Written by Michael S.

27 Oct 2017

The next morning I was still so excited from the fucking the night before. All I think of was Jayney and Mel locked together in full sex? I have never seen two women fucking in the real world. Yes I have seen it on film, but actually in real life I guess it will be different.

For the next few days I would text Jayney about Mel, then would mention her name in passing comment. I think my wife was getting sick and tired of me talking about Mel! Then to my absolute amazement she said that she has invited Mel over to our home for drinks Friday evening. I made sure that we had plenty of Gin,tonic ice and lemons in. Jayney told me not to get too excited as she is only coming to see us. I was told by wife in straight forward talking that Mel does not know any thing about what Jayney had told me about her lesbian fantasy. But I was still excited to view Mel`s great body.

All I knew about Mel was that she was a school friend of hers and had two teenage boys and had recently parted from her husband. Mel arrived with a large bottle of Gordon`s Gin, big smile on her face along with great breasts partly on view. At this moment in time I did now that my wife had already spoken to Mel about her fantasy! Also I was unaware that Mel was bi sexual( Jayney knew all the time, she knew for the past 10 years) So my not so innocent wife had kept this secret from me.

I was the waiter for the night whilst the girls chatted away about nothing. I made sure that I gave them trebles of gin!! After about two hours and I think 4 drinks they were quite drunk and became amorous with each other. My excitement was tremendous ,all I could think about was the two of them in our bed! I have forgot to tell about how they were both dressed. My wife had black leather skin tight trousers on, and a loose fitting blouse and no bra ( she has small 32 A breasts so bras are not worn at home) Now Mel is completely different she had a multi coloured knee length skirt , black stockings, and a tight blouse with buttons . Her breasts looked huge, by now most of her breasts were already on show.

What was going to happen next! I did not have to wait very long. I was in the other room when I heard silence were the two girls were sitting. I decided to check them out. They were not there. Of God I thought Mel had gone home. But then I heard a muffled noise fro up stairs. Then I got really excited. I silently went up stairs and found them giggling in our bedroom. Then Jayney spoke out loudly for me to come in. Very innocently I knocked on the door and entered the bedroom. I was told by Mel to sit next to the bed and to do nothing until you told to!?

My wife was already laid on the bed and Mel was removing her blouse, then began to stroke and caress her small breasts. Mel then started to kiss her tummy and breasts, her nipples were standing to attention! Next Mel continued upwards to Jayney`s neck and kissed her lips.. They were kissing with passion I have never seen Jayney before do. Mel then took off her blouse and bra , her breasts looks magnificent with her huge nipples. Mel forced Jayney to kiss her breasts. This kissing of breasts did not last very long, Mel stood up right next to me, smiled sexily to me and then took off her dress , She had on hold up stocking and strangely no knickers on. She had a shaved pussy ,with her pussy already showing signs of wetness. She was obviously the leader in this fucking. She then sat on my wife's face. Then told her to lick her cunt. Jayney had no option as she was pinned down. Jayney then started to tongue her pussy...Wow Mel started to get very verbal, swear words poured out of her mouth, no wonder Jayney was kissing her pussy with mad passion. I did get a closer look, one I did notice was the amount of pussy juice, it was everywhere Jayney`s face was wet through. Mel was shaking all over her body, but after about 10/15 minutes of this I guess Mel had an orgasm! Mel looked totally knackered after my wife brought her to come. Very soon Mel told Jayney now its your turn to be fucked. I helped my wife to take off her leather trousers. I had to almost peal them off. At this stage I was almost bursting to get my cock out. Mel looked at me and told me to sit down!! She was very bossy and I did as I was told. Mel then said Jayney now its your turn to be fucked. To be fucked like never been fucked before. My wife was also had shaved pussy and Mel told Jayney to sit on her face, reverse fucking. Now Mel started to tongue her pussy, then I heard my wife starting to instantly moan with pleasure. Moans soon turned into the Fuck word, in fact she repeated the Fuck word many, many times. My wife was in heaven, every tongue movement from Mel seemed to hit the spot. Again pussy juices flowed everywhere. But something seemed different, so I moved to have a better look, Mel was not only tonging her pussy but also her bum hole. She was fucking both her holes together. This fucking went on for ages, time is difficult to tell when your having fun! Mel easily made Jayney come, how many times? I guess a couple. Just when I thought the end was near Mel forcibly insisted that to get my cock out ..and fuck your wife. I did not need telling twice. Mel positioned Jayney`s pussy so I could easily enter her pussy. She was wet and I have never seen her pussy so big. My cock slid in easily, I tried not to go too quick but felt my sperm rising quickly. Then something happened. Because my cock was fucking my wife`s pussy so close to Mel`s mouth, Mel occasionally grabbed hold cock and gave it a couple of sucks. Totally unexpected, but great. As you can guess I spirted my come partly in my wife`s pussy and partly in Mel`s mouth.

By now is was close to mid night and with Mel being drunk we asked to stop the night. My wife again insisted that I was not allowed to fuck Mel`s pussy with my cock. But was allowed to fuck her pussy with my tongue. Fucking and sucking went on all night until Mel left at mid day. My wife, after a few days to recover, was so ashamed of what we both did, decided we would not do anything like that again. That's not what I think, will work on her carnal thoughts on this one.