Written by wicksie1v

8 Feb 2009

One day in the shop I decided to do the electrics for the new computer. It required an extra socket, and the cable had to have a hole drilled through the wall. On the other side was Janet at her desk. Janet was a slightly plump brunette with a gorgeous face and wicked sense of humour and we often flirted and I really fancied her. She, on the other hand, was in a serious relationship, so I never pursued her. On this day she was wearing a knee length skirt and jumper, not too sexy but great legs.

I warned her of the impending noise and proceeded. I moved her desk away from the wall on the left, enough for me to get behind it to ensure there wasn't anything I could damage as the drill came through and as I was about to clamber back out she parted her thighs. Now, I didn't know if it was diliberate but I was hypnotized, and her left leg was sort of opening and closing. I gently put my right hand on it and pulled her leg further to her left. Her panties were a creamy silk and small. I slid my hand slowly along the inside of her thigh towards her pussy, as I got to about an inch of her pussy she closed her thighs and got up and went out of the room. Damn, I thought, too much too soon! so I went out onto the other side and set up the drill and started. It didn't take long to get through the brick and I then sorted the cable, pushing it through. Janet was back at her desk and I avoided eye contact and started securing the pattress for the socket. Once fixed I got up and collected the wire strippers and socket face plate and dustpan and brush and climbed under again, again the movement of her thighs attracted my attention and I almost gasped out loud as I realised she had taken off her panties. My cock was so hard in seconds and I wanted her. I thought I would try and tease her so I very gently stroked the inside of her thighs only going to about two inches near her pussy, it worked, as my hand got closer she started moving her pussy towards me, this just made my cock throb more and it got so her bum was almost off the chair, having slid down it. I could see most of her buttocks now and I climbed further under the desk and eased her thighs wider, breathing on her pussy. just blowing on it, she kept pushing it forward and I suddenly licked her from arse to her clit, and then as she groaned I sucked the lump that was her clit into my mouth. She tasted wonderful and was shaking, her legs especially as I slid my right forefinger inside her. More wonderful moans and heavy breathing followed as we built up a rythmn and she came. I withdrew my finger and slid my hand up her top, and as I got to grips with her nipples she reached her hands down and pulled my mouth against her pussy again, this time my tongue was slipping in and out, trying to fuck her with it. Janet was going for a second orgasm now and she was getting quite violent, my hair was being pulled hard so I slipped my tongue onto her clit and slid two then three fingers right up inside her. Ahhh! you fucker! she said, this time as I was sliding them up against her cervix and going deeper and faster she actually squirted, she was a bit embarassed, trying to apologise, but I said 'yummy, keep cumming jan' and she let go and gushed, moaning all the time.......I couldn't keep up with the nectar cumming out her but tried. She went limp. I withdrew and clambered out and stood behind her. I leaned over and kissed her and squeezed her breasts. She said, I'm so spaced, thank you I needed that and reached back and squeezed my cock, Mmm, you need some attention too' I do I said but it'll have to be another time as this needs to get done as I am off this afternoon. Anywhere nice? she asked, just a client I replied. So we both got on with things and kissed and groped occasionally. She certainly tried to get my cock out several times to 'pay me back' I guess but I wanted to wait for a better window of opportuity. I left her around one PM and about four she texted me sayig she wanted to suck me and that she had been playing with herself. I asked her if she was playig now and she said I will be if you don't meet my behind the tile shop after work. Being winter and really dark by then I said okay see you there.

I was a little late due to traffic so when I got there and she climbed into my car she went straight for me, clambering onto my lap. kissing and tonguing me as if there was no tomorrow. As I squeezed her nipple she started to undo my flies and then, as she got my hard cock out she slid backwards tryig to get into the well space. 'Lets get the seats down' I said and we levelled them both, luckily in this car it is almost a double bed with no gear stick or handbrake to worry about. She started sucking and all the time she had a hand in her panties. I said let me lick you too! she just turned and I gripped her panties and ripped them off, she squealed and ground her pussy against my face! wonderful and so wet! As she sucked me I sucked her and I licked her arse too which she definately moaned more when I did that. Suddenly she said I need you in me' and turned, she bent my cock and held the tip against her pussy, then she pushed hard and groaned, 'fuck, I haven't had a cock this big and hard for ages' and rode me for all she was worth. It wasn't long before she gushed and I just pulled her onto me as deep as I could, thrusting up into her hard but she had gone all limp and spaced so I lifted her off and laid her on her stomach and then proceeded to lick her all over and caress her. As she started responding again I lifted her butt up and slid my cock between her legs, sliding along her slit, she put her hand under it and pressed it into her. I went in all the way and we bothed groaned. As our rythmn increased so did our panting and I could feel my orgasm building, it was wonderful, 'not inside' she panted, 'am not on pill' I eased out and pushed against her arsehole, she stiffened as I pushed, slowly I slid in and halfway in she pushed back and I came! it was wonderful and we repeated this many times over the next few months with her really liking anal and phone sex too. we spent hours on the phone even though we only lived a few miles apart. sometimes her other half was in the house whilst we did this and it was even more exciting when I was in the car outside her house. she did sometimes sneak out.