of the woman on the beach at Corralejo and had frequently masturbated imagining I was her with three guys. What he didn't know, in case I changed my mind, was I’d more or less decided to surprise him. I wasn't sure how, but if I got the opportunity and could engineer a situation I planned to at least suck another mans cock and, unless I lost my nerve, fully intended to let a man, (or if I fulfilled my fantasy MEN) fuck me while Pete watched. Anyway on with our story.

By the time we'd been shopping, then back to the apartment it was getting on for 1pm. I showered again then put on a bikini, one of three, I'd secretly bought from Wicked Weasel without telling him. Probably inappropriate for a woman in her fifties, but I wasn't bothered and in any case I'm quite proud of my body. The tiny front just covered my pussy, thong back, narrow sides. The top was no more substantial, two small triangles of material which covered my nipples and little more, my tits swelling out either side. Pete reckoned it was positively indecent. It was, so for the walk to the beach I tied a sarong around my waist, a sheer cover up which did conceal my large tits a bit. A pair of sandals, beach mats, a bag containing water, sun lotion and my vibrator hidden in a towel just in case I needed it, and we were ready.

We strolled from our apartment on to the beach near the RIU Palace Hotel and headed for the sea. After a couple of hundred yards, I took off my top, then after a moment my bikini top too, commenting it wasn't hiding much anyway. We continued walking, I was enjoying the warm sun on my naked tits, as they gently swayed, nipples poking out. I felt more relaxed, beginning to enjoy myself, appreciating the attention my large 38ff tits were getting from men young and old. It was a fair walk, I would guess about 800 yards probably more to the sea at its nearest point, the dunes off to the side, in the distance, people little more than dots. We angled more towards the dunes, still heading for the sea stopping about 50 yards from the waters edge. We'd obviously missed the nude section, where I wanted to go first, looked at the map and turned in the direction the nude beach was marked. We'd obviously taken the longest way to get to it.

We eventually got there, put our things down in a spot back from the sea shore, where it was quieter. I could see a couple of guys watching me as I took off the sarong. I lay for a few minutes, flattered that the youngish guy, laid on his front closest was still eyeing me up. I decided to cool off in the sea and think what to do next. I stolled down and waded in to mid thigh, stooping down splashing water on my body, water running down my tits, dripping from my nipples, which hardened in the cool water. I saw one of the guys was leaving, the younger one still watching me intently still laid on his front. He looked interested so I raised my arms above my head and stretched, my tits rising, showing them off to their best. I walked through the surf, hoping he was watching my bum which, for my age, is still firm and pert. I went about 75 yards before leaving the sea and walking back, slowly passing close to the guy. He was younger than I'd thought, early 20's but I was gratified to see his eyes following me as I approached, head turning as I passed. I knew why, my thong was unlined and I'd tried it in the shower before we came away. Wet, the thin material covering my pussy was completely see-thru, my cunt visible, I think ruder and more sexual then being naked. The pleased look on Pete's face was confirmation as he whispered “You dirty girl. I can see everything”

It was time to get naked. With my back to the guy, I hooked my fingers in the sides of the thong and peeled it off. Deliberately I bent over, parting my legs slightly, flashing my gash, whilst picking up the thong, putting it in the bag, then angling my mat more towards him. I stood facing him, legs slightly parted, poured sun cream on my hand and unhurriedly massaged it on to my tits, paying particular attention to the nipples. Pete put lotion on my shoulders and back, working his way down rubbing it on my buttocks, his hand, slipping into my bum crack, between my legs, briefly touching my pussy, before doing the back of my legs. I sat, applying lotion on my legs, slowly parting my knees when I reached my thighs. I massaged sun cream on my inner thighs, right up until I was rubbing either side of my pussy. My pussy lips parted as I moved my fingers. Juices from my excited cunt oozed out and trickled towards my anus. I moved my hand, briefly rubbing my juices around my bum hole, closing my eyes, enjoying the sensation of being so naughty. Only Pete and particularly the young guy could see what I was doing. I was feeling really horny as I moved my hands back between my legs, lewdly pulling my pink fuck hole wide open.

