Written by mar2syl

12 Jan 2010

Following on from my previous letter ‘Jayne’s Confession’ things started to settle down a bit and, eventually, her nights out had become less frequent and her exploits had pretty much stopped. On top of that I think our own relationship had become a little boring and predictable. Sex was becoming a rare event in our relationship again. Although, this time, we were only having sex maybe once every couple of months. It was getting to the point where we either settled down to a sexless existence, or something drastic had to happen. So, one evening while my daughter was away with friends, having another sleepover, I was sitting watching TV with Jayne, and decided, now would be a good time to raise the subject of our sex life, or, more importantly, the lack of it. I asked her if she was satisfied with our sex life and if not would she be interested in trying to spice things up a little. “Well, to be honest” she said, “I haven’t really thought that much about it, I just assumed it was a thing of the past, I suppose there is some room for improvement” and then added, “what do you have in mind”. “Oh, I don’t know, perhaps we could experiment a little” I thought for a moment and then continued, “Maybe we could try different positions, or even different locations, like outdoors for instance” my mind was racing and I thought I’d chance my arm a little. “You could even indulge my kinky side again, you know how much I like to see you flirt with other men, maybe we could go out on the weekend and have a bit of fun”. She frowned at me a little and said, “What kind of fun”. I shifted a little in my seat and replied, nervously, “Well I thought that maybe you could wear something really sexy and, perhaps a little revealing. See what reaction you get from the men you flirt with”. Jayne just raised her eyebrows and said, “I know your game. You want to get off watching men touch me up don’t you?” I couldn’t deny it and replied “Well, it would be quite a turn on for me, to watch you flirt with other men, and I was hoping it would be a big turn on for you, knowing what effect you would be having on them” I also added that “obviously you would have to wear something sexy and revealing, to make it more exciting for them, and for us of course”. She went quiet for a while and I felt that, perhaps, I’d gone a bit too far and upset her, or maybe even annoyed her, so no more was said on the subject until later, in bed, when she snuggled up to me, started to gently play with my cock and said “How much would you expect me to reveal, if we did go to a out on the weekend?” I was a little surprised at her question and replied “Just enough to make it interesting, but not enough to be too revealing, I don’t want to get you arrested” she hugged me and said, “Mmmm! I suppose it could be fun, OK, I’m up for it if you are”. I was speechless at first, but quickly hugged her back and said, “OK! You’re on! We’ll make it this Saturday night?” She thought about it for a moment and then said, “The trouble is, I don’t think I’ve got anything suitable to wear, I’ll have to go shopping for a something tomorrow”. And so it was agreed, Saturday night was going to be a fun night, hopefully. That night we had the best sex we’d had in ages.

The following morning came and went with no mention of the previous nights discussion. I left for work at the usual time, wondering if she meant what she said last night. Throughout the day I kept thinking of the possibility of having some fun on Saturday night and wondering if we would be going out and, if so, how far would she go with the flirting. I had mixed feelings of extreme arousal and sheer panic, what if some of the men went a bit too far, what if they expected more than she was prepared to give, could it get out of control. If it all went wrong it could backfire badly on me, the point of the whole thing was for the both of us to have fun and enjoy whatever experience comes our way. I cleared my head and decided, I won’t let it go wrong, if I feel she is frightened or unhappy with anything I will step in, immediately, and put a stop to it. After all I want her to feel safe when I’m around and I want her to know that, if she did have any trouble, her night in shining armour would come to her rescue and save the day. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became.

