Written by Ray'salaugh

30 Jan 2017

I told you about how I had helped Jo get started in her whoring career at Milton Keynes. She had been signed on to the agency run by my friend Dee, but had not had any jobs as she had no accommodation and couldn't afford a hotel room. I had booked a hotel room, as part of her fee, fucked her and left her the key for the rest of the day. Jo was being looked after by her Mother Jenny who had driven her to the hotel, and was making sure her daughter was OK.

Speaking to Dee later, she told me that she sent 3 more punters to see Jo that day, so allowing for the fees charged by the agency, Jo still took home some good money for her day's work. That was enough to get her going as she then booked a cheap hotel room once or twice a week for the next month or so, each time more than covering the cost by the money she made from the punters. Dee said that Jo had told her that her Mum had needed a new washing machine, and Jo had bought her one. On top of that she dropped enough money into Mums purse for her to buy some new clothes and get some better quality food the next time she went shopping. Jo had spent a fair bit on new clothes for herself as well so she would look sexier for the punters. It was working, and Jo was getting more popular, and her income was improving.

I had been out of the area for a month, but I knew I would be driving to a job up North, and would be passing Milton Keynes as I drove up the M1. I called Dee to see if she could set me up with Jo again. Jo said she could do better than that. Jenny was going to give whoring a go, and if I fancied the idea, she would set me up with her. Having seen Jenny I knew she was no spring chicken. Maybe 45 or so , but I always like fucking milfs, and this one would be more fun as we both knew I had already fucked her daughter. I told Dee that would be fine, asked where I could meet her and was given the address of a hotel in Central MK. Jo had booked the room but whoever got the punter would use it while the other one went for a walk for a while. .

I drove up there and let Dee know I had arrived. She gave me the room number, and this time, I was knocking softly on the hotel bedroom door. Jenny let me in and Jo picked up her coat and left without a word. Jenny was entirely different to her daughter. Much more business like. I wasn't sure if she had been a tart earlier in her life. Who cared what she was before, it was what she was going to do now that mattered.

Having got the cash sorted out, Jenny wasted no time in undressing for me. Her dress was slipped off and hung over the back of a chair. Her bra followed in short order. I stopped her going any further and suggested she do the same for me. Jenny smiled and came over to undo my trousers. She wasn't in bad shape all in all. Her tummy showed the evidence of two pregnancies, her tits were not pert any more, but were quite large, so no complaints there.

As my trousers fell to the floor, Jenny slid her hand down the front of my Y fronts and felt for my cock. No messing about with her it seemed, so, I grabbed a handful of her tit and lifted it up till I could suck her nipple. Two could play at that game.

She pulled down my Y fronts, and I stepped out of them as well. At the same time she kicked off her heels. I sat her on the edge of the bed so she could suck my cock while I took off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. I threw my shirt onto the chair in the corner and watched Jenny's head moving up and down as she sucked on my knob. She was better at it than Jo was, but I didn't think now would be a good time to compare the sexual technique of the Mother against the Daughter.

She let go of my cock and I pushed her back so she lay back on the bed with her legs in the air. I pulled off her panties to reveal a trimmed, pussy with her pubes shaved into a heart shape. Very nice indeed. I slid a couple of fingers into her cunt. and used my thumb to rub her clit while my fingers slid in and out. I don't know if she was enjoying it but I was. I bent forward and sucked one of her tits while keeping up the rubbing of her cunt. It was making squishing noises now as it became wet so I thought it would be a good time to get hold of a condom. Jenny sat up and took a rubber from her handbag, but before she put it on me she gave my cock a good sucking to make sure it was good and hard.

"How do you want me?" she asked. Doggy to start as I would be able to watch her tits swings back and forward in the mirror on the wall. She positioned herself on hands and knees and said "Go on then" so I got behind her, rubbed my cock against her arse a little and then pushed it in to her cunt.

She wasn't the tightest pussy I've ever fucked, but watching her tits swing made up for that, I was enjoying watching my cock slide in and out of her, but after a few minutes I thought it would be a good idea to change positions. It would give me a few seconds to calm down as well. I turned her over so she was on her back with one large tit drooping either side of her. I knelt between her legs and rubbed my cock along her gash so it stimulated her clit and then pushed it into her again.