Inexperienced in behaving like this, my only knowledge what I'd read, I briefly wondered if I was going to far and what to do next. The guy didn't appear to have any objections. I asked Pete to move next to me, to conceal me on the side other people might see. Confident no one other than the guy could observe, I decided I could risk touching myself. Sitting up opening my legs, to fully expose my cunt to the guy, I took the next step towards loosing my sexual inhibitions. I squirted sun cream onto my shaven mound, letting it dribble between my legs, realising it looked as if someone had cum on me. I reached down, smoothing the cream on to my mons, nonchalantly getting closer and closer to my clitoris, spreading my legs as wide as I could. I shivered with excitement as I touched my clit, the little bud hardening under my fingers as I stroked it. I sat rubbing between my legs, using my fingers to open my hole, before letting my fingers slip into my dripping pussy. Pressing the palm of my hand against my increasingly aroused clit, I glanced at the guy, pleased to see him watching, wishing he'd roll over so I could see his cock. I couldn't believe the buzz I was getting masturbating with him watching. I fingered myself for what seemed ages but only three or four minutes in reality. I realised if I continued I wouldn't be able to stop until I'd cum. I reluctantly stopped, very aroused, really wanting to finish what I'd started or even better get fucked but the beach wasn't the place. I lay back, resting on my elbows, with my knees up, opening and closing my legs, giving the guy glimpses of my wet gaping hole, wondering what I should do. Pete was on his side still in his shorts hiding his erection, not the only one stiff I hoped, noticing the guy had turned over, sat up and covered his prick with a towel. I could hardly believe how brazen I'd become, or how close I'd got to masturbating to orgasm watched by a complete stranger on a public beach. Pete was equally excited, delighted by my sexy behaviour.

After about 15 minutes the guy got up and strolled towards us. Through my sunglasses I could see him looking at me, but even better I got a look him. I smiled at him, admiring his thick, now flaccid cock, about 6 inches long swaying as he walked. His body, including his cock was completely hairless, which I thought looked very sexy. As he got closer I parted my legs more, giving him a better view. The guy passed about 10 feet away. He continued for about 50 yards then turned. I had no experience of what to do, only the stories I'd read on SH and some articles on another site, to guide me.

A quick look around, nobody paying me particular attention. I spread my legs wider, cunt fully on display again, giving him what I thought was a blatant invitation, hoping that he'd realise and approach us. He started walking slowly back. I suddenly felt very exposed. It was as much as I could do not to clamp my knees together, feeling very nervous, in case he stopped, at the same time excitedly hoping he would. I grabbed Pete's hand, he sensed I was unsure what to do “Touch your clit” he whispered urgently. I did as he suggested, my finger tips just touching my clitoral hood, hand shaking with nerves, moving almost imperceptibly. The touch of my fingers and the sight of his cock as he came closer calmed me and I relaxed again. He was staring at my cunt. I knew I was behaving like a Slut but was passed caring, lusting after his cock, wanting him to take me. Willing him to stop and speak to me I rubbed my clit a bit faster. He almost stopped, my heart thumped in my chest but he passed slowly not stopping, just had a good look and carried on back to his towel.

I was disappointed, perhaps he didn't like what he'd seen, maybe I'd been to OTT. Having said that he was still glancing over. Pete suggested that he'd understood and was waiting for us to make the first move and go into the dunes, after all we couldn't do anything where we were, which made sense. I knelt and took a bottle from the beach bag, drank some water then reached in the bag again and took out the rough plan of the beach. It was late afternoon as we lay trying to get our bearings, work out from the none to accurate plan, which area was which, until I finally said “Come on, nothings going to happen if we stay here” I was feeling much more confident, not to say randy as we collected our things. I tied the sarong back around my waist, twisting it so the gap was at the front exposing my pussy. As we passed the guy I smiled and said loud enough for him to hear, about going to the dunes, hoping he'd understand. He had a fit tanned body, a lovely tight bum, muscular legs a good sized cock which more than anything I wanted to feel inside me.

I glanced back a couple of times and said I thought he was following about 100 yards behind. I had another look at the sketch map. It wasn't to scale but was a little clearer from here and we were fairly sure we had an idea which was the gay area and which was used by swingers and couples. We'd noticed some couples leave, heading to the dunes but not towards where we thought we needed to go. We climbed to the top of a dune and could see the area where the dunes eventually gave way to a large area of scrubland interspersed with palm trees and low shrubs. I was certain that’s were we needed to go We could make out a few people, some individuals, some standing in a couple of small groups near shrubs, but to far away to see what they were doing. A woman who looked in her 40's passed about 50 yards away with her arms around two men, one about her age, the other much younger. That looked promising, particularly as they were both groping her bum, so we discretely followed them.

We lost sight of them and thought they'd veered off. We saw a few people laid sunbathing, a man standing with his back to us talking to a sitting couple. The man sitting appeared to be casually fingering the woman, but from our distance and with the view partially obscured by shrubs it was hard to be sure, but it looked like we had reached where we were looking for. We hadn't seen the young guy from on the beach for a while but caught sight of the ones we'd been following. They'd stopped, talking to a couple of men, then disappeared into a clump of bushes and shrubs. The two guys stood on the edge of the clump looking in. There was still no sign of the lad I'd been hoping would fuck me. I was fairly confident he'd followed so hopeful he'd find us. If not we'd still get to see or do something we decided.