I arrived home from work that evening, at the usual time. Jayne was busy in the kitchen cooking a meal for us. I kissed her and said, “Hello sweetheart, how’s your day been?” She smiled at me and replied, “Good thanks, how about you?” “No comment” I answered. She smiled again and began to dish out the food. All the while she seemed a little on edge, as if she had something to tell me and was waiting for an opportune moment. Over dinner we exchanged the usual small talk until she finally took a deep breath and said, “I did go shopping today by the way and I’ve bought, what I think is, a very sexy dress”. She looked a little flustered and then added, “I’m not sure if you will be happy for me to wear it in public”. I was intrigued and replied, “You’ll have to try it on later for me to see”. We finished our food and I cleaned up the dishes while Jayne went upstairs to try on the dress. Just as I wiped the last of the dishes she appeared in the doorway wearing a very short white sleeveless dress that was low cut and had a zip down the front. The dress was so tight fitting, you could see her bra a panty lines. The top half of the dress seemed to push her 36DD tits up and out, So much so that a fair amount of her bra was showing. She looked at me and said, “I don’t think I can wear a bra with this dress, it looks silly, I’ll have to take it off and see how it looks”. She went back upstairs and then returned a few minutes later, minus her bra. I could not believe how much of her tits were on display and, when she lowered the zip a little, you could also see underneath them. If it hadn’t been so sexy it would’ve been obscene. I looked at her with feelings of pride and fear, “Oh my god” I said, “You look incredibly sexy”. “Would you be happy with me wearing this out in public?” she asked”, “Fuck yeah!” I replied, Even though it was a bit more revealing than I had imagined, “I would love to see you wearing that out, fucking hell you’re going to turn some heads” I looked her up and down again and said, “Jesus Christ! Sweetheart! You look absolutely stunning”.

Saturday came and all afternoon I was feeling apprehensive, will she really wear the dress or will she suddenly realise how revealing it is and chicken out? Could I possibly get jealous of the attention she will, undoubtedly, receive if she does? How will she handle things, if they get out of hand? Lots of questions and concerns were going through my mind. The strange thing was, if I was feeling apprehensive about the coming weekends adventure, Jayne was totally calm about it all, and more relaxed than she had been in years, I was seeing a new side to her, she seemed to gain confidence from the whole thing. Finally the evening arrived and we both got dressed for our night out, I was ready first, as usual, and decided to have a quick drink to calm my nerves. Half hour or so later Jayne came down the stairs looking like a million dollars. She had applied her make up to perfection, her hair cascaded over her shoulders and she looked like the most beautiful woman in the world, and I think she knew it. Although, there was something that immediately caught my attention. She had lowered her zip a little more than before and it was now obvious to all that she was not wearing a bra, you could see the full curve of her tits, she looked amazing. Her sexy, tanned legs were also on full display; the dress looked even shorter than it did when she first wore it. She looked incredibly horny. I warned her that she had better be careful when she sat down or bent over or even reached up, as the dress would most certainly ride up and give anyone watching an unrestricted view of her knickers. “That’s impossible” she said, “I’m not wearing any knickers” I almost chocked, “What do you mean, you’re not wearing any knickers? Are you mad?” I asked, “What’s gotten into you woman”, she just smiled at me and said, “I did try a pair on but you could see them through the dress. You Know how I hate VPL, so I took them off. Don’t worry about it, I’ll be very careful! No one will know a thing”.

We decided that, to avoid bumping in to anyone we knew, it would make more sense for us to go to a town several miles away from where we lived and worked. There was a car tooting it’s horn outside, the taxi arrived, on time for a change, and off we went As Jayne stepped into the car the taxi driver gave a really wicked smile, perhaps he had managed to get a good view up her skirt I thought to myself, the lucky sod! It took almost an hour to get there and, during the ride I kept looking at Jayne and thinking, fucking hell that dress is short and her tits are completely on display. The taxi driver kept staring at Jayne, in his mirror. He had a look of total lust on his face; I wondered how much he could see, from my angle all I could see was most of her legs, but of course, I did have a wonderful view of her tits. I convinced myself that, as Jayne had her knees together, the taxi driver wouldn’t be able to see her pussy this time, just lots of leg and virtually all her tits. I was starting to get really excited and my cock was beginning to stir. We eventually arrived at our destination and the taxi dropped us off in the centre of town, I paid the fare and said “Cheers mate! Thanks for the ride” the taxi driver nodded his head gave the wife a big smile and said; “I should be thanking your wife for the nice view mate” he then gave her a wink and said. “Enjoy yourselves, I’m sure you will, and watch you don’t catch a chill” with that he drove off down the road, tooting his horn as he went. Jayne had a look of satisfaction on her face, she was enjoying the effect she was having, and so was I, this was going to be a fun night.

