30 Sep 2015

I am in Portugal for a while and have a villa down here to the north of Lisbon but on the coast.

I had my old mate and his wife out for a birthday celebration a week or so ago and discovered that their sexlife is in the doldrums again.

I walk my dog here quite early in the morning and my usual route takes me through some beautiful eucalyptus forests. I can be away for an hour or more with the mutt. My old mate was not interested in getting up early but his wife was into keeping fit and she likes a good 'power walk' ( her description ).

So 0730 found us on a hillside overlooking a lovely old walled town and in the forest . She had been talking quite earnestly during the walk about their 'problem' and I have to admit I was getting more aroused by the minute. I asked her if he satisfied her in other ways, i.e. going down on her, finger fucking etc but she just said he has gone off the idea altogether. I asked of course had he seen a doctor and she said 'no'.

So it appeared that she was missing a seriously good fucking and was desperate to get a (her words again) a good hard cock inside her.

Now listening to this I developed a bloody great hard-on and she saw. Her reaction was not instant; she looked like she was 'considering' BUT she took my hand and placed it between her legs and she was burning hot down there !

She had some 'active-wear' on and it was easy to peel it down and soon she was naked for me… She didn't want to waste any time, she wanted to be fucked and fucked hard..

Well , you can guess the rest but just in case, I was on top of her in the forest floor plunging in and she was making a lot of noise. My cock was pushing her labia into her on the in-stroke and her lips were hanging onto my cock on the out! It felt fantastic.. she was wet and ready and damn supple for her age. I have to say without any further ado that she came very quickly and then , not having the guts to 'cum' in her I pulled out and shot up over her stomach and breasts.

Now the quandary; she wants more and since my mate doesn't know , it is very difficult. I reckon to feeling a bit trapped here and would hate to lose a lifelong friend through what now seems stupidity.

Granted , she was a good fuck….

Would like to hear any advice from those with a similar problem..