We were unsure what to do next, didn't know if it was acceptable to just go over and watch. We passed slowly trying to see what was happening. We couldn't see anything, carrying on to the next patch of shrubs only about 25 yards away and laying out our mats where we could at least see what the two guys were doing. They were aware of us and kept glancing over. There was obviously something happening and we could see that they one had an erection. Pete had taken his shorts off, his cock erect, I wanked him, imagining what was happening yards away. After about 10 minutes, I was getting frustrated and stood up “This is ridiculous. Lets go and have a look. The worst will be for them to tell us to go away” I told Pete, trying to sound confident. Hesitantly Pete got up and we moved closer. One of the men saw us and waved us nearer, and we nervously approached until we could see what was happening.

We've watched porn films, but seeing real, ordinary people having sex was much hornier and exciting. The woman was kneeling, the young lad fucking her from behind while she sucked the older mans cock. I gasped, both shocked and excited, being so close to a woman enjoying sex with two men. The sight of three people fucking was incredibly horny. I couldn't help myself, and touched my pussy. I felt Pete put his arm around my waist, his fingers stroking my side then cup my breast, fingers teasing the erect nipple. Closer I could see the woman was older than I'd thought, probably my age, quite plump. I know this will sound conceited, but I have a much better body and I think looked more attractive than her, yet she was the one being fucked by a young guy. I was envious of her, as the man she was sucking came and she swallowed his spunk. I felt Pete pull the tie on my sarong loose and it fall to the ground. Pete lowered his head took, my other nipple between his lips sucking on it. He moved his hand hand from my tit, stroking down over my navel to my smooth mound. I responded by opening my legs wider, imagining it was the young guy from the beach, as his fingers stroked my clitoris. He sucked harder on my nipple. I moved his hand from my pussy, replaced it with mine, slipped a couple of fingers in to my lusciously wet cunt, openly masturbating.

They woman said something, the guy withdrew from her sloppy hole and laid on a towel. She crouched over him, facing towards us, gripped his cock and lowered herself slowly impaling herself on his young shaft. I felt my knees give, as they began fucking again, forcing my fingers harder into my cunt. One of the guys watching stepped towards them, offered her his cock, she took it between her lips, sucking greedily. Pete stopped sucking my nipple, whispered in my ear that my young admirer had arrived. I turned to look, he was only a couple of yards away, stroking his prick which had grown to an impressively hard, thick 7 inches or so. An incredible feeling of desire swept through me. I wanted him. I stopped masturbating, smiled at him. He smiled back, continuing to slowly stoke his manhood. I couldn't stop myself and moved towards him, so sexually charged the only thing I could think of was his cock. I reached for him, he moved his hand away and I wrapped my fingers around his girth. Pete was standing watching me, cock in hand. “I want him to fuck me” I said breathlessly, any lingering doubts or reservations about having sex with a stranger, in public, banished from my mind. He nodded his agreement, looking as if he'd just won the lottery.

Holding the young guys cock I led him to our clump of shrubs. I just didn't want to let go of his beautiful cock. Almost in a dream I moved down his body, licked and sucked his nipples, Bending, I ran my tongue down over his stomach to his shaved pubis. I hardly noticed that two older men had appeared from somewhere, watching through gaps in the shrubs screening us. His cock pressed against the side of my face as I licked around the base of his shaft. I crouched in front of him, gripping his pole, slowly wanking him while I licked, kissed then sucked his balls. Pete stood to one side watching, his prick rock hard. A shadow fell across me, one of the older men, wanking with one hand, coming closer. He said something in German, pointing. I didn't understand what he said but guessed he was indicating that he was asking if he could touch my tits and pussy. I just nodded agreement.

He knelt beside me, putting his hand on my leg stroking my thigh, closer and closer to my pussy. I spread my legs wider for him, letting him slid his fingers into my sodden cunt. I returned my attention to the young guys cock, pressing it flat against his stomach, licking the length of the underside of his shaft from balls to tip. I looked up into his eyes, pleased by the look of pleasure on his face as I ran my tongue around his knob then licked the tip, tasting the salty clear liquid seeping out. I opened my mouth took his cock between my lips, taking him in my mouth and slowly began to suck him. The older guy had all his fingers in my pussy, I began to rock on his hand, his thumb rubbing my clitoris. I took as much cock in my mouth as I could, bobbing my head sucking and licking it. He began moving his hips in time, fucking my mouth. I don't have a problem swallowing spunk but didn't want him to cum in my mouth. I wanted him in my pussy fucking me. I squeezed the base of his prick between finger and thumb, stopped sucking and stood, still holding his cock.

