Written by Jack T

11 Feb 2015

Beginning of September my daughter started with a new after school Friday tutor to help her schooling. She’d had a couple before but grown out of their age range. They had always been plain retired teacher types. Not sexy at all.

I took my daughter to Judy for her first lesson. On meeting Judy she struck me as another ex-teacher dowdy type. Woolly pully, shapeless corduroys, dishevelled hair and no make-up. Mid fifties I’d guess. But only 15 minutes away it was pretty convenient but it gave me an hour to fill – not quite worth going home and coming back so I found a local coffee shop. I decided that next week I could get an hour’s run in the woods close to Judy’s house instead, so the next week I was in running gear when I dropped my daughter off. The only downside being that at pick up time I’d be somewhat hot and sweaty as well as exhausted!

However, the following week I noticed that Judy had smartened herself up a bit. I wondered if it was for my benefit or for someone else. At pick up time she asked me about my running and said that she used to run when she was younger. I commented that she was still youthful enough to do so.

The following week I thought that Judy was even smarter that the week before – she’d applied some make-up, had tighter fitting jeans and a smarter figure hugging top revealing a pretty good figure. We exchanged pleasantries and off I went for a run. But this time I twisted my ankle and ended up hobbling back to Judy’s for the 5pm pick up. She had seen me hobbling up the drive and was at the door to meet me. ‘what happened to you? She asked. ‘twisted my ankle’ I said, ‘am just hoping I haven’t broken a bone’. ‘come on in and I’ll strap it up’ she said. ‘no, no, I’ll be fine’ I said. ‘I insist’ she said. ‘it’ll help you to drive’. She had a point there – I wasn’t sure I could manage driving. Inside she took me into the kitchen and strapped my ankle up while my daughter looked on unimpressed.

I took my daughter home and as we pulled up I realised that I’d left my phone at Judy’s. I showered, (foot in a carrier bag to stay dry!) and headed back to the car back to Judy’s house. On arriving there was quite a delay before the front door opened, revealing Judy in a dressing gown. ‘oh, I’m sorry if I disturbed you’ I said. ‘that’s ok, I was just getting out of the shower’ she said, ‘you left your phone’. ‘yes, kitchen I think’ I said. ‘come in’ she said, ‘can I get you an end of week drink?’ ‘yes please’, I said. ‘well its Gin o’clock in this house, if that’s OK?’. ‘fine by me’ I said. She poured two large ones. I reminded her that I was driving to which she said there was no rush to leave. ‘let me do a better job on that ankle’ she said as she led me to the sitting room and put my foot up on her lap. Sitting close to her I could tell that she had no bra on under the dressing gown. I wondered whether she was completely naked. I could feel a stirring in my cock. I then wondered if she noticed my semi erect cock trying to escape.

She took a large swig of g&t, as did I. when she finished re-strapping my ankle she somehow turned me so that my foot was up on the sofa and she was wedged in between my leg and the sofa back. In one movement she straddled me with her arms around my neck. ‘is that better?’ she asked. ‘much better’ I answered and leaned in to kiss her. My hands found her thighs and I squeezed her bum in towards me. Soon I had one hand on a breast inside her dressing gown, my other hand was working its way up her inner thigh where I discovered an uncovered, hairy pussy. I happen to prefer hairy pussy and my cock burst in my trousers even more. As my fingers found her pussy lips I felt her hands undoing my belt. I arched up as she pulled my trousers and boxers down enough to reveal my cock. She moved up slightly so that her pussy could rub on my bellend and before too long she was impaling herself on me. She was hot, wet and sexy. She rode me until I felt the sap rising. I told her that I was going to come and she told me to do so.

There was no holding back now. I held her bum firmly as she ground herself into me. She gave a delightful little squeal as I came and she stayed there until my cock softened and slipped out of her soaking pussy. She tucked her dressing gown under her crotch to catch the spunk and she reached over to pass me my drink and she took another large swig of hers.

It was the start of some wonderful two way tuition…