Written by daveandjools

15 Mar 2008

Kev turned up bang on time, we chatted and i could see jools getting horny by the looks she was giving Kev.We started to take pics, pretty tame at first but i could see through her panties by the damp patch she was ready for much more.She started to play with Kevs cock and said "its very thick" he laughed and said they all say that i could see her face staring at this thick monster that she was semi worshiping him at his knees,we played around alittle and Kev wanked and come over jools face,at this point Kev fingered her and licked her to a powerful orgasm as i watched on, she wriggled and moaned as she cum,but all the time i could tell she wanted that thick cock inside her,i stepped in and fucked her hard on the massage couch for a short while before shooting deep in her,she still lay there legs open and i knew this was her begging Kev to fuck her.We all got dressed and Kev left, she later asked me to fuck her again as i did she told me how thick he was and wished i was as thick as him,she cum as i fucked her and said lets invite him again soon please so i can try it out

So heres to another meet soon,with a nice genuine guy,so to all of the couples out there there is some gen guys and we were lucky to find one Mr Thick cock lol