We popped in to the first pub we came to and I went to the bar to get drinks while Jayne went and sat down in the corner. I’d got the drinks and started to walk over to where she was sitting, I couldn’t help but notice that most of the men in the pub were having a really good look at her, I swear that she was displaying even more of her tits than she had earlier, when I got to the table I could see that the zip had, somehow, slipped further down and her dress had ridden up a little more than, perhaps, she had realised. She looked incredibly sexy so I said nothing; I simply enjoyed the view, along with most of the guys in the pub. Lots of the guys seemed to pass our table on the way to the toilet and the bar, which was odd because it was out of their way; they were, obviously, having a good look at her. As she was sitting at a table, I was pretty certain that they couldn’t see up her dress, so it was her tits they were all staring at. I whispered to her “you do realise that you are becoming the centre of attention don’t you?” she said “yes, I had noticed, they all keep blatantly staring at my tits, even when I look them in the eye” I felt my cock stir again and I asked her, “Are you OK with this or do you want to try another pub?” She gave me a very sexy smile and said “No, it’s OK, I’m enjoying myself for now, let’s have another drink here” “OK” I said “ I’ll go and get us some, I won’t be long, be good” “I’ll try” she replied.

The pub had got a lot busier and I had to wait ages to get served. Eventually I’d got our drinks and made my way back to the table, only to find that Jayne was not there, I guessed she must have gone to the toilet, and, sure enough, a couple of minutes later she returned, although she seemed to be a little flustered and looked flushed. “Are you OK” I asked, “Um! Y-y-y-yes” she stammered, “I’m fine, something just happened and I’m little shocked” “What do mean shocked?” I asked, “What happened?”. She was now a little less flustered and said, “I was on my way back from the toilet and had to squeeze through a crowd of men, and they suddenly surrounded me and started touching me, well actually! It was more groping than touching” I felt my cock stirring once more, “What do you mean by groping” I asked, she took a deep breath and said, “I felt loads of hands feeling my ass, a couple of them even put their hands up the back of my dress and tried to get between my legs, but I managed to pull away just in time. I even felt a couple of hands snake around my waist and up onto my tits”. She turned and pointed to a group of men, who where standing a few metres away to our right, and said “it was them over there”. I looked across and saw 7 or 8 young guys, probably early twenties, they were looking our way and when they saw me looking they gave me a smile and nodded their heads - as if to acknowledge a friendship or something -. I nodded back and then turned to look at Jayne. I couldn’t help thinking to myself, what a fucking cheek, the horny little bastards had taken liberties with my wife and, instead of pretending that nothing had happened and avoid any eye contact with me, They just smiled and nodded as if it were a perfectly normal, natural thing to do, they must have realised that she had told me what had happened. But then it suddenly occurred to me, that’s what this whole evening was about, at least they were being open about what they were doing, and had probably worked out that, if I was happy for her to be dressed like that, then I must, surely, be happy with them groping her. My cock was getting harder by the second, so much so that I had to place my jacket on my lap to hide the ever-increasing bulge in my trousers. I looked into Jayne’s eyes and said, “How do you feel about it all? Are you OK? Do you want to leave?” “No” she replied, “I don’t want to leave, I actually quite enjoyed it, my pussy is throbbing and I’m really wet down there”. My cock was now achingly hard and I was feeling a little uncomfortable, especially as the group of young guys kept looking at us and smiling. I said “lets move from here and go and stand the other side of the bar, I think I’ll be little more comfortable standing up” We picked up our drinks and walked over to the other side of the bar, I had my jacket draped over my arm and covering my erection.

