Written by Jucy Luc

8 Feb 2011


This is short and brief...I stopped off at a caf off the motorway. It was very busy, and I sat opposite to a sexy trucker (I found out what he did after). He looked at my tits straight away, I had a low cut top on 46d (all natural). I told him I had no knickers on, I opened my legs and he dropped his spoon on the floor and had a good look. We flirted straight away, I was so horny, I would have done anything. It was too busy to do anything there, so we went to the disabled toilets. He started licking and sucking my cunt straight away, he fingered me whilst chewing on my tits and licked and tongued my arse hole. I sucked his cock, he deep throated me, I almost vomited he was thrusting that hard. He then fucked me first in my fanny and then in my arse...I sucked him off just as he came in my mouth. I hadn't quite cum.....he started to finger fuck me again, and ended up fisting my fanny....I eventually squirted and felt relief. Anyone been to the cafe on M56..this is where it all happened.