Written by dave_kemp_1

9 Aug 2011

After reading the story ABBI IN THE PORN CINEMA,not only was I turned on but it reminded me of what my ex-wife J and I got upto in a porn cinema called Europa in Bristol way back in the 80s. The 1st time I took J to the Europa cinema she dressed as I suggested wearing a dress with buttons right down the front,high heels,and nothing underneath but black stockings and sussies.On entering the auditorium we stood behind what was the back row(the original back row had been removed to give a standing area)and when our eyes got used to the darkness we could see the cinema wasnt too busy.I pointed out to J another couple sat halfway down who had the attention of the men around them,and a few other men sat together(obviously pleasing each other),the remainder of the men(10,all over 50 except 2)were sat in the back row but there was 2 seats free right in the middle of the row so we aimed for them. As we made our way towards the seats men stood up to let us by,showing J their hard cocks and soched she soon orgasmedme had crafty gropes of her legs and ass.Once in our seats it wasnt long before we were kissing and I had my hand inside of the top of her dress feeling her 36c tits as she got my hard cock out of my jeans and slowly wanked it.When I opened the top of her dress completely to reveal her bare tits,the old guy sat next to her started to fondle a tit,and as J grabbed hold of his cock there was movement from men at either end of the row.Two stood behind us whilst 2 sat infront looking back(these were the same age as us mid 30s). When I unbuttoned her dress completely to show all,the old guy next to J had 2 fingers up her wet pussy ,and 2 hands appeared over her shoulbutders and started to grope her tits,and the guys infront began to run their hands up her stocking clad thighs.With J having her nipples pinched she soon orgasmed,and suddenly the old guy she was wanking spunked and with a "thank you"he left but his place was quickly taken by the old guy sat in the next seat and J started to wank his cock as her fingered her pussy,but it wasnt long before he before he fired his spunk over her hand and his trousers. The 2 guys behind who had been playing with J,s tits(obviously wanking at the same time)told her they were about to CUM and J knelt on her seat facing them and said "spunk over my tits" and they covered them in their spunk.The remaining 4 old men from the back row quickly left their seats in the back row and in turn J let them wank off over her tits.But when J noticed the guys from the seats infront and saw their cocks she said "lovely hard big cocks you can use my mouth".As she took the 1st big cock in her mouth I got behind her and pulled her dress up over her ass and easily slipped my cock up her soaking wet pussy and fucked her.He held her bheasad down on his cock and fired his spunk deep down her throat,his mate took his place and really mauled her tits as he fucked her mouth,which gave J another orgasm.He was still fucking J mouth when I spunked up her pussy.When J had swallowed all his load and swallowed it all,they said"thank you we hope to meet again"J replied "oh I hope so and we can go futher". She was a changed woman after that!