Written by Alan

7 Feb 2008

My partner Julie has always enjoyed flirting with other guys. Dancing is her speciality, moving lightly amongst the other dancers and pushing her arse into the crotches of those who showed willing. It usually means a lot of free drinks for both her and me as the guys look for something more.

After a few too many drinks Julie will let you feel her up, but if she thinks it is going too far she will come back to me for approval. This way we retain the trust which has built between us, and additionally we can experiment and enjoy other sexual partners.

Last Saturday in a club near to home, Julie (36), 5'6", long blond hair, gorgeous arse and cunt (camel-toe), and juicy little tits, had been flitting between a couple of groups of guys all night. As the evening neared the end she got more daring and came out of each pack well and truely felt up. I smiled on each occasion she came back to me, and told her to ask one or two of the guys she liked to come back home with us. It had been a good while since she had last had a good fucking.

Darren and Mark were the lucky boys, both in their mid-20s, tall and athletic, and respectful. They weren't shouting to their mates about what they were going to do to Julie, they knew they were in for a treat and didn't want to blow it.

In the taxi (Hackney) I explained that Julie and I had been into swinging and 3/4 somes for a few years. I said I was only glad that they would pleasure her, as Julie often set me up with a couple of her married girlfriends as she understands my need for eating pussy.

Julie sat beside Darren, kissed his mouth and stroked his long cock through his trousers. Mark sitting opposite Jules stroked her thighs, and on feeling his warm touch opened her legs revealing black lacy panties beneath her short dress.

I got a hard-on just watching the 2 boys warm Julie up to the point that she began stroking her own cunt and letting each of them taste her juices as they licked her fingers.

Julie is 36 going on 26. Her body is very firm due to her 5 times a week at the gym, and her tits point straight out. Big purple nipples when engorged, and so chewable. She loves that little bit of pain.

Inside the house, the lights still dimmed, the boys immediately stripped Julie down to her G-string panties. Julie tugged at Darren's belt to loosen his trousers and reveal his proud 7" cock. Mark knelt down and started lapping at her arsehole and cunt from behind. Julie responded pushing her bum into his face. Mark tore her panties off and pushed his tongue into her bumhole, immediately Julie came, she slumped slightly, leaving her head facing Darrens prick which she quickly took hold of before starting to suck his full length.

Mark opened his shirt and dropped his trousers. He revealed his cock which was about 8" long, and quite thick. He fingerfucked her arsehole for a bit, and asked me for some lube. Julie loves anal so we always have some KY available. Julie kept sucking and wanking Darren as she was got ready, Mark put on a condom which he had produced from his back pocket, and then easily slide his knob inside her. Working slowly, building up speed and thrust with every stroke, he was soon slapping his big balls against her cunt lips. Julie pushed harder against him and within a few minutes he emptied his spunk into the bag.

Mark pulled out, Julie turned to face him, pulled of the condom and sucked his prick dry. I pulled the footstool alongside the sofa and then got Julie to lie down exposing her gash which was about to be filled by Darren. Dareen dropped between her legs and licked at her puffy cunt, opening her up with his tongue before entering her. I didn't notice that he hadn't a condom on, and Julie didn't care, she was getting a good humping as both me and Mark sucked and played with her tits. Julie came a couple of times, with all the hands that were touching her she couldn't hold back. At one point when she orgasmed she tensed so much Darren couldn't help but spunk inside of her.

I followed Darren and fucked my Julie who was soaken with sperm and her own cunt juices. As I fucked her both boys each took turns at being blown by Julie, and when I came both were ready to fuck her again. Julie loves to make some noise when being fucked or when she masterbates, so it is just as well we live in a detached cottage. She made plenty of noise last week, and I know it will be the same tonight, as both Darren and Mark are coming over at 7:30 tonight, as is Julie's best pal Sue.

I intend to do some filming with the little Canon camera, and if any good I will post some images and video on the Swingingheaven site.

Darren and Mark stayed for breakfast. Each providing each with an alibi for their girlfriends. Sue tonight is my treat, big tits and baldy fanny, but I am sure it will be a lovely 3M2F.