Written by warrener

21 Sep 2009

As I have recounted before, my wife Jane, is a very reserved lady when it comes to discussing sex. But when in the mood she can perform extraordinarily. This could cause a problem with communication but we have found a satisfactory way to overcome this.

Over time I have found what Jane’s tastes are and I have also discovered that she enjoys being a sub. If I were to suggest something naughty to her I would get nowhere, but, I have found that if I wait until she is in a receptive mood and then leave her a letter, detailing what I require of her then she will comply.

This has led to several exciting evenings of pleasure for both of us.

I will tell you of one such evening which took place last winter.

One reoccurring fantasy which we both enjoy is for Jane to be “entertained” by another man and it is around this that the evening was planned. All the usual bedtime scenario’s had been used before and I wanted something that would really make her tingle.

It would be a real initiation to her as she would be required to go out in public wearing only her sexy underwear beneath her coat. We would go to a pub, where she would point out a man who she would like to “entertain” her, I would arrange for him to follow us in his car. Once we were in our car Jane would put on her blindfold and I would drive to a well hidden lay-by . Jane would be left alone in the car with instructions that she was to keep the blindfold on until she returned home and to wait for her visitor.

I waited for a couple of weeks until I thought that she was in the mood to play and then left her the instructions.

I wasn’t sure that she would go through with this as it was far beyond anything we had done in the past. Nothing was said and I knew that she had read her instructions. About 7pm she said that she had to get ready to go out, I was astonished at her attitude, so matter of fact.

I waited downstairs and after what felt like an age she joined me.

She was wearing her long black coat and high heels and a look of apprehension on her face. Slowly she unbuttoned her coat to reveal her lacy black bra, pants and suspender belt with black seamed stockings, she looked stunning.

I have to admit that at this stage I was feeling uneasy about the evening to come and did give her the option of backing out but she was adamant that she wished to go ahead with it.

We got into the car, the night was dark and very cold, Jane was very quiet during the journey. I drove to a small town some distance away, where there was little chance of meeting anyone we knew. Once we had parked the car we walked along the main street and passed the first pub, which was packed, I thought it only fart to let Jane choose the pub we went to and she declined the first one . Further down the road was a Bistro type bar which looked a lot quieter and Jane chose that one.

Up to this point I still didn’t think she would go ahead but she crossed the road and I held the door open for her. It was quiet in there and everyone turned as we entered. I was sure that they all knew what was going on. There were a couple of women and several guys present. As the bar was quiet the lights were only on in one half and the other was usable but subdued lighting. Jane sat at a table in the quiet end and I went to the bar to get us a drink, Jane had Brandy, understandable in the circumstances.

Returning to our table I sat next to Jane and could see that she had chosen a table which gave us a good view of the occupants. We chatted for a while about nothing as both our minds were on other things, presently I asked Jane if she could see anyone she fancied. After pause she said that she was quite turned on by a young blond haired guy who was with a couple of mates. I found that Jane’s revelation though part of the plan was quite a shock and at the same time very much a turn on.

Presently the young man went to the toilets and to do so had to pass our table, as he passed he smiled at Jane. I got up from the table and followed.

On returning I told Jane that he was game but to prove that it was serious he wanted to see her lace panties, she was to go to the ladies and remove them. Hesitantly she made her way to the ladies and on returning passed the required item to me under the table. I slipped them into my pocket and we continued to talk about nothing in particular. Eventually the young guy returned to the toilets and I again followed, I was getting a little concerned that he might think it was me who fancied him. I slipped my hand beneath her coat and soon found that she was excited by the situation. I now had to wait until he was ready to leave and when he showed signs of doing so we made our way to the door.

On arriving at the car Jane put on her blindfold and settled back. Nothing was said. As we drove through the lanes I reached across and unbuttoned her coat. Lightly brushing my hand across her breasts I found her nipples were hard and erect. Placing my hand on her stocking clad leg I explored until I found her suspender and following this to its goal she eagerly opened her legs to allow access to her honey pot which was truly moist and ready. The lady was truly willing.

On reaching the appointed spot I turned off the lights and the engine. Outside it was totally black, without saying anything I opened the door and left Jane to her fate.

After about 10min a figure approached the passenger door and opened it. Jane sat with her head back, still wearing her blindfold, coat unbuttoned, everything on display. He eased her coat open more, his hands slowly brushed over her exposed body and she shuddered but didn’t protest. Soon her coat was eased over her shoulders and off her arms. She waited for what was to come, he began to tease her breasts and her nipples ached for relief, she couldn’t ask as she was ordered to silence. He slipped her bra straps from her shoulders and allowed her breasts freedom. She pushed them forward in hopes of more satisfaction but he was in no hurry to put her out of he misery. Eventually he turned his attention to her legs and lightly traced the outline of her stockings. Her legs were wide open in anticipation, softly he brushed her lips and she shuddered, now she was craving for satisfaction, but again she had to wait.

Unzipping his trousers he presented her with his cock which was quite impressive, eagerly she took it in her lips and some of her pent up excitement was spent on his erect member. Her mouth was used to its full potential and experience, soon he had to withdraw or come and he wasn’t ready yet.

Turning her over he soon had her on her hands and knees across the seats. Her pussy was backing towards him in eager anticipation.

On the dashboard he could see a Rabbit, a rampant Rabbit. Soon she was enthusiastically accommodating it. On and on it went until she was almost spent. Timing it to perfection his cock replaced the rabbit and she gasped as he took up the rhythm. Her climax soon reached a shattering conclusion, squealing she squeezed her legs together tightly and collapsed in a heap across the seats, withdrawing he left her in peace and closed the passenger door.

Presently I returned to the car where I found Jane somewhat recovered with a smile on her face. Soon we had her wrapped in her warm coat and I gave her a kiss. Still wearing her blindfold we returned home.

Taking off just her coat she climbed into bed where she recounted her experience while I treated her to a very sound fucking .