Written by davidgunn

3 Jun 2011

I told Judy that I had seen someone behind the fence and did she want to close the blinds. Oh someone peeping that may be interesting, with that she stood up and walked to the double conservatory doors and opened them wide, spinning around she said if he wants to watch he can and she slipped off the robe. She had on a white basque, holding up white stockings, her tits were spilling out of the cups with the nipples on clear view. She sat in the chair that was now facing towards the open doors, whoever was behind the fence would have a clear view of her wet cunt. She started to tease her clit with her fingers every now and again dipping a finger into her cunt. I hope he comes into the garden to watch she moaned, I am sure who ever was watching had heard what she had said. Sure enough a few minutes latter a middle-aged man was stood at the open doors. I managed to get him into the shot as he watched Judy fingering herself, he was rubbing his cock through his trousers. At this point my own cock was rock hard. Once again Judy removed another toy from her bag, it was a huge black dildo called donkey dong. She started to tease the length of her cunt from her clit to her arsehole with the tip of the dildo. She toyed the entrance of her cunt with the dildo and slowly she fed it into her cunt. Slowly she started to fuck herself with the toy, the black dildo glistened with her juices she was very wet. She closed her legs and looking directly at the guy who was watching said you have seen me now get your cock out and let me see it. The guy looked at me as if for approval I just shrugged my shoulders. I want you to film us together she said. Kicking his trousers and shoes off he moved to the side of Judy. Her legs were clamped together holding the dildo inside of her, she reached out and grasped the mans cock slowly wanking him to full hardness. She pulled him towards her mouth parting her lips she fed his cock into her mouth. As she was sucking him she was gyrating her hips with the dildo buried deep inside her. She was sucking the guy as if there was no tomorrow making slurping sounds. The guy was holding her head and fucking Judy’s mouth he groaned that he was about to cum this spurred Judy on to suck even harder. The guys leg muscles stiffened and with a groan he shot spunk into Judy’s mouth. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot twice more onto Judy’s face. She massaged his spunk into her face with the guys cock, she then sucked him clean. As his cock started to go limp she released him. He picked up his shoes and trousers and with a goodbye he was gone. Judy turned to face me her lipstick was smeared and her face was wet with spunk, smiling she opened her legs and continued to fuck herself with the dildo. Her juices had formed a white frothy ring around the thickness of the dildo she was so wet her juices were running down past her arse hole. She fucked herself faster and with a loud groan she orgasmed. Her hips were bucking and thrusting onto the dildo. After she had calmed down she asked me if I had managed to film the guy I told her I had and it was very horny. I can tell you enjoyed it by the bulge in your trousers, why don’t you come over here and let me relieve it for you. I wasn’t prepared for this but why not I thought. As I moved towards her I released my cock from my trousers, slowly wanking it I offered it to her mouth mmmm she murmured as she sucked me in. As she clamped her lips around my cock I nearly came there and then. I managed to hold off. Reaching down I started to tease her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Removing my cock from her mouth she said ooooo that feels nice squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples. She opened her legs and released the dildo from her cunt, with a thud it fell to the floor. I want you to please me with your tongue. I moved around and kneeling in front of her I slowly started to lick her cunt, the smell of he sex was incredible and she had the sweetest tasting cunt I had ever tasted. I teased her clit and the opening of her cunt occasionally probing her with my tongue. She shifted her hips slightly and opening her legs she gave me access to her arse hole. I rimmed her for all I was worth, my fingers and tongue working overtime probing both holes. With my tongue deep in her cunt and a finger fucking her arse she clamped her legs together grinding her cunt onto my face she came gush after gush of sweet cunt juice. After a few minutes she released me, she pulled me up towards her and kissed me, I could taste the saltiness of the other guys cum on her mouth. I have to say it was not unpleasant and it contrasted to the sweetness of Judy’s cunt. As I moved up her body my cock rubbed against her very wet open cunt, reaching down Judy eased my cock into her, with a gasp she breathed for me to fuck her deep and hard. As I entered her she bit my shoulder and raked her fingernails down my back. Oh yes fuck me, fuck me hard my pussy wants your spunk she breathed into my ear. I am sorry to have to say I didn’t last long after about a minute of hard fucking I shot my load deep into her cunt adding my spunk to her juices. We lay still letting both our orgasms subside Judy continued to shake for quite a while. By this time my cock had become limp with a giggle Judy squeezed her cunt muscles forcing my cock out of her. As I looked down to her puffy cunt my spunk had started to dribble out of her. I put my cock away and went back to my camera equipment. I told Judy that it had been captured and should be quite good. Judy pulled on her robe and asked if I wanted another coffee before I left. As I drank my coffee I packed away my equipment. I asked to use their loo before I left. As I went to the loo I noticed a picture of Judy and her husband hanging on the wall, I gave it a brief glance as I passed. As I was having a pee there was something nagging about the picture. On my return I had a closer look and then it hit me, the other guy was her husband. I had been set up of sorts but I wasn’t bothered. I gave Judy her film kissing her on her cheek I left.