Written by ArlingtonOne

4 Mar 2013

Not long ago I posted my wife’s sexual dalliance at her recent Durham industry conference about 4 months ago. Believing that I retired back to our hotel, she went onto meet a new, young fuck friend, Callum, and several of his colleagues…lads with another firm who wanted to play with their new ‘older,’ married friend! Through an amusing sequence of timing…without the lads ever learning I was Judi’s husband…I became an ‘advisor’ of sorts to the young men…as to how they should play this “married lady.” I was invited to participate in their gang bang plan, however I demurred by suggesting that if possible I would be allowed to watch the event later that night. I was clearly welcomed by the young men, and I took an “observer’s seat” in an adjacent media room…able to watch the entire event of my wife pleasuring the three young men…AND herself.

I presumed Judi would continue to meet Callum…the young man she especially took to…BUT never confirmed. That is until a few weeks ago, when Cal called me on my mobile. Bear in mind, Callum knows my wife’s maiden name she uses in her CP business…NOT ours in marriage…so his reach-out remained one to the "older guy” who was so helpful when the boys seduced and fucked my wife as a group. I had instructed them as to how to play out certain moves with the woman’s pussy, and ways to eliminate need for condoms…a request my wife makes of ALL her tryst partners. I also asked Cal, if ever he should re-engage ‘this woman,’ to please consider inviting me again as an “observer.” To my satisfaction, that’s why he reached out! It appears Cal has seen my wife several times…for one on one dates…however he was now planning a gang bang revisit. Why now? Callum recently engaged his long-time GF…they’re marrying late this year. BUT, he wanted another opportunity to play with my wife…along with his friends who’ve apparently been pushing for a revisit with their ‘slut wife player!’

Cal invited me to be ‘hands on’ or I guess ‘cock in’…thanked him…said I would prefer to again observe. The play date was set up for week before last…at which time he invited Judi to enjoy a party GB with him. Appears Judi has been smitten with this young man…and agreed to his request. The party was arranged at a Durham inn…(Cal’s company is based in Durham)…a multi room suite where I and the other participants would await respective turns. Cal took Judi out to dinner nearby…to set the event in motion…making sure my wife would have indulged in enough libation to comfortably lull her into sexual submission and participation. Callum did his work well…my wife arrived at the inn’s suite about 10pm…ready to play. It appeared she forgot about the evening’s GB plan…either that or simply modest self-denial as show of innocence…NOT unlike my wife’s behavior patterns…;)

Within minutes Cal had Judi undress herself…wanting her to keep her hose and pumps on…along with her evening’s jewelry (my gifts to my wife properly noted here…;) A bit surprising to me, my wife did a ‘striptease’…hardening Cal's cock…along with all of us in the secondary room! Cal’s plan was an unusual one, however. He chose to bring his cock up to my wife’s mouth…she kissed and licked his tip…slowly taking in his shaft…as he gently pulled her head onto his cock…with deeper and deeper thrusts into her mouth. I suspect my wife thought her BJ on Cal would be a brief one until he would shoot his load. Not so…Cal had planned well…he earlier used a de-sensitizer on his penis. His cock would harden, BUT whether fucking his lady in her cunny or bum, or getting a BJ…his shaft would remain hard and true for an extended time without climax. It worked well…he fucked Judi’s mouth for well over 15 minutes before creaming down her throat. Judi didn’t gag…she properly swallowed and went up to Cal’s lips for a kiss so that he could taste the sperm he just deposited in her mouth. It was a thrilling sight. What followed…even more thrilling!

One of the original GB partiers at that earlier conference, Andrew, couldn’t make this evening…so another colleague, Ben took his place. Ben exited our ante room…went over to Judi’s bedside…and proceeded to emulate Cal’s action…placing his cock near my wife’s mouth. As before with Cal, Judi took Ben’s cock into her mouth and began to loudly suck on his tool. It appeared that if she were more aggressively sucking his dick, Ben’s face fucking her would be brief. NOT so…Ben treated his cock in the same manner as Cal…and pleasurablly face-fucked my wife for nearly 20 minutes…before spunking. This time, my wife gagged…she couldn’t swallow all of his semen… Ben put his fingers on my wife’s mouth…told her…”not to be concerned…there would be plenty of opportunity for his cream to remain in her…”

