Written by selsey

26 Feb 2007

Just (literally) got back from two weeks in Florida - a good time was had by all- inlcuding my wife and the two american guys she played with. We went as two families my wife and I and two kids and my siter, her daughter and two kids. It was great fun - Disney - all that - even went to Gator land.

The best was the night when my sister offered to stay in the villa and looka after the kids while Mrs s and i went out. We dercided to walk to the nearest town centre (Berry Village) so that I could drink and we didnt need a taxi. We found a local bar and when we wen in everyone stared and made a few comments - tourists get everywhere etc. But we werent gonna be put off so we ordered our dinrks (how cheap) and grabbed a couple of seats by the pool table. Two guys were playing pool. We had a few moire drinks and began to relax and continued to watch the pool. One of the players miscued and the ball fell off the table and I laughed. Think you can do better this American guy said - bit pissed I replied I think she can do better and pointed to Mrs s. Ok then we will give you a game of doubles - So we started playing, the two guys spent more time looking down Mrs S's top than at the table (this always turns me and her on), but the still beat us. Though you were gonna beat us they joked - Give us 5 minutes and we willbeat you next time i replied. I took mrs s to one side and told her to go to the toilets and tske her bra off - she told me she was already planning too. When she came back their eyes nearly popped out of their heads, anyone of you who has seen Mrs s on cam will know she has fantastic nipples, which were clearly showinf through a flimsy top. You ready to play I asked, you bey they replied. OK lets make it interesting, the winner gets a blow job from the Mrs - the looked shicked but very eager. Well they played crap - between peering down her top to see her lovely tits and imagining the blow job theyd get if they won they were useless. I didnt help by leanign over Mrs s too help her with a shot and massaging her tits and pulling her top down as i did it. So final shot mrs s on the black - they still had 3 balls on the table and rocks in their trousers. Mrs S completely screwed up the shot and then looked up smiling and said, well i wouldnt want to miss the taste of american cock now would I. That was it we went outside and into one of their vehicles a big van of some kind. Mrs S opned her shirt and gegan to play with her tits, whose first she said. The taller of the two guys came forward and she reached out and rubbed his cock through his trousers and then kneeled down and unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock and began to wank him off anf flick her tongue over the end, she llooked up at the other guy and said you too - his cock was already out and in his hand and he walked forward she then started to suck them off in turn sucking one and wanking the other, swapping when ever she felt like it. Come on my face she told them, I want your come on my tits and then she siad it fuck me now. she was flipped up on the seat and one of them plunged his cock into her cunt and the other into her mouth and they fucked her like crazy - she was moaning and groaning, I darent touch my cock I knew I would just come straight away, finally the guy in her mouth started to cum, she pulled his cock out slightly so that I could seem him spurt all over her tongue. this made the other guy cum and he filled her with cum. She then lay on her back and she masturbated while I wanked, and she told me how much she had loved american cock, and I came all over her tits as she fingered herself to climax. Well the gust thanked us for a great game of pool and we wandered home ready to go see the Magic Kingdom the next day.