The German was still next to me as I got the young guy to lay down and straddled him. I reached for his erection, crouched lower until I felt it touch my pussy. I rubbed it back and fore along my slit, coating it with my sex honey. I shivered with the anticipation of taking him, finally fulfilling what had only been a fantasy. I guided the tip into my cunt, felt him raise his bum, pushing his cock deeper into my fuck hole. I moved up a bit, reached for my clit, teasing it, then slowly sank down. I savoured every moment as his fantastically thick cock, stretched my cunt, filling my hole wonderfully, until he'd fully penetrated me. My smooth pussy against his hairless body felt amazing.

I sat impaled on his shaft, rubbing my clit against him, just using my cunt muscles on his cock. He reached for my tits, pinching my nipples which I like. I began to ride him, his fat cock sliding easily in and out of my slippery cunt. He lifted his head, and pulled me down and began sucking my nipples. His cock slipped from my pussy. I frantically reached between my legs, grabbed it and guided back inside me. He began to fuck me, pushing his cock in, then slowly pulling it out. Slowly and steadily my arousal mounted. He started fucking me faster, ramming me harder with each thrust. I could feel that lovely warm glow building, centred on my cunt and clitoris, spreading out over my tummy, to my tits and tingling nipples. My orgasm built rapidly, I felt flushed, knew my body and particularly my tits would be glowing pink. I began to push back to meet each thrust of his cock, my breath coming in gasps as he drove his prick into me harder. I could feel his cock almost throbbing, then pulse as he jerked ejaculating inside me. I climaxed moments later, crying out loudly that I was cumming. He was still erect, carried on fucking me, he shot three or four more loads of spunk deep into my grateful cunt, as my orgasm came in wave after wave. I felt as if I'd cum two or three times by the time he finished and his cock slipped from my spunk drenched pussy. I sat up on top of him, his cock under me and asked his name, “Juan” he told me, so at least I knew the name of the guy who'd just fucked me.

I suppose I could have stopped then, but the German and the other man both had erections and were looking hopeful. I looked over to to Pete, “Can I?” I asked, certain he wouldn't say no. He grinned and said I could have as many as I wanted. I turned to the first one “Come on then if you want to fuck me” No problem with him understanding as I climbed off Juan and knelt on the mat offering my cunt. He opened his bum bag and took out a condom, rolled it on to his cock, got down behind me and entered my spunk soaked hole. He took his time, making sure I climaxed again before he came and pulled out . The other man was ready, also wearing a condom, and immediately knelt, slid his cock in to my pussy and also fucked me from behind.

Two men with women had stopped to watch along with the couple of other older guys looking over the shrubs, stroking their pricks. I might have let them take me too, but they were rather fat, I didn't fancy them and felt it was time to call a halt. They got the message that I'd finished and began to leave, except for Juan who spoke some English. He sat and watched as Pete got his turn to fuck me. Pete managed to last a few minutes, but came quite quickly, the sight of seeing me fucked and the amazing sensation of fucking me with another man spunk leaking from my pussy, to much for him was his excuse. We arranged to meet Juan the next day, with the promise he'd bring some friends to fuck me.

That night we ate out, resisted the temptation to stop at the park on the way back, sitting out on the balcony, drinking beers, discussing the day. One thing I realised was that whilst I prefer bareback, I'd been irresponsible having unprotected sex. Partly because we never used them, partly not thinking things through or may not believing I would really do it, it hadn't occurred to me to buy some. First thing the next morning as part of our shopping we bought two dozen condoms, plenty to get through the fortnight we thought. Juan, his friends and numerous others proved that estimate wrong. I'd used them all within 4 days and bought five dozen more, getting through a whole pack one night at a party we went to and most of the rest by our last day. I just couldn't get enough cock after the day at the dunes and willingly spread my legs for just about any guy who wanted to fuck me.

Every time I think about the dunes at Maspalomas, the memories come flooding back as I mentally relive being fucked there. I got so excited helping write Part one and writing this, remembering what I did, that I've lost count of how many times I had to stop and masturbate, recalling little details which I kept adding. I realise this is a bit long and apologise if it has ended up with to much unnecessary or boring detail. Hopefully some of you will enjoy it. I would be interested in your thoughts, not only about what I got up to, but also on the style of writing. Should I heavily edit and shorten future stories, or continue in this style? That of course is if any of you are interested in hearing more about this Sluts exploits.

My Christmas present from Pete is a pack of 144 condoms and week in the Canaries after Christmas, for sun, sex, sex, sex and more sex, to use as many of the condoms as possible. If you want I will try and post again in the New Year.

Happy Christmas all.

Jane xxx