Written by Julie

19 Feb 2012

A few nights ago my husband persuaded me to try dogging. From the forums here it seemed exciting although I was quite nervous about it.My name is Julie, I'm in my mid 30s. I would describe myself as petite but with a decent bust. I have short brown hair and blue eyes. We had read about dogging and We had decided to go to a place near Birmingham which we had seen on here on Saturday night.I decided with Pete's advice to wear some sexy undies so I chose a black thong and matching black bra worn under a green blouse and black shortish skirt. When we arrived the car park was almost deserted although it wasn't quite dark. He drove us around the deserted car park which seemed surrounded by trees and had little car parking bays with bushes either side and big enough to take two cars or even three. Pete suggested we go for a drink and come back in a while and I was in total agreement as a couple of drinks would help relax me I thought.

We looked out and saw that darkness really had fallen and got in the car to return to the car park. I was trembling slightly by now in anticipation but still not quite sure what to expect.

We drove onto the car park to find several cars already there. Pete parked us a short distance-in an empty bay away but leaving space for another car to park at my side. One of the other cars started up and drove into the empty space beside us. I thought that things were really moving a little fast now. I couldn't see the driver in the darkness but he put his interior light on for a few seconds. Not what we had hoped for. A little too old for us we thought and after a few minutes if inactivity from us he started up and drove off. I suppose 5 minutes passed until another car slid into the space. This driver got out of his car and headed into the undergrowth but we could see that he was about our age maybe slightly younger. I began to tremble with excitement and nerves. I felt Pete opening the buttons of my blouse and pushing it wide. We could see the other guy returning now to pass by my window. He looked in as he drew level with us and then stopped to look into the car. Pete pushed up my skirt to show him my thighs above my stockings.

I felt myself getting turned on now as he looked around and opened his zip pulling out what seemed to be a decent sized cock which he began to play with as he looked in. I was turned on to see it getting bigger. Pete lent me forward and unclipped my bra exposing my breasts to the view of this total stranger. I felt my nipples become erect with the excitement of the situation as Pete slid my thong off pushing my skirt right up to show this stranger my pussy. Pete moved my legs apart to give him a better view. He was as hard as a rock now and quite big.

Pete asked me what I wanted to do and I nodded nervously knowing that he would open the window. There was a whirl as it slid down leaving me inches away from a large erect cock. The guy put his hand on the car first and then slowly reached in to cup my left breast. I shuddered with excitement and knew that I would be very wet. Gently he cupped and kneaded my breast as I tentatively reached out for his cock. I closed my fingers around it. It was thicker that Pete's and longer too as I explored it pushing his foreskin back and forth.

His other hand moved into the car onto my thigh and then up to my pussy. He seemed delighted as I parted my legs for him showing that I'm totally shaven. His touch was like magic as Pete now was groping my breasts as this stranger explored my womanhood, dipping his finger deep and then playing with my clitty. I was in seventh heaven. Our watcher said 'Damn' as he saw another car lights approaching.

Quickly he made his way to his own car and we all just sat there. The new arrival parked some little way off and he got back out again saying that it was ok as he knew the other guy.

He got his cock out again and into my eager grip and resumed his work on my pusssy. He was very good and the situation had me very worked up, I felt myself beginning to cum and then was shaking as spasms of my orgasm washed over me. both Pete and our watcher were rubbing me hard as I came.

Slowly I relaxed but realised there was something different. He was still caressing my excited pussy and my breasts were being expertly teased but I could see Petes hands. I half turned in my seat to see another guy had joined us. He was in his early 20s I would say and nice looking so I thought OK and I was really too excited to protest. My gaze travelled down to a truly magnificent cock, very long and very hard. He placed my hand on it and smiled. I was really excited now and rubbed it before running my hand down to his large heavy balls. I desperately wanted to suck these two and looked at Pete who smiled and whispered that I could have them both if I wanted to.

Pete moved round to my side and opened the car door, taking my hand to help me out. Both guys stood back and I felt more confident but still very apprehensive.

Pete collected the rug from the back seat and led the way into the undergrowth. There was a small clearing and we stopped as Pete spread the rug on the ground.

He urged me to sit on the rug and I was joined by out two new friends. I knelt before them taking one cock then the other into my mouth. Then my legs were parted again and the younger of the two went down on me, his tongue searching for my clitty as he held my legs and bum. I began to buck and heave as he took me to the first climax. I couldn't even concentrate on the cock I was sucking as I had the most intense orgasm. Our friends switched over and I felt a new tongue exploring me as an even bigger cock was offered to my mouth.

The one licking me began to move up between my thighs and he reached down working his cock into my wet pussy pushing a little at a time until I had it all. He was filling me completely. Slowly he began to move back and forth. It felt wonderful and I could feel Pete checking how much was in. I still had hold of the other cock as I was brought to a shuddering climax. I felt him beginning to throb inside me and then the hot spurts as he jetted into me. It felt marvelous as he slowly subsided and slid out.

He rolled onto the blanket and his place was at once taken by his friend. This cock was bigger and thicker. I realised how big as he began to stretch me even after what I had just been given. His hands seemed to be everywhere with Pete's. I thought he was fully inside me until his hands closed on my bum and he gave a hard thrust driving it fully home. I gasped and then he almost withdrew before sliding right in to let me experience his full length.

H was truly magnificent and took me to climax after climax, my body going rigid under his as I came. Finally I felt him begin to thrust harder and grunt as he shot deep into me, His cum mixing with his friends. We lay on the blanket for a moment before shakily getting to our feet. I ould feel all the cum leaking out of me and running down my legs before Pete passed us tissues to clean up with. I couldn't help noticing that even in the dark and soft just how big he was.

We returned to our cars and stood talking for a while before he passed me a card with his phone number on it saying that he would love to meet us again and he knew of other like minded people.

Soon we kissed briefly and he drove off leaving Pete and I alone. I made to get back in the car but Pete took my hand and led me back into the woods. Finding a fallen tree he moved behind me parted my legs and was right home in a single thrust. He wasn't as big as the two I had just had and I was well stretched but very sensitive and was soon cumming hard as I took my third load of the night.

When we got home we went to bed and talked about it, both getting horny again.

Next morning I found the card with the phone number on it and put it away safely for future reference. Not too far in the future as it turned out