Written by Billym

23 Oct 2008

One evening while I was as the normal site near Junction 18, I got talking to another man, we talked about the sights that we had seen there and he asked me if I had ever seen any action at the nearby farmyard site. I told him that I had never been there,so he gave me directions. From then on I often stopped there on my way back to the M4.

Most of the times there were only a few cars with single men parked there.

One night I noticed a Campervan parked up with a couple in the front seats, there was a strange glow lighting up the interior. I left my car and walked past the van and saw that the middle aged couple were watching porno movies on a portable TV. They looked up and I knew that they could see me but no signals were made, so I returned to my car and a short time later they drove off.

Very little happened the next few times that I visited. One evening I pulled in and parked quite late, probably about 11.30pm. Three of four cars were parked but no sign of any couples. I was just about to start the car and drive away when I saw the lights of several cars approaching.

A train of five cars turned in and parked facing the large barn. There was lots of talking and laughter including some female voices. The car doors opened and I saw the occupants heading for the barn, a door was pulled open and everybody filed inside. The single men who were parked also entered so I decided to join them but not before picking a few condoms from the supply hidden in my car.

Inside the barn there was a tractor and some other farm machinery and a small mound of hay bales, I could see all this because many of the men had brought small torches in with them. Most of the torches were aimed at the two women. Both were, I would guess to be around 40. Both had long black boots and long skirts with sweaters on. Both had dark hair, one was quite slim the other was shorter and plumper. As I watched they both reached out and stroked the front of the mens trousers. This was the sign that everybody was waiting for and soon there were pricks out, most were still flacid but a few were erect.

The two women crouched down and reaching for the nearest stiff cock pulled it towards their lips, the torches were shone at their faces as they gave the blowjobs. They seemed to be having a race as to which one of them could make the men come first.

The plumper woman won as her man stiffened, pulled his prick from her mouth and spurted jets of semen against her cheeks and neck. She stood up and pulling her sweater over her head moved over to the straw bales. She wore no bra. Her tits were very large and shone white in the torch light. She asked if anyone had any condoms as she wanted to be fucked, most of the men said that they had. She got on her knees on a straw bale and pulled her skirt up to her waist so that we could all see that she had no knickers on. One man moved behind her and rolled a condom on, she reached for him and positioned his cock so that he slid into her easily, he held her hips as he thrust deeply into her. Another man stood in front of her and fed his cock into her mouth in a classic spit roast.

The other woman was on her knees rapidly wanking the man that had been in her mouth and he soon splashed his spunk onto the concrete floor. She also pulled her sweater off and handed it to one of the men, who I assumed was her husband. She undid her skirt and handed that to him as well. All she was now wearing was her boots and black stockings with a suspender belt, her tits were quite small with tiny nipples.

She knelt down,reached out and unbuckled the belt of the nearest man and pulled his trousers and pants down to his knees, she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock and licked his balls as he wanked himself into her mouth. The man holding her clothes told the man not to come in her mouth but that she loved to have spunk over her tits, she leant back a little holding her breasts together as he aimed his cock at them. After a few more strokes with his fist he showered her with his spunk and she rubbed it over her nipples.

She stood up and moved to the parked tractor and sat on one of the front tyres and spreading her legs started to push her fingers into her cunt. Several torches were played on her fingers as they disappeared into the pink slit below the small patch of black hair above her pussy.

I was standing very close to her and she asked if I wanted to fuck her, I nodded and unzipped my self, I am reasonaby well endowed and she looked impressed. I had a hard on from the moment that I had stepped into the barn, I tore open the condom foil and rolled it on. She leant back against the tractor body and pulled my cock towards her, she rubbed some of the juices from her fanny onto the tip of the rubber and guided me into her, she pushed down on me and I slid all the way into her. She raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist and held onto my bum as she tried to get me further into her. She was pleading with me to fuck her harder, I was thrusting into her as hard and as fast as I could manage. I was only able to last a few minutes before I had a very powerful climax and filled the condom, I was breathing heavily as I withdrew from her. As soon as I moved away another man took my place and he continued fucking her.

I took the used condom off and put it into my pocket wrapped in a tissue. One of the other men asked if I had a spare condom and I handed on to him, he whispered that this was the first time for him after several months of dogging that he had got lucky!

The woman on the straw bales was now bouncing on the cock of a large man who was laying on his back on the bales. Several other men were playing with her breasts as she was wanking them. The man under her seemed to have a problem coming, she got off him and pulled his condom off and lowered her mouth onto his semi erect cock she moved around and pressed her tits into his face so that he could suck on her huge nipples. He gradually became harder and with a groan he started to come into her mouth, she quickly moved down and rubbed her tits over his cock until they were covered with his

spunk. She sat upright as the two men that she had been wanking said that they too were about to come, one put his cock between her boobs and she squeezed them together for him as he shot his load up towards her chin, he moved away just in time to watch the other come on her nipples.

Many of the men had decided to leave but several more had came into the barn, many seemed to know the ladies. I still had an erection and feeling very horny so I went to try my luck with the haybale lady. I stood by her and pointed my cock towards her mouth, she pulled me straight into her and cupped my balls with one hand while wanking me with the other. Two minutes later I told her that I was about to come, I pulled myself out of her mouth and she asked me to wank myself onto the palm of her hand, I only produced a small amount of semen but she rubbed it over her nipples. I thanked her and tidied my self up.

The woman by the tractor was bent over sucking one man as another fucked her from the rear, her husband was busy taking close up pictures of her on his phone.

I decided it was time to leave. I think that I have been very lucky, in my quite short dogging career I have been involved five times and watched probably another dozen shows. I am lucky that my sales job takes me to many parts of the country but Junction 18 is still my favourite location, long may it last....