Written by Jules

13 Jul 2011

After I had moved from a virtual addiction to solo sex through Chloe and I watching a couple enjoying sex in a Sussex wood just a couple of months ago, things have moved forwards fantastically.

Watching a couple enjoying sex so uninhibitedly helped us. Chloe discovered she loved being aroused by watching and she liked the things which thrilled me going solo.

We did go home both in a state of arousal. After showering I slipped into a pair of red hipster boxers - tight and silky, and and watched my cock twitching above her face she into pale blue silk tangas under a matching shortie nightie. Seeing her standing there had my cock rapidly stiffening and swelling. Chloe saw this and started rubbing me through my pants to a greater size, kissing me like I'd never known, tongue exploring my mouth. This was like I'd been doing alone for years only much better. She worked my cock magically. My hand slid down feeling her breasts firm and nipples hard through the blue silk.

"I want to see your cock", she said. She slipped my boxer leg up and my cock sprang out. Looking down she grabbed it with one hand and stroked the knob gently.It felt as if a feather were brushing it. "Lie down", she said. She looked down and said, "I only realised today how beautiful a cock is". Then she slid down beside me and lay her head on my tummy watching as her hand worked my cock. Over her head I coiuld see as well as feel. She slipped my balls out and watched herself playing with my throbbing cock. Occassionally she'd reach forwards to gently kiss the head or blow me for few strokes. I watched as my cock slid in and out of her moist red lips. I felt her tongue exploring the slit in the pulsating head. Then it was back to watching herself play with me.

"Sit astride me", she said, as she lay on her back. I looked down and saw my cock waving and twitching and swollen above her face. She leant upwards and guided it into her mouth and sucked me more. "Don't come", she said I want to be doggied like the girl we saw earlier. Then she went back to sucking. "Finger fuck me". so I slid down and explored her knickers, felt her little tuft of silky hair and slipped my fingers into her warm moisture. She loved it and began to move her hips. "Now fuck me", she pleaded.She turned over, grabbed the headboard and waved her beautiful arse in the air. I pulled her knickers aside and watched as my cock slid into her warm, welcoming moisture. "Are you watching? she said. Yes I was and it looked and felt fantastic. The sound of the moisture in our bodies as my cock slipped in and out of her soaking cunt, and the slapping of my balls were great. "Shoot you hot spunk up inside me", she begged. "I want to feel it shoot up inside me". I could feel the spunk building up, wanting to shoot. Our bodies set into an increasing rhythm as our hips thrust in opposite directions. towards and away from each other. I put my hands on my buttocks to force every last millimetre into her. Ever faster.

"I'm coming. Yes. Yes. Yes.". I shouted as I felt my juice explode into her. She groaned with delight and after I withdrew turned round and sucked me. "Salty", she said. That was the best fuck I've ever had. Trouble is I wanted to wank you off and see your spunk juice spurt into the air. And I wanted you to sit astride me longer and look up and watch you wank yourself off over me. I want to see the spurts of juice come out and watch and feel them land on my breasts. Or my knickers and soak them.

"Not tonight Josephine. I'm right out of fuel but I'll soon get a refill", I said as we snuggled down to sleep.