Written by pinkheaduk

11 Nov 2007

After some very positive feedback i decided to share an encounter that my sexy wife has cared to share with me.

Julie stayed on at School in Leeds until she was Eighteen and up until this time had very little sexual experience, other than a brief snog with a guy while away on a school trip. Julie had for a couple of years been a very good friend to what can only be described as another girl(Joanne) with a casual attitude to sex. Julie would hang around with this friend while she would systematically let the guys in her year touch her up at break times. Julie witnessed many encounters where the guys would be allowed to put a hand in the blouse of Joanne. The school was in a predominantly black area of Leeds and as a consequence the majority of the lads were black. In return for the hand up the blouse Joanne would frequently undo the lads trousers and happily wank them off. Julie was constantly badgered to let the guys touch her but she always said no and would always standby and watch the guys take it in turns with her friend.Julie admits that she was constantly turned on by the events and had seen many cocks in the process.

Julie secretly fancied this guy (one of the group) called Daryl and was posed with a very difficult decision when her friend asked her to go with her to this lads house and wait for her, while she and this lad had sex upstairs in his mum and dads bed. Julie wasn\'t keen but when Daryl\'s name was mentioned as being there as well, she said ok. She told me that although she had no intentions of doing anything he was cute and was good to look at. She went along and met her friend in town and they went to the lads house. When they went in they were given a can of lager and after a little while Joanne and her friend went upstairs to have sex and Julie sat in the living room with Daryl. Once alone Daryl struck up conversation with Julie and the conversation turned to why Julie wouldn\'t let the guys touch her at school. Julie said that she was embarrassed to do anything in front of the group. Daryl asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said no, he asked her if he could sit with her on the sofa and although embarrassed she said ok. Daryl sat very close to her and the ice was broken by the fact that the couple upstairs were getting a little noisy and they laughed together. Julie noticed Daryl had a hard on and was obviously getting turned on by the events upstairs. She looked at his trousers and he noticed and just laughed and said she was cheeky staring at his cock to which Julie went very red. Daryl rubbed his hand over his cock and asked her if she wanted a go she said no at first but he said it could be their secret and held her hand. Inch by inch he manoeuvred her hand on to his leg and eventually got her hand on top of his trousers where his cock was straining the material. Julie told me that by this time she was very wet and would have done anything he asked. Daryl kept hold of her hand and pushed it down hard on his cock every few seconds until Julie got the message and he could let go. Julie kept up the the pressure and he told her she could get it out if she wanted, she was reluctant but he took the lead and pulled his flies down. Julie was now very hot and bothered and knew she was so close to holding a bare black cock in her hand but also knew it was too late to stop and lose any credibility she had. She went for it and slipped her hand inside his trousers and grapped his cock full on through his pants.....it was huge!

Daryl told her it was getting uncomfortable and wanted to pull his trousers open or down and did it without seeming to move. Daryl slipped his hand over Julies shoulder and and reached for her left breast. Julie said she didn\'t care anymore and just went with the flow. Daryl pushed her hand inside his pants and motioned it up and down his shaft. Julie had seen her friend do this many times and by her own confession had thought many times about how she would do it given the chance. Her time had come and she she motioned this huge cock back and forth while Daryl got heavy with her breasts and pulling her tee-shirt up to reveal her black lacy bra. Julie was fascinated by how much pre-cum was oozing out of this cock and Daryl all the time was fiddling with her bra to reveal her pert tits. Daryl asked her if she would blow him but she shook her head to which he said she should finish him off with her hand. Daryl had worked her breasts and they were tender and very erect and he then asked if she would let him see her knickers. Julie daren\'t say no to any request and moved her hand and stood up so that he had access to the hem of her skirt, daryl pushed the skirt up to her waist and revealed her green knickers, he told her to sit back down and was careful not to lose sight of her underwear and held on for grim death while she sat down. daryl pushed her back on to the settee and slipped his hand down her knickers just brushing her soft pubic hair before lightly pushing his finger inside, julie winced and said she wanted him to stop. Daryl respected the boundaries but was very frustrated, Julie sensing this grabbed his cock and rubbed it for all she was worth, Daryl just lay there groaning and told her he was about to cum and proceeded to cum all over her pants and stomach. Julie was amazed at the ferocity it hit her and just lay there savouring the moment. After a while they heard the couple upstairs moving around and quickly dressed. Julie asked Daryl to keep what had happened to himself and he just said no way \" i broke the ice maiden the boys will be impressed\". This was the start of Julie becoming more popular at Sixth form!

To be continued