Written by Michael S.

27 Oct 2017

I cannot believe what has just happened . My wife has just had her first lesbian lover. And I witnessed the whole session.

Just a few days ago whilst we were in the middle of a long fucking session I was giving her pussy some great oral fucking. Jayney loves me to finger her bum hole. She was actually was fucking my finger. God she was so turned on, moaning how good it felt. Then to my surprise she blurted out a name...Mel,Mel.... I thought who the hell is Mel? But she continued to say Mel. I then began to French kiss my wife`s lips. She could taste her own pussy juices..I asked her if she would like to taste Mel`s pussy juices...Oh yes that's something I would love. God I was so was turned on and my cock seemed to grow an extra inch. The thought of my wife fucking her female friend was for me mind blowing. Jayney then told me to fuck her hard and fast. As I entered her pussy I instantly felt her pussy was gushing her juices...She said it is the thought of Mel that has turned her on...I guess I came in about 30 seconds. She was not the only one turned on!

As we laid together total exhausted trying recover from a 20 minute fuck I mentioned Mel? Silence... I said how long have you sexual thoughts about Mel? Silence again. Then she seemed to pluck up courage and told me that every time she meets her friend Mel there seems to be some kind of sexual feelings between them! But I would never do anything with her because I would never be unfaithful to you. I said fucking another woman is not in my eyes being unfaithful but I would like to see you with another woman...I could join you two? No way you could join, blurted out my wife! If you were there I am the only one you can fuck. Okay that's fine with me I replied.

Jayney then said I will see Mel soon, but made no promises that the fucking with her will ever happen.

The actual fucking did happen as you see from the title of the story.....more to follow very soon. Michael..