Written by Ray'salaugh

2 Feb 2017

I had finished my job up North and was driving back down the M1. I was going to pass Milton Keynes so I stopped at a service station and gave Dee a call. It seemed that Jenny and Jo had leased a small flat in one of MK's estates and yes, they were both available. Jenny had told Dee that I was likely to want them both, but they would not do a threesome. They would however both be in the flat and I could do them one after the other. Dee called me a kinky bastard and we both had a laugh. I said that if I was that kinky, why didn't she come along as well and we could have a real party, but Dee had heard that sort of thing from me before. I never did get into her knickers.

Dee gave me the address and said she would phone Jenny and let her know I was on the way, and tell her what time I was due to arrive. I hit the road again and made my way down to the flat. I checked the address and knocked on the door. Jo opened it and asked me in. It was a small one bedroom place with a living room and kitchen and a bathroom/toilet on the other side of the entrance hall from the bedroom. Jo took me past the bedroom into the living room where Jenny was sitting watching daytime TV.

Jo told me the new flat was paying dividends now and she had no regrets about doing what she was doing. They got to the flat about 10 am each day. Jenny left about 5pm to get home to her other daughter, but Jo stayed on till about 10pm before going home. With only one car between them, Jenny would drive back to the flat to collect her. Jo was getting plenty of work now and was doing 4 or 5 guys a day. Jenny was still getting established so she was getting maybe 2 punters a day but sometimes none at all. Anyway, they were now between them doing very well for themselves thank you very much.

Time to get down to business, so I told them what I wanted. I would take Jo first, but after half an hour Jenny should knock on the bedroom door and Jo and Jenny would change over. Jo told Jenny to stay outside until she came out and Jenny would then come in and join me.

Time for Jo and me to get going, so Jo went off to the bedroom but I lagged behind for a quiet word with Jenny. I asked her to make sure she wasn't wearing any underwear when she came into the room, just naked under her shift dress. I then went off to join Jo.

The first half hour was fairly conventional. Jo had got used to being a tart and had developed a standard routine which was fine by me. I stripped her naked and she undressed me. She started to suck on my cock, and I have to say she had improved her technique sine the first time I had done her. She was a lot sexier now. It looked like regular shagging was doing her good. We rolled on a condom and got down to business. I had her standing up bent over the end of the bed, then doggy and then she rode me cowgirl. It felt good and I enjoyed the view of her in the bedroom mirror bent over the bed with my cock sliding in and out of her. After a while I turned her on to her back on the bed. She raised her legs and spread them wide showing her open cunt nice and wide. Very tarty!! I climbed on to her and pushed my cock back in while she rubbed her clit. I built up to my first cum and blew it into the condom buried deep inside her. That was good. I pulled out of her and lay back for a rest while Jo expertly pulled off the condom and disposed of it giving me a wet wipe to clean up my dick. Very professional. Once everything was sorted out, Jo re-joined me on the bed. Seeing her walking about the bedroom naked made my mouth water and I soon started to get another erection, so when she lay back on the bed she started to suck on my cock again while I fingered her very juicy cunt.

I had her roll a second condom on my hard cock and climbed onto her again pushing my cock deep inside her. Her tight pussy was already starting to work its magic when there was a loud knock on the bedroom door. My half hour with Jo was up and Jenny was letting us know.

Jo called out "Just a minute Mum" and pushed me off her. I rolled off and started to sit up while she shot out of bed like a frightened deer. She pulled on her dress and picked up her nickers and bra. Slipping on her shoes she went to the door as I stood up, still with the condom on my hard cock fresh from Jo's tight cunt. Jo opened the door and went out without a word and Jenny slipped into the room. I took hold of the hem of her dress and lifted it. Jenny raised her arms above her head and I lifted the dress right off and dropped it to the floor. Just as I had asked she was naked except for her heeled shoes. I moved her towards the bed, laid her down and spread her legs. She knew what I wanted and held her cunt lips open as I positioned my cock and thrust into her. In less than 30 seconds I had gone from balls deep in Jo's nice tight pussy to balls deep inside her Mother's more mature and looser cunt.

