10 Nov 2016

I had just moved in to the area and visited the local pub. It was “owned “ by Kev and his gang. They were all connected to the building trade and appeared about 5 for pool and stories of the day. How the posh lady had been fucked in every hole and position.I was ignored after the first time when “it’s the tradition to buy a round by the new boy”. So I stood my shout and asked about the work . Like I said I was part of the background, only invited if the needed an opinion to settle a dispute.

Friday night was when the girls/partners and wives appeared. They sat in a huddle, plied with drinks and crisps talking to each other. Kev’s wife, Joyce, was a tall blonde, nice looking and nice to talk to. I was warned early on not to get to close since Kev was the possessive type. I saw a few arguments when Kev did not like the attention Joyce was getting.

It was Joyce’s birthday all in the pub and Kev just played pool, didn’t organise food or anything special and I could see that Joyce was upset. Kev eventually was legless and Joyce asked for help to get him home. None of his mates volunteered and when I did John said “wait till tomorrow”. Anyway Joyce and I walked Kev to their flat. Inside and into the bedroom and put him to bed. I turned to eave and Joyce said ”go on through and we will have a drink to thank you”. So I did and waited in the living room. ”Sit down “came a voice and I turned to see Joyce in a baby doll nightie with no knickers. She looked fantastic with pert tits and a smooth pussy. She came over and pushed me down and in a flash we were kissing and fondling. My cock was out and the baby doll was on the floor. My cock was sucked as I pulled on her nipples. Next minute she was kneeling in front of the couch, bum in the air “come on fuck me ,any place”. So I slid into her wet cunt and leaned over to play with her tits”milk me” she said so I pulled on the nipples and tried to get a rhythm going. I did not last long. Joyce then turned and finished herself with her fingers.

It was all over in a short time. I left with a kiss and went home with the image of her body in my mind.

Next day in the pub Kev burst in ,straight over to me, with everyone watching and said” thanks for last night, Joyce said you were the only one who would help”” No problems” I said.

I never had Joyce again even when they split up. But the memory of that time lives on.