I have said in earlier stories that I like to look a girl in the eyes when I cum in her. Jenny was no exception to the rule. A hardened tart who has fucked for a couple of years often wouldn't show any recognition at all. Just another nameless punter blowing his load. He would leave soon and the next would come in, Some tarts push back onto you and smile or cry out as you start to spurt into the condom. Every now and then the girl might cum herself, or pretend to. Over time I have developed a good idea of which is a real orgasm and which a fake cum. Jenny didn't try to fake it. She didn't come, she didn't have to. I was paying to cum and she was working to make sure I got my monies worth. I felt it building up, and so did she. "Fuck me harder Ray, let me feel you cum in my pussy" she whispered in my ear. I was getting very close, so lifted myself up until I was almost kneeling below her with my cock sliding in and out of her. She lifted herself up on her elbows so she could watch it as well. What is that old joke that "gentlemen don't cum, they arrive" Well, I arrived big time. "Fuck, I needed that" I said. "So did I" she replied.

Jo had been "on the game" for about a month by then, and was fucking about 10 to 12 guys a week. Some had seen her twice, or even 3 times in one case, but she had still had about 30 different cocks in her by that time. Jenny said she was getting more and more frustrated by her daughter's activities. Mind you,it was all going along well so far, so Jenny thought to herself, why not do it as well. She had talked to Jo about going on the game herself, and Jo, surprisingly didn't like the idea of her Mum becoming a tart, especially as she was spreading her legs for anybody who could pick up a phone. After a good honest discussion (well, that's what Jenny called it) she told Jo that like it or not, if Jo could do it, so could she. The extra money in the house would help them out no end.

Jenny phoned Dee the next day. It had taken a few days before Jenny was ready to go "on call" and by that time Dee and I had spoken, so I became Jo's first paid fuck, and Jenny's as well. To be honest with you, Jo had the tighter cunt, but the older woman knew lots more about sex and was a better all round fuck.

I enjoy getting girls to talk about themselves. If you treat them well, are polite and kind they will normally start talking to you and before very long will come out with all sorts of stuff. For example, Jenny told me that the younger daughter, who was 17, was doing very well with her A Levels at school, and good results were expected. She should be a good candidate for Uni, but there was no way the family could afford it before Jo and Jenny started whoring. Now things were on the up and the family home was already showing the improvements. If Jo and Jenny worked up to, say, 15 punters each a week, then sending the younger one to Uni would not be a problem. (No I didn't try to get to fuck her as well. Jenny would have had my balls off if I had tried that!!!)

I had, after my rest, started to get hard again, so Jenny opened her legs for me one more time after giving me one of her lovely blow jobs. I played with her tits, licking and sucking them and lightly pinching the nipples and rolling them in my fingers. I had my second fuck of the afternoon, followed by a quick shower and another talk with Jenny before I was time to go. Jenny sent off a text to Jo to say I was leaving. so she could come back to the room.

Jenny told me that her andJo were going to take a lease on a flat in one of MK's estates so they could work 5 days a week, It would be cheaper than hotels and they could leave stuff there instead of moving suitcases around. That begged the question form me, could I have a threesome and fuck both Mother and Daughter. Jenny closed that down straight away. No way was she and Jo going to fuck in front of each other. While they both knew the other was doing it, it was too soon to have threesomes. But, she would be OK with both of them being in the flat and me having them one after the other. She would talk to Jo about it.

With that I left and drove off to my job up North. I would be there for two weeks, and would be seeing both ladies on my way back South.

I know that the old Mum and Daughter fantasy is well known and many of you might think this is fiction dressed up as fact. Well folks, not so. It all happened exactly as I have set down. OK, I might have embellished a few details here and there for effect, but I did have the daughter, and four weeks later her Mum, and even more fun, a couple of weeks later I did have them both, but that's for next time. By the way, The Chertsey Girl stories are also more or less true. The girls and the bungalow did exist, and I did seduce the maid Karen, who became my regular fuck once she decided to get into it. You just couldn't make that stuff up. The best bit is that while the three regular girls were divorced, and full time whores, the others were all married and honestly did drop in for an afternoon here and there to take a strangers cock and then go home to make the old mans dinner. I fucked a lot of wives down in Chertsey. More stories yet to come. If you want them that is.