Jenny had much larger tits than her daughter giving me plenty to suck on as I slowly fucked her. This was everything I had wanted. Jo was ideal for a quick horney fuck. Nice and slim, small but firm tits, plenty of enthusiasm and quite athletic. She could spread her legs wide and position her cunt just where I wanted it ready for me to finger her or push my cock in. Her tight cunt gripped my prick and gave me a most intense cum. Now I was inside Jenny ready for a slower more sensual fuck. Having a couple of kids had loosened her cunt so she didn't grip my cock like her daughter had, but it was still good for me. She had a big clit which stood out from her cunt when she was aroused, as she was now. Her tits hung down due to their weight and size and when I had her on her back they drooped to either side of her chest. A little more weight on her gave her a more rounded feel and her 20 odd extra years meant that she took her time and extracted every last ounce of pleasure out of what I was doing to her. She had done a few guys since I had seen her last and was now more relaxed with the whole thing, rocking back and forward as I pushed in and out of her so that my cock rubbed against her engorged clit.

I always enjoy fucking ladies in their 30's and early40's more than those in their early 20's. Yes, younger women have better looks and have that almost innocent atmosphere around them, but often they haven't yet learned to use what they have to the best effect. This comes with experience and a good milf will give you a better fuck than a younger woman every time. Jenny was certainly a good milf. Although divorced for some years, it would seem she had kept in practice with a series of guys who stayed with her for various periods of time. Jo was used to seeing a series of "uncles" come and go in her Mums life. The Jo, Jenny and the younger sister were never well off and so Jo left school as soon as she could to help bring money into the house. Jo worked on the checkout in a supermarket and was soon fucking the lads she met around and about. After all, if Mum could do it, why not her. Jenny, knowing what her 16 year old daughter was up to got her on the pill and told her about condoms and how important they were to stop STI's. Jo was a quick learner.

By the time she was 20, Jo had been in and out of work in several poorly paid jobs. Her Mum had a series of cleaning jobs, equally poorly paid. Jo had met another girl who had signed up with Dee's agency and was getting a punter once or twice a week. The money she was getting made all the difference and this is where Jo got the idea from. Initially Jenny tried to talk her out of it, but Jo was hard headed. She might as well get some dosh for doing what she was giving away free to guys all over Milton Keynes, so she phoned Dee and signed up. She couldn't take her punters home, and at that time was broke, so couldn't afford a hotel room. Then I had come along.

Now, a couple of months after my first meet with Jo, I was fucking her mother after shagging Jo as well. Jo was good, but Jenny was better.

As I slowly fucked Jenny and played with her ample tits I could feel the sap rising as my second cum of the day built up. I lifted myself up on my arms so I could watch my cock sliding in and out of her, making little sucking noises at it did so. She lifted her head to watch as well. This was a much more satisfying cum and I took longer to come down from it. Jenny lay back and we both relaxed with my cock still inside her until it became soft and slipped out. If anything, she had coaxed more cum out of me to fill the condom then her daughter had. I told her that I had a great time and I hoped she had enjoyed herself as well.

I walked naked across the hallway to the bathroom and saw that Jo was now fully dressed again and sitting with her legs curled up under her on the sofa in the living room. Stopping for a second, I thanked her for our fuck and told her I had enjoyed it very much. All the time my half hard cock swinging in front of me still recovering from just having fucked her Mother. She looked at me, smiled and told me I was welcome.

After cleaning up I returned to the bedroom to find Jenny in a short bathrobe. She said she was going to have a shower in a minute to freshen up in case Dee had any more work for her later in the day. Jo had got another one in half an hour or so. I dressed and left to continue my drive back to London and home.

That was that. I never fucked Jo again, but did have Jenny a few more times before moving on to other ladies.