I earlier suggested to Cal, that prior to any outright group fuck on this married lady, help the situation…be sure her vaginal canal is properly lubricated. I suggested some cunny and anal creams. Cal didn’t take all of the advice…rather he came over to my wife…and started to finger her cunny while Ben was face-fucking her. Advice or no advice, Cal accomplished his task…Judi’s love canal was ready to be engaged. Next up, Matt! Here, some expected trepidation on my part…some of you will recall from the original Durham Conference posting, Matt has one huge cock…long and robust…quite bluntly to describe, Matt passes off as a ‘white man’s Bull’…having every bit of vagina and cunny stretching capability to the extreme…!! I knew this would not be easy for my wife…she may have not even known Matt would be there that night… BUT, I told Cal to not be overly concerned. I’ve found that initial entry into Judi’s cunt might be painful…BUT once in and pump fucking the lady, early ‘pain’ turns to sexual pleasure…to be sure! I asked as well that Matt do a gradual entry… The advice wasn’t heeded!!

Matt chose to push Judi back on the bed…and with little fanfare or chivalry…guided his cock into my wife’s cunny…and began fucking her like a machine!! Judi thrashed a bit…but within moments her body naturally reacted to Matt’s penetration, depth and fuck action. Like his friends, this time Matt also used a desensitizer… Didn’t affect his cock from becoming rock hard…BUT allowed him to fuck my wife for nearly 35 to 40 minutes…I timed it!! Judi began to struggle…Cal held her hands to the bed…as Matt fucked, pleasured and punished my wife’s cunt…! At the ’40-minute mark’ Matt spermed Judi deep in her cunny! He pulled out as her lips leaked his cream…ready for ‘next-up.’

Another new friend, Jason, was ready to come to Judi’s bedside…with his own surprise. Jason’s cock was very slender, BUT immense in length…I’d swear close to 11”. As I say, very slim…however a length that I only normally see in a strap-on or dildo. Jason’s role would be special to Judi’s group fuck…he would be fucking her ass…a sexual activity my wife normally disavows. BUT she’d have no choice OR say that evening. Matt and Ben turned my wife around as if she were a doll…just as Jason approached her. Judi, as inebriated she may have been, clearly realized what was going to happen…and she could do NOTHING about it! Within moments, Jason slid his cock (with condom) into Judi’s anal door. He slowly pushed deeper and deeper into her ass…NO pump action…just a clear desire to enter as far as possible. Judi did struggle…BUT never cried out for the men to stop. Whether she was too drunk to refuse…too afraid of consequences…OR simply starting to enjoy it all…never a word of denial. As I watched, I assumed my wife found it all sexually satisfying. Jason couldn’t get his entire shaft into her ass…however as he judged his “inner limits” he began to pump fuck Judi’s ass. Once again, his cock was “pre-treated”…he lasted for nearly 20 minutes before pulling out of her anal love hole. His condom hadn’t lasted…he apparently punctured its cover and deposited most of his sperm in her lovely ass. His cock did come out clean, however.

Judi was sweating…almost as much as the young lads… She was leaking cream from cunny and bum…even her mouth displayed the signs of the men’s spunk. The evening wasn’t over quite yet, however. Both Callum and Ben were ready for their second round fuck time…only this time both their cocks would invade my wife’s now well-stretched vagina and love canal. Judi had nothing to say…she was their fuck toy! Did I have anything to say…? Surely not…this was my wife’s choice!! I was pleased the lads invited me…and during the evening they tried to again influence my decision to also fuck this “woman of theirs!” I thanked them for remembering my comradeship from that first Durham evening…and once again asked that if ever their plan to again take on this “married woman,” to please invite me again…;)

Before leaving, I asked Cal how he had planned to take care of 'his' lady… After the other men departed, Cal assured me he would administer Judi. He told me that she had excused herself from home on the pretense of a business trip…which I already knew…! He said that he wanted fuck Judi one on one later that morning…before both took showers and she ready to return home. I felt confident that Callum would take care of my wife. I wished him well…and good luck with his wedding plans. Asked whether Judi knew of his engagement, he said “no!” He didn’t want to risk fuck time with his older, married companion. I couldn’t begrudge him…I likely would be doing the same thing with like opportunities…;);)