Written by Charlie

15 Mar 2018

A couple of weeks ago my wife Janet fucked another bloke not knowing I was watching her. Janet is 52, 5’7”, size 38DD bust and has great shapely legs. She confessed to me and I told her I had been watching her get fucked in the car park from my car. We had great sex that night and decided that we would invite Dave the bloke who fucked her round for dinner and have a threesome.

We invited Dave last Saturday and I think he knew what was going to happen. Janet did tell me she enjoyed his erect prick in her as it was nine inches compared to my seven. During the day on Saturday Janet tried on lots of her sexy outfits. She shaved her pussy twice to ensure it was ultra smooth and hairless right round to her arse. She dressed eventually in a black push up bra (two sizes small) so her breast were pushed up and wobbled as she walked. Then black suspender belt, sexy black stockings and a silk string thong. She put on a sexy low cut mini black dress with a zip down the front. She told me to wear a shirt and trousers with no underwear as she had told Dave.

Janet had a couple of drinks and at 7pm he arrived. We introduced ourselves. It felt strange talking to a bloke you had seen fuck your wife and you knew he was going to again. We went into the kitchen and I poured out drinks. We stood for a while talking and had a couple of drinks. Janet eased the zip down on her dress. She got in between Dave and myself. We both started to massage a breast each. Janet then unbuttoned Dave’s shirt and then stood in front of him and kissed his chest. I stood behind her and run my hands up her legs past her stocking tops and squeezed her naked arse. Janet stepped back and let her dress fall to the ground. She took hold of Dave’s hand and they walked into our lounge which had low lighting and background music playing. Janet pushed Dave on to the settee. She stood in front of him swaying to the music. I sat on an armchair opposite and watched. Janet then removed her bra and played with her nipples. She then bent down in front of Dave and unzipped his trousers and released his semi erect prick. She placed her hands either side of his legs and took his prick into her mouth and sucked and licked it to its full nine inch erection. I got up and went over and slid her thong down her legs and she kicked it away. I fingered her wet warm pussy from behind as she sucked away a at Dave’s prick. I removed my shirt and trousers and slid my erect prick into her cunt and slowly fucked her. Janet released Dave’s prick from her mouth and stood up. I pulled out of her. She pulled Dave up and helped him remove his shirt and trousers. She got on her knees and took hold of his prick and licked his shaft from his swollen bell end down to his balls. She took his balls into her mouth and then licked up his shaft paying attention to his swollen bell end as she massaged his balls. His prick was rock solid and quite impressive. Janet stood up and the two were running their hands over each other’s body. Dave was paying attention to Janet’s big tits and swollen nipples. I sat back down and watched the show.

Janet then told Dave to lay on the floor. He lay there with his prick sticking straight up in the air. Janet then stood over him and lowered herself on to his prick. She slowly eased his prick into her pussy and then moved herself up and down on him. I watched as she took all nine inches into her cunt. She speed up and was moaning as she went up and down on him. She then had an orgasm. She then got off him and lay on the floor on her back. Dave then got between her legs and eased his prick once more into her pussy and started to fuck her. Janet then wrapped her legs around Dave to allow him to go deeper into her. Janet was moaning and shouting out “Fuck me harder. Dave I love your big prick up me. Harder, harder, fuck my cunt hard big boy” I got up and knelt beside her head and she took me into her mouth and sucked me as I played with her tits. After about five minutes of her being fucked Dave suggested she get on all fours. Janet obliged and Dave entered her doggy style. I stood and watched as he slid his large prick in and out of her pussy. I then moved to her head and she took my prick into her mouth. Janet’s first spit roast. I could not hold back and came in her mouth. I withdrew and she swallowed my cum. She then told Dave to fuck her harder and cum up her. He obliged and sped up his fucking, ramming his prick into her up to his balls. She shouted she was coming as Dave erupted inside her. Afterwards she told me she felt his big prick throb and swell inside her as he came in several spurts. Dave withdrew and we all lay on the floor for a few minutes. Janet then told us to come up stairs and shower. We have a large walk in shower so the three of us got in. Dave and I spent time soaping Janet’s body paying attention to her breasts and pussy making sure all Dave’s spunk was washed out. She came again in the shower a Dave played and fingered her pussy. We dried off and went into our bedroom. Dave stayed the night. During the night I awoke and watched Dave fuck Janet again. In the morning we all remained naked and had breakfast playing with Janet’s body at every opportunity. Janet gave Dave a goodbye blow job. We are arranging another session with Dave and his brother who he says has a big prick like him. Janet can’t wait to have three men playing with her.