There was a space between two groups of people, so we squeezed ourselves in and tried to get comfortable. Jayne had a wicked grin on her face and she kept prodding my dick and giggling. Her tits were looking incredible and virtually falling out of her dress, I swear if she coughed hard they would pop out. I noticed that, with all the groping she had received and the fact that she had been sitting down, her dress was now riding up even higher than before and, I’m pretty sure that, from behind, the bottoms of her ass cheeks were almost on view.

The bar area was now getting a lot busier and I noticed that the group of young guys, who had groped her earlier, had moved over to where we were standing and were now actually standing around us. One of them had managed to get up right behind Jayne; I tried to ignore them and carried on talking to her. While we were talking I noticed that she was fidgeting and her face was colouring up, she also seemed to be a little pre-occupied, I asked if she was OK and she replied, “Mmmmm! I’m Fine, especially as the guy behind me is feeling my ass”. I was a little surprised at his cockiness but I didn’t want to look him in the eye in case he stopped, the cheeky bastard was taking liberties with my wife again. Jayne had a sexy little smile on her face and was, obviously enjoying the attention. She leant forward a little and whispered in my ear, “He’s trying to get is hand between my legs” and with that I could see her legs parting, only slightly, but obviously enough because she started to gently rock back and fore. She then whispered in my ear “The dirty little bastard is finger fucking me now”. I was stunned, there was my beautiful, sexy wife standing at a crowded bar whispering in my ear while a total stranger finger fucked her. My cock was now trying to burst out from my trousers. This was incredible. I whispered to her “are you alright with this? Do you want me to stop him?” “No please don’t” she panted, “I think I’m going to cum”, and with that she started to have, what she described as, an earth shattering orgasm. The orgasm seemed to go on for ages and she was a little unsteady on her feet, but there were so many people around us she was in no danger of falling. I had noticed that she had one hand behind her back and, with her other hand, she reached for my cock and began to rub it vigorously over my trousers. Just at that point a hand came from the side of us and reached up to the zip of her dress and started to pull it down, Jayne tried to stop it but she was too late, the zip was now down to her navel. Her tits were completely exposed and more hands appeared, they were grabbing her tits and tweaking her nipples. The bottom of her dress had been pulled up from behind, I assumed it was so as the guy who was finger fucking her from behind, could get a good view of her ass, of course, from the front, her neatly trimmed pussy was now on display, this was unbelievable no one, outside of the group of people around us, had any idea of what was going on. This was beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. There was my wife, tits and pussy exposed, with several hands playing with her. She reached for my zip with her free hand and lowered it she then reached in a pulled out my hard, aching cock and began to wank me off. She now seemed to be rocking more rhythmically and I whispered to her “You sexy, horny bitch I wanna fuck you here and now” she whispered, almost breathlessly “You’ll have to wait your turn, they guy behind me is actually fucking me as we speak”. Apparently she had released is cock earlier and was wanking him off. He had, obviously decided that he wanted more and lifted her dress up enough so as he could push his cock between her ass cheeks. He rubbed it along her clit a few times and placed his knob at the entrance to her pussy. All of a sudden he began slowly sliding his cock all the way in. Once he was in as far as he could go he started to slowly withdraw his cock, almost all the way out, and then he pushed it all the way back in again. He got into a nice steady rhythm and kept it going for several minutes making Jayne moan quietly. I could hardly believe this was happening at all, let alone in a crowded pub with a bunch of total strangers. This was all too much for me and I started to cum, shooting my spunk all down Jayne’s leg. The moment I finished I felt a hand on my shoulder and one of the guys pulled me away from Jayne, I quickly put my dick away and stepped back to watch this young guy take my place. He wasted no time and grabbed her hand and placed it on his hard erection while he fiddled with her clit. Jayne wasted no time and pulled his zip down. She then reached in and pulled out a very long and very hard cock and started to gently wank him off, but he had other ideas, he stooped slightly and then pushed his cock between her legs and, with expert aim he joined his mates cock inside Jayne’s pussy. She was now being double fucked for the very first time in her life, two cocks in her pussy at the same time. They fucked her like that for about 5 minutes or so when, suddenly the guy behind started to grunt and pumped his cum deep into her pussy, this started her off on another orgasm which, in turn had the guy in font of her grunting and he then shot his spunk up her pussy.

Once their orgasms had subsided all three of them made themselves decent. I thought that they would then leave us alone but, to my surprise, one of the remaining guys, who had only felt her tits at this point, said “how about us? You can’t leave us with hard-ons like this” pointing to the large bulge in his trousers, “We could all do with a good shag couldn’t we boys” and, with that, they grabbed Jayne by the arm and escorted her out the door. I grabbed her bag and followed behind, wondering what they were going to do her. As soon as I got outside the pub I could see them hurrying around the back to the car park. By the time I had caught up with them they were all circled around her. At that point I could see her dress draped over one of the guys shoulder. Oh shit! I thought, she was obviously now completely naked, with a bunch of rampant young men, all sporting large erections. I squeezed through the group to find Jayne, lying face down on the bonnet of a car with one of the guys already fucking her. His mates were all standing around her with their impressive cocks in their hands, stroking their erections while they waited their turn. The guy who was fucking her grunted a couple of times and shot his load right up her pussy. He stepped back to be replaced by another young guy, who wasted no time himself. He eased his cock into her well-used pussy and fucked her hard and fast, making her moan with pleasure. It wasn’t long before he suddenly started to buck, almost uncontrollably, and added his cum to her pussy. The next thing she could feel was the biggest cock of the night start to nudge her pussy lips, even though her pussy had been well used she could feel every vein of this giant cock as it entered her pussy. She let out a groan of sheer pleasure as the huge beast was fed all the way into her, bringing on yet another intense orgasm. The monster cock fucked her for a good five minutes before exploding deep inside her and filling her up with more cum. She was taken by two more guys after that and seemed to be having a continuous orgasm.

Once they had finished with her she was too weak to get up and just lay there, slumped over the bonnet of the car, totally exhausted and totally fucked. The group of guys picked her up and helped her on with her dress. They then thanked her for being such a tremendous fuck before wishing us both well and finally departing. Leaving us to recover from what, we both agreed, was the most incredible night of sex we have experienced in our entire lives. I managed to call a taxi to take us home and, throughout the whole journey, Jayne sat with her legs apart, giving the driver an un-restricted view of her well used, and totally satisfied, pussy. She then reached over to the bulge in my trousers, unzipped me, pulled out my painfully hard erection and began to give me an incredible blowjob. I managed to release her wonderful tits, which wasn’t too difficult given the fact that they were virtually hanging out anyway, and I began tweaking her nipples. It didn’t take long for me to start groaning and without warning I started pumping my cum into her mouth. For the first time ever, she actually swallowed my sperm, I was in heaven. The taxi driver was watching everything and drooling at what he could see, which was pretty much everything, I’m sure the journey home took far longer than needed, I guess he was making the most of seeing such a beautiful woman sucking a cock while completely exposing herself to him, seemingly without a care in the world. The taxi finally got us home and, once I had paid the driver he took the opportunity to have more, very obvious, look at her pussy and tits before driving off. I quickly got the wife into the house before the neighbours noticed her state of dress. We both showered and went to bed; she turned to me and said, “Are you disappointed in me? Have I gone too far?” I kissed her hard on the mouth and replied, “Christ no! I’m far from disappointed, you looked so incredibly shaggable tonight! And anyway, I could have stopped them from going as far as they did but you seemed to be enjoying yourself, and I know I was enjoying it”. I also added, “To see you being fucked by a stranger has been a fantasy of mine for years and now I have experienced it I’m certainly not disappointed”. She smiled at me and said “thank you hunny, I love you so much”. And on that note we both drifted of to sleep, and we didn’t wake up until midday on